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Will Gohan Surive?

Ch 1- Videl's Mistake

It was finally nearing the end of the day at Orange Star High. It was fall with the leaves just beginning to change color and the temperatures dropping, however it was still very comfortable outside. There was no sweltering heat and no freezing cold. Right in the middle.

Gohan was enjoying his last class on a Friday afternoon. However the rest of the class couldn't wait to be free. Gohan sat there still ready to learn as the other students were sighing looking forward to the end of school. With a pen in one hand, and his other hand resting on the desk, Gohan continued to write down the lecture notes on the board in the front of class.

Letting an enormous sigh out slouching in his seat, Sharpner moaned, "When is it going to be over. It feels like an eternity!"

Erasa added, "Ugh, I know…"

"And nerd boy here is still sitting there like Mr. Perfect!" Sharpner said in annoyance.

"I know! Like, how does he do it?" Erasa said trying to find something that could entertain herself in the last few minutes of class.

"Brains doesn't ev-" Sharpner attempted to say only to be interrupted.

"Would you two just shut up!" Videl hissed. All those two do is whine! They do have a point, how does he find interest in something so boring! Guess that's another thing to add to the 'figure Gohan out' list.

Gohan continued to listen in on the teacher's last words of the class ignoring whatever Sharpner, Erasa, and Videl were talking about, well mainly Sharpner and Erasa.

"And that is why we all study math folks!" Mr. Eddeot said right when the bell ringed. "Make sure you study for the upcoming test, other than that no homework for the weekend!" He added with a smile as he then heard the students scream "Yay."

"Wasn't that interesting?" Gohan added as he saw his new friends packing up to leave

Erasa and Sharpner turned their heads to Gohan as if he grew three heads. Even Videl eyed him as if he was crazy.

"Right… Brains." Sharpner said in disbelief.

Erasa then remembered "Videl, you remember what you said last week?"

"No" Videl said plainly. Then it hit her. Oh crap…

"It's Friday mall day! You promised you would come with us last week." Erasa said with puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah… How about You and Gohan come with us." Sharpner said with suggestive tone as he threw his bag around his shoulder.

"What do you mean 'You and Gohan'!" Videl said in disbelief.

"C'mon Videl, you and I both know you have it hots for Go-" Sharpner said only to be punched in the stomach by Videl.

"How absurd! I can't believe you would think that little nerd boy and I would have anything going on! He's weak, annoying, and just sorry little lair. How you came up with that thought is beyond me! I mean…" Videl erupted when she realized that Gohan was right behind her. Oh crap…

"That's ok; I had something to do anyways." Gohan said holding in tears. He quickly grabbed his bag and walked towards the door.

"Wait!" Videl said trying to take back what she had just said. Gohan continued to walk out of the empty class at a quick speed.

I can't believe I just did that. Videl said realizing that his father's pride took over once again.

"Smooth move Videl" Sharpner said only to see Videl rushing out of the classroom to find Gohan. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! I can't believe I just said that! And he has only been at OSH for a week!

Videl ran down the hall passing some younger schoolmates. She didn't care if they were giving stares at her. She was only hoping that she could say sorry before Gohan went home for the weekend. She ran towards the front entrance to see if she could see Gohan anywhere.

Once outside Videl looked around trying to see any sign of Gohan. Nothing. He didn't deserve that. Why did I say that? It isn't true, well except he's a terrible liar and I hate it when people lie to me. There is still no excuse for what I just said.

She gave up realizing that Gohan must have quickly gone home. Erasa and Sharpner joined Videl on the front lawn.

Erasa was embarrassed of how her friend acted. "How rude of you Videl! I can't believe you said that to Gohan. Couldn't you tell he was trying so hard to fit in? I mean he is so shy and we are his only friends. Here you go just telling him off like he's nothing compared to us. I mean he hasn't even been to school in his entire life. He was home schoo-"

"Look, I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean it to come out like that!" Videl tried to make sense.

"Well how did you mean it to come out!" Erasa said with a frown on her face. Sharpner just stared with his arms crossed. He was no good at this.

"I'm sorry…" Videl just said plainly.

"Oh Videl… I just wish you didn't do that, especially to somebody