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"I can't believe they actually bought it," Robin laughed as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips, "I mean, really, who knew Lilly was so gullible?"

"I know," Barney grinned, nibbling his muffin, "We were awesome! The two awesomest liars in the entire world."

"You know it!"

A silence drifted over the two like a heavy fog. Neither knew exactly what to say. Robin couldn't help but stare at Barney. He was extraordinarily good looking. The suit, despite the sex in which it was tossed to the floor, was crisp and lacking in wrinkles. He always looked sharp.

Barney's eyes drifted to the woman across the table. She was pretty damn gorgeous. Sure, she wasn't his usual type (blonde, leggy, and naked) but she was something.

"So," Robin finally broke the silence, "They really think we're together?"

"Yup. What are they thinking? I mean, it's us for Christ's sakes!"

"I know!" Robin laughed.

"We are both horrible at relationships."

"And if we were a couple, we'd never actually work out," Robin rationalized.

"Oh of course not," Barney scoffed.

"We don't have any chemistry."


"I mean the sex is great…"


"But we just…"

"It can't…"

"We shouldn't…"

Barney nodded, "It would be horrible."

"Wouldn't last a week."

"Well, maybe more than a week…"

"If we tried."

"But trying is just too…hard," Barney shuddered.

"And too much work."

"It would be a waste of time to even bother."

"Because we could never last."

"We would fight all the time."

"And all you would want is sex."

"And all you would want is sex."

"And it would be meaningless."



"Hey Robin?"

"Yeah Barney?"

"Anyone ever tell you that you are a terrible liar?"

Robin smirked, "Has anyone ever told you?"

They sat in silence for a moment before Barney said, "So…does this mean?"

"I think so," Robin answered, unsure.

"Cool," Barney nodded.

"Yeah. Cool."