A/N: There's no real order to these drabbles. Just be aware that they may jump back and forth from when Jim is a kid and when he is back to normal. I guess it depends on what I feel like writing :) The below drabble stars Kid Jimmy. Enjoy!

How Jimmy Kirk Won Over the Crew of the Enterprise

The First Words You Learn in Any Language Are...

The entire alpha bridge crew, including one Jimmy Kirk, was sharing a meal in the mess hall when it happened. The adults were discussing the upcoming diplomatic mission on Beta Antares IV, while Jimmy was making airplane noises as he ate his macaroni and cheese. Uhura was making them aware of the slight nuances in the Beta Antaren language and how even the inflection of their tone could alter the most trivial words into an act of aggression. She was about to provide them with an example when there was a loud clatter of something spilling.

They all redirected their attention to Jimmy who stared at the spilled glass of milk and his wet pants. He opened his mouth and said, "Fuck."

Uhura saw red. "LEONARD!"

Dr. McCoy, who looked as if he were about to burst out laughing, jumped in his seat and turned to the Communications Officer with a defensive, "What?"

She gave him a pointed look and the doctor had the decency to look slightly abashed, though not at all as remorseful as he should have been.


Jimmy looked up from where he and Chekov were attempting to dry his soaked pants with some napkins. "Yes, Miss Uhura?"

Uhura smiled sweetly at the boy and Jimmy smiled back. "Please do not use that language. It is not appropriate."

Jimmy looked thoughtful. "But Bones—"

"Jimmy, it is a bad word and you shouldn't be using it. Please don't argue with me."

Jimmy noticed her smile becoming strained like how Mommy's did when she wasn't really happy about something and was actually going to start yelling any minute if he didn't agree with her.

He bobbed his head. "Okay."

Uhura's shoulders relaxed as she sat back in her seat. "Thank you."

There was an awkward silence for a few beats before Spock requested that Uhura continue with her recommendations regarding the Beta Antaren culture. Uhura gladly did so when after only a few minutes Jimmy knocked over his cup of apple juice.



Later, Chekov thanked every deity he knew that Jimmy didn't spill anything else that night.