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Hyperforce Home Videos!

I know you probably took the pole and said Sub. Teaher II before Home vids. but, I'm doing two projects at once (Sub teach. 1-2 and home vids.) I'm putting Verbal war and randomness and the crossover on hold for now so, Enjoy!


Before you enjoy I must give you the disclaimer which is . . . Hmm. I don't have a disclaimer. Savanna! (My main OC)

Savanna: Mikki doesn't own SRMTHFG. She does own the ideas for the home videos.


Sorry to say but, I'm not taking oc requests in this fic.


To seperate the home videos from the story I'm using script format for the vids. and normal writing for the story.


Before every home video I'll give you this info. How old they are. Baby - toddlers = monkeys

Kids - adults = cyborg monkeys.

Who the main character or characters of the video are.

Ex. Chiro or All monkeys or Mandarin and Sparx or Hyperforce.

When it took place.

Before or after Chiro.

Thats it! Enjo-

WAIT! (Annoying yet?)


Chiro was in his room cleaning out his closet when he took notice of a rather large box in the corner full of old Videos and DVDs and a camcorder. Whats this? Chiro asked himself. He draged the box out of the closet and looked through it. Hey this is where we kept our home videos! He thought then became curious. Hmm I don't think I ever watched the monkeys older videos. We can have a movies night! Chiro ran into the main room where Otto was sleeping, Sparx and Nova were having a thumb war, Gibson was reading a book he read before, and Antauri was watching Gibson read. "Guys! Look what I found!" Chiro exclaimed.

"What did ya find?" Sparx asked not very interested at first.

"Our home videos!" Everybodys ears perked up and Otto woke up confused.

"Let's watch 'em." Nova said. "We have nothing better to do."

"Yeah play them." Sparx said

"Wha-" Otto looked around. "You found our home videos?" The monkeys and Chrio found their seats.

"Yeah. We're totally gonna be laughing at these I know it!" Chiro put down the box. He held up a video. "This looks good. Fun stuff! The title sounds like fun." He put the video into the VCR and waited. The screean went fuzzy then a picture popped up. It was in the time when Skeleton King was the alchemist. The camera looked like it was hiding behind a door of Nova's old room. Nova was a kid. (Cyborg) The camera was being held by Sparx. Nova didn't see Sparx behind the door so, he was obviously taping her secretly. She had her stuffed animals sitting up ward facing her.

Nova: Good morning class. (She says in a young voice. She paused as if the Stuffed animals were saying 'Good morning Miss. Nova. The camera shook slightly as Sparx stifled laughter. The Hyperforce watching it burst into laughter except Nova who blushed madly.) Today we're gonna learn about baking. (The team laughed harder.) Do you know what baking means? (The team laughed so hard now you couldn't hear them laugh.) Baking means to bake stuff like food or vegetables. (The team were so red in the face and they started to tear up.) I'm gonna show you how to bake toast. (Now the authors laughing.) First you take bread and put it into the toaster and wait for it to ding then take out the bread and you baked toast. (Sparx holding the camera finally laughed out loud catching Nova's attention.) You little Spy!!! (She shreiked before the video stopped.)

The Hyperforce tried to catch their breath before the next video titled Gibson's first freakout taking place when he was a a newly made cyborg. Sparx was holding the camera again. Otto, Antauri, and Nova were watching a crazy Gibson shouting things and running away from the alchemist who was chasing him with a needle.

Gibson: I- IT HURTS!. (He screamed.)

Alchemist: Calm your self! Gee Child. Come here!


Alchemist: What are you talking about?!

Gibson: TH- THE NEEDLE I-IS EEEEVVVIIILLLL!!!!!! (He shouted again.)

Alchemist: Do you wanna get sick child?! (He ran faster to catch up with the scared simian.) Some one help me? (Nova, Otto, and Antauri jumped Gibson and held him down. The alchemist finally caught up.) Thank you. (He bent over Gibson and injected the serum in the poor monkeys stomach. The blue simian screached in pain. The camera blacked out.)

"I remember that." Gibson said.

"Yeah he was chasing you for thirty minutes." Sparx giggled remembering. The video started to play another video. It showed an adult Antauri sitting by the the kitchen table with crayons surrounding him. Chiro was holding the cam corder and sat across from Antauri.

Chiro: What are you drawing?

Antauri: A wookie.

Chiro: From Star Wars?

Antauri: Sure.

Chiro: Why?

Antauri: I was board.

Chiro: You should like drw some Jedis and Darth Vator and all those things in your picture.

Antauri: I could do that he said.

Chiro: You should also shade the wookies fur. Make it look cooler.

Antauri: Okay. (The camera stopped and every started laughing at the random video.)

"Wookies?" Nova asked "Of all creatures!" Another video started playing.


Sorry this chapter is sooooo short. I really wanted to get this story up tonight.

I'm not taking anyy video request right now but, when I run outta ideas I'll ask for help.