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A/N: I'm a sucker for this pairing, even though it'll probably never work without Puck becoming incredibly OOC. Still, don't you guys feel that Kurt/Puck vibe?

Takes place sometime in between Episode 3 and Episode 4.

Sorry it's so short...

Mr. Right


Kurt doesn't take it seriously when he hears that Noah Puckerman, asshole extraordinaire, is planning on auditioning for glee club. Mercedes told him and even though he trusts her enough to listen to her fashion advice, he somehow can't make himself believe that Puck would condescend to crossing party lines.

Stick to the status quo, right? (Oh crap, he did not just quote High School Musical.)

So when Kurt arrives early to glee practice at lunch, he is more than a little shocked to hear a voice that is decidedly different and almost better than Finn's filtering out of the open door of the classroom. He almost has a heart attack when he peers through the little glass window to see Puck, WMHS letterman jacket and mohawk and all, playing a guitar and serenading Mr. Schue. And doing it well.

Kurt has to admit, he has a weakness for a guy with chops. The first time he heard Finn sing he almost melted right there on stage, and he had been so sure it was love. Now it's Puck that's in trouble, because Kurt's knees are starting to feel a little weak, and all thoughts of Finn have fled unexpectedly from his mind.

As he watches Mr. Schue congratulate Puck and welcome him to the club, Kurt can't help but smile a little at this new development. There's a fifty percent chance that if Puck ever found out about this, he'd can Kurt into a new dimension. Then again, there's the other side to the story. Maybe, just maybe, Kurt's newfound crush will make Puck's life a living hell.

And after years of Puck making his life a living hell, Kurt thinks it's only fair to return the favor.