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The screen went fuzzy. The Hyperforce waited for the next clip. When the screen started to play a different clip it showed Sparx as a kid (Cyborg monkey) he was holding the camera and faced it toward him. It looked like he was about to do something naughty. This clip was titled The Prank.

Sparx: I'm totally gonna freak Mandarin out! (He said.) I'm gonna hide in the bush and scare him! (He chuckled.) Here he comes. (He jumped into the bush and waited.) RAAAAAAWWWWRRRR! (Sparx yelled and jumped out of the bush. Mandarin lept back and gave a girlish shriek before the camera stopped.)

The hyper force started to laugh at the way Mandarin screamed. "Man Sparx, That was to good." Said Tiffany from the door way.

"Tiffany? What are you doing here?" Otto asked

"I wanted to say hi to you Otto. Then I saw that you were watching homevideos. May I watch some with you?" She asked

"Of course." Antauri said.

"Oh Zinnaux is here too." Tiffany said


"He's raiding your fridge."

"Typical." Nova sighed. Than another clip played.

This one reveiled a crying Otto as a kid and a concerend Nova holding a pliers. This video was titled Otto's loose tooth.

Otto: It hurts, Nova! (He complained)

Nova: It's alright, Otto,It's almost out. (She tugs on the tooth with the pliers.)


The screen went fuzzy. "Aw Poor Otto." Tiffany cooed.

"I don't remember that." Nova said

"Me either."

"Hey everybody," Zinnaux entered holding cold lft over pizza. "Oo Videos? Can I join you guys."

"I don't see why not." Antauri said. The TV played a new clip. This was titled Teeter Tooter Trouble. It showed a 14 year old Chiro in the room the Hyperforce were sitting in and he seemed to be assembling something. The camera be held by himself.

Chiro: Just one more screw . . . and . . . there. (Chiro stood back admiring his work.) Can't wait to go teetering aand tootering with Jinmay. (He said right before it fell to peices.) Aww C'mon!

The screen goes fuzzy again. The next clip showed a young Sparx in the kitchen with Otto holding the camera.

Otto: What are you doing?

Sparx: Filling Nova's stuffed animals with oatmeal.


Camera goes blank.

"Thats the end of that tape," Sparx said "Put a new one in." Chiro got up and went to the box and got a new tape and put it in. The new reel was called Gibson's first red Card. This took place on a soccer feild and showed a teenage Gibson in a Blue and Gold school jersey uniform. The camera was being held by Nova.

Gibson: THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! A RED CARD?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! I'M THE MVP ON THE TEAM!!! (Note: MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, which is the player that plays the hardest.)

Referee: Sorry but that move you just pulled back there was illegal.

Gibson: Diving is NOT illegal.

Ref.: Off the feild now! (Gibson huffed and stomped off the feild. The crowd booed at the refs stupid call.) The screen went fuzzy again.

"That stupid ref.! I swear he didn't know how to play soccer." Gibson mumbled.

"I know right. And thanks to him he made you team loose." Nova said equally annoyed at the memory of th dumb referee. A new clip started to play this time reveiling the teenage monkey boys running around screaming with a calm Nova watching all the chaos. This clip was titled Too much Mountain Dew.

Antauri: We go sailing last tomorrow and I and Sparx say 'Gross to the trip we've goes on and stuff.'

The Hyperforce laughed at the strange sight they were watching.

Gibson: Yes! But No Antauri! We've gots to much Dew in our systems for a whole bucket of cheese! (He bounced off a wall.)

Nova: OK guys calm down. Stop running your gonna break something! Otto get off of the coffee table. SPARX knock it off! (Crash!) Not literally! The film stopped again.

"What was that all about?" Tiffany asked.

"None of these videos are making sense." Zinnaux said.

"It's cause you guys wern't around for them." Nova said

"I would never act that irrational in front of someone!" Gibson was still shocked at the previous video clip.

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