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Knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

Penny's green eyes tried to bore holes into the back of her apartment door from her position on the loveseat. She thought about opening the door before Sheldon finished with his repetitive and annoyingly obsessive knocking. But she knew he would quickly finish it once she was there, before spitting out what he really wanted.

Knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

She was so annoyed with him. He just kept making her feel stupid and more stupid lately. She did not get the same satisfaction of blowing his head up on Halo anymore or sitting in his spot. Not even lying to him about his food made any difference because, he did not know. It just made ordering food easier. Normally, when he made her feel stupid, she retaliated and then he would do something kind of sweet like loan her money or help her with Age of Conan and they'd be square again. But it had been four weeks since she felt square and she was running out of ideas as to what made Sheldon tick; which was quite a feat in itself. She thought she had tried everything, until she was struck with an idea.

Knock, knock, knock, "Penny?'

As Penny got up and moved towards her door, she adjusted her little pink shirt, straightened her back, ran her fingers through her honey coloured locks and thought, I can do this. I'm a big ol' five, right? Penny took a deep breath and opened the door. She studied Sheldon, waiting for the barrage of questions to start.

Today, he was wearing jeans with burnt orange thermal and Green Lantern t-shirt. The electric green of the shirt made the blue in his eyes seem more intense. The sleeves pushed up around his elbows were evidence that he had been working on something before. When she first moved in, she thought he was somewhat cute, in a geeky way, obviously. The height, the eyes, his body seemed lean and toned in a gangly kind of way. That was before he began talking though. "What do you want, Sheldon?" she asked impatiently.

"Well, I would like to invoke clause seventeen dash three of our Good Neighbour contract."

"What? What's… oh, who cares?" she said more to herself than Sheldon, as she reached out and grabbed his shirt. She twisted her fist in the soft material as she pulled him to her closing the short distance between them. There was a look of fear in his clear blue eyes, and she almost thought he was going to start yelling, 'Danger, Danger!' when she got on her tip toes and crushed her lips to his.

Surprisingly, his lips were soft and pliable and they seemed to be moving against her own. She brought her other hand up to his head and knotted it his hair, she groaned a little when she realised that her hands were not hindered by product in the short silky brown strands. She sucked on his bottom lip a little bit. Sheldon's hands came up to her bare shoulders and much to her disappointment, started to push her back and away. They stared one another down for a long minute, each one calculating entirely different things.

Penny, the surprise of the intense chemistry that she felt and wondering just what that would mean in the bedroom. For some reason, she really wanted to see him with sex hair. Not that she had a one track mind, but sex on legs Kurt didn't even get her going like that from a little kiss. Must Sheldon be innately good at everything? Why did she decide that kissing him was the best course of action?

Sheldon was certain that Penny must be having some sort of drug induced delusion, judging both by the way she seemed to be confused a moment before and then when she kissed him. He was also calculating the number of bacteria in his mouth now and wondering if there was a social custom that allowed him to go gargle with mouthwash and then return to discuss the anomaly that just occurred. He supposed not and sighed. Tomorrow he would have to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

"Penny? This is Sheldon. How are you feeling? Are you ill? Have you taken any drugs?" he asked slowly a look of concern shadowing his face. It seemed to him that Penny was hallucinating. Why else would she have kissed him, unless she mistook him for someone else? Penny was not just a neighbour, she had managed to integrate herself into his routine and if she was ill… well she sang Soft Kitty when he wasn't feeling well.

"Drugs? No. I—just forget it, Sheldon." She said dejectedly and shrugged her shoulders she could still feel the warmth his hands had caused. It seemed her theory had backfired completely. Not only did she discover some latent feelings for the tall man, but also he still didn't seem bothered by what she did. "What did you want?"

He grabbed her hand, pulled her into the apartment, and pushed her down into her spot on the loveseat. "No, Penny, tell me the reason behind that irregularity in our friendship paradigm. Obviously, you must be partaking in some sort of recreational drug or be ill some other way. Are you running a fever?"

It was not pity, that she felt per se, but Sheldon seemed to think that a pretty girl would not kiss him unless she was inebriated somehow and that made her heart ache a little. It had started out as a not-so-innocent kiss, yes, but the things she felt threw Penny. "No, sweetie. I'm not sick and I'm not on drugs." She patted his thigh gently. "I just wanted to do that, I guess."

