Chapter 3:

Their shower had not been as eventful as previous situations would have indicated, well aside, from Sheldon's impulsive need to watch the rivulets of water meander down the length of Penny's lithe body. Every time, her wet, shiny skin slid against his own, Sheldon had half a mind to take her right there against the wall in the stark glaring light of the bathroom. But his mom's words echoed through his head, that cleanliness is next to Godliness, and as such he felt dirty for even thinking of it.

To Sheldon's surprise Penny took showering very seriously, if judging from the array of bath products were any indication. He had never thought about anything beyond the usual body wash and shampoo, but apparently there were a number of other products one could use to stay clean and a number of tools to implement cleanliness.

Penny snatched a bottle of shampoo from his hand rather quickly. Apparently, the Kérastase was only for auditions and he was given another bottle of shampoo to use. He didn't notice that it wasn't from the approved list of shampoos with suitable PH levels; he was busy watching her in wonder as she rinsed the suds from her hair. It was, like some sort of symphony only heard in her head as she tilted her head back with her eyes closed exposing her neck for his enjoyment.

This is the moment the intimacy of the situation dawned for Sheldon. He took in her blonde hair darkened by the water; something he wanted his fingers twisted in. And the curves of her shoulders, hips and legs wet and glowing, it wasn't something friends felt the need to touch and lick, mark, claim. The whole night and morning thus far wasn't just a one-time anomaly. It could never be because Sheldon wanted it to be part of the routine. It was the first time it happened and it was already assimilating.

He wanted to wake up next to Penny in the middle of the night and watch her sleep again. He wanted to have to clean kitchens and showers and beds and couches, if it meant that he got to have intercourse with her. He wanted to talk to her about things he never even thought of talking about before, like why exactly that bottle of shampoo was only for auditions. Did it make her hair extra soft and bouncy? Because he would gladly buy her a year's supply of it if it meant that he got to run his hands though her hair whenever he wanted. He couldn't think of his private moments without Penny infiltrating them, it was how he knew. A freakish smile broke out upon his face, he didn't just want Penny, he loved her.

He looked into her eyes, and she was startled by the clarity she saw in them. He said, "I believe that you have turned me into a heathen, Penelope," and much like she first did, he pulled her to him and crushed his lips to hers. The soap forgotten in his hair, as he pushed her up against the wall and used science to his advantage. Apparently, it was an eventful shower.

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