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Ok this is when Jessie comes back from the funeral three weeks later and it's the last day on school


"Ok. I wouldn't want that... Severus you are the best friend I could every have." She said seriously.

He pointed at his forearm.

"With a minor flaw. Everyone has them. But over all you are my best friend and I'm never turning my back on you"

Severus was happy to hear this but he worried she was too trusting of him. He didn't know what he would do if he lost her in this war. He needed a friend he could talk to. And that was her.

Severus heard Jessie was coming back to Hogwarts for the graduation so he when to her room to check. He gingerly walked into the room, but his caution didn't really make a difference. Something knocked him to the ground. He looked on his stomach and saw Jessie.



"You're getting your blond all over me."

She looked at him "Oh well." Then closed her eyes.

"Don't you dare go to sleep on me Jessica Davidson!"

"Severus do you realize this is our last day in this room! And with the way the war is going… you could never see me again. I don't care if you threaten me."

"I will see you again!"

"Yeah! You better come visit me! You know where I'm moving!"

"I… will try."


"So… did the funeral go ok?"

"My brother didn't come." She whispered angrily

"I'm sorry… Jessie why did you need permission?"

For a while she didn't answer. "My mother and I don't get along. She kicked me out because my stepfather didn't want me and thinks I need permission to lick an ice cream cone."

"I'm sorry." He put his hand on her head.

"Its ok. I got over it a while ago."

He moved his hand to her stomach causing her to laugh and say "I'm ticklish" but he did it until she rolled off of him, laughing.

"No fare you aren't ticklish!"

He sat up and looked down at her. "I'm going to get ready for the feast."

"The last one we will ever have together!"

He stood up and left her alone.

There is something wrong with him! He put his hand on my head and tickled me! He didn't push me off! … It felt…good.

"… And last but not least," Dumbledore shouted to all the students at the end of the feast "the winner of the house cup is… SLYTHERIN!!"

All of the Slytherins cheered. Even Severus was pleased with the looks on four Gryffindors faces.

"This is a good feeling." Jessie told him.

"I have to agree with you. It is nice."

"It's all going to go away at the train station."

He nodded.

The train arrived at platform 9 ¾. Most of the seventh years were crying. Jessie ran to Severus and asked "Sev you will visit me right?"

"Yes. I will try."

She nodded. "I'm going to miss you."

"I will miss you too."

"Because you LOOOOVE me."

"In a way… sure."

She smiled. "I'm always here if you need me. I promise. And because of this you owe me… and for getting you out of the Ball."

" I will help you wright your 'How to be Blond: For Beginners' book."

"Speaking of books…"

"I wrote down the spell in it."

"Did you wright down what it does?"

"No. I just left it the way it was."

She sighed "Oh well" she hugged him.

"Bye Jessie."

"Bye Sev. You will always be my best friend no matter what." She whispered to him before leaving the platform for the last time.

This is titled Days at Hogwarts. They no longer attend so this is the end of the story. Tell me if I should post sequel. For now please enjoy the out takes

-You Kissed Her Too-

Jessie was walking to the tree Severus when she heard two girls talking

"… Sirius Black is only with Julia because she is pretty!" one girl said sadly

"That's awful!" cried the other one

Damn Black! Jessie thought as she rushed to the tree and layed her stuff next to Severus. "Where's Black?"

"There." He pointed to Sirius and he was with James, Remus, Peter, and Julia. "Why."

"Oh this is going to be fun. You will enjoy this so watch." Jessie walked twords the five Gryffindors and said "You filthy mutt! You said I was the only one for you! Then you go around kissing her! You git!" She slapped Sirius so hard Severus could hear it from where he sat. Then Jessie turned around and said to James "And you knew!!" She cried. But he was to busy laughing to answer.

Feeling her work was done, Jessie turned and saw Severus with his head in his book… laughing. She heard, Julia too, had slapped him

-Stupid Soup-

"Ouch!" Jessie said

"What?" Severus asked

"Stupid soup burnt my tongue!" She stuck her tongue out. After a few minutes Severus asked

"Are you staying like that for the rest of the day?"

She nodded

"Why are you even eating soup for breakfast?"

She shrugged

(Dinner that night)

"Isn't your tongue dry?"

She nodded.

Severus picked up an ice cream cone and put a large lump of ice cream on her tongue.

"AY!!!!!" Jessie shouted. Severus rolled his eyes as the Slytherins laughed along with some Gryffindors and the staff.

-Ball Poppers-

The two walked from the Astronomy Tower to the common room in silence until Jessie asked "If you show up at a party you're not wanted at you're a party crasher right?"


"So if you show up at a Ball unwanted… does that make you a Ball Popper?"

Severus stopped and stared at her.


"You poor blond."

She laughed.


That is the end of the story! Thank you for reading. The sequel will be up soon


'Jessie reached for his left forearm and rolled up his sleeve to reveal the dark mark 'Because of this… you can't save me.' He pulled his arm out of her grip 'This is none of your business!'" The war is just starting and the key to Voldemort's success is Jessie. Can Severus really save her? Or will she ever see the end of the war?

The story, I hope, will be up next week.

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