He looked at her blankly. Things seemed to echo in his mind, things Wolowitz said, his mother, sister, Leonard. None of that data prepared him for this. Cycling though the information he had gathered from various television programs, movies and books on romantic entanglements he thought he had come across the logical explanation for the kiss. "Are you trying to commence a "friends with benefits" arrangement? I heard Wolowitz speaking of this again last week and I have come to a better understanding of such a friendship," his cheeks coloured just a bit. " As we have never formally courted. I would assume that--"

"No," Not that wasn't a bad idea. "I was just… urgh! I was angry with you," she said exasperatedly.

"But your actions completely defy anger parameters. If you were angry with me, other options should have been exhausted."

Penny shook her head and extracted her hand from where it lay still grasped in Sheldon's long fingers. "I thought they were," she mumbled under her breath. "Could we just forget it? I'm not angry, we didn't you know… and would you just tell me what clause eighteen dash six is?" Perhaps, reminding him what he came for would make him forget.

Sheldon scowled. "Penny, do I need to remind you that it is absurdly impossible to just forget something, as it has happened? We do not yet possess the technology that would allow us to erase specific memories."

"Sheldon…" she said, honestly sometimes, she thought he needed Ritalin; he was always going at light speed and it wasn't for him. It was so he'd slow down to her level.

"It was clause seventeen dash three." He replied evenly.

"Whatever, I need something to drink. Do you want something?" she asked as she got up and walked to her kitchenette to mix herself a strong vodka martini minus the vermouth. "Explain the clause."

"No. I will decline a drink, I know what kind of standards you have regarding the cleanliness of your dishes. The clause was designed in the anticipation that Leonard might have a girlfriend, as he does now. I effectively have been ejected from the domicile."

"Oh, so you need a place to crash?" she asked from the fridge. How was she going to get through the night now? Last time had been a rather unpleasant experience for her. Unless, she could find a way to unwind Sheldon, a way to make sure that any pain caused was the good kind, not the I-slept-on-the-couch kind. She stood at the counter and looked at Sheldon again. She tried to pinpoint a moment where she could have started to have feelings for him, but her brain hurt at the onslaught of images that came to mind. The loans, the Christmas hug, helping buy birthday gifts, and then it hit her between the eyes. The constant bickering, teasing each other (well, teasing him), hiding his toys, it was the equivalent of pulling a girl's pigtails on the playground.

"If crash is to mean stay, then yes. You're staring is unnerving, Penny." He was still sitting on the plush loveseat. She thought it was odd how he looked like he almost belonged there amongst the bright colours and magazines. His blue eyes watched her closely as she moved back to sit next to him. "Penny? Are you sure there is nothing wrong with you?"

This time, Penny could not contain herself for an entirely different reason. She leaned over and kissed him again. This time soft and tender, experimentally all the things a first kiss should be. She pulled back and brought her hands up to cup his face. "Sheldon. We can do this tonight. If you want, I know you think you're a homos nova or whatever –"

"Homo Novus." He corrected her almost shyly.

"And that you don't have desires or whatever. But, if you wanted to let go tonight… I wouldn't say no." She sat next to him, wrapped an arm around his neck, and kissed the corner of his mouth. She felt something in her bones about how right this felt to be here in his arms. She felt his back stiffen and whether it was as a dear caught in headlights or in anticipation, she did not know. But, something darkened his eyes, something made Sheldon look normal and it excited Penny to no end that she was the girl to do it.

Sheldon mouthed a few words as he really looked into Penny's green eyes. Her pupils had dilated, her breathing was heavier, and it made her décolletage heave in considered by many to be an enticing way. Penny was uniquely attractive, she had wide hips which were perfect for childbearing, and while he knew she would never understand String Theory as he did (well, who would), he knew that she possessed a certain instinctive and cunning intellect (how else would she be able to beat him at Halo) and it was why he had stopped talking down to her. He had never felt this way, but he supposed his body was reacting to the pheromones, that came off her in waves. It is his only explanation for what came next.

The pad of her thumb had been steadily grazing his cheek while he thought, every so often brushing softly just against the corner of his lips. On the next brush against his lips, Sheldon did the irrational. He kissed her thumb.

Penny giggled as she thought about the time she tried to figure out his 'deal'. But she only knew half of it and Sheldon was actually interested in kissing her neck because that giggle was inexplicably one of the most breathtaking sounds he had ever heard.

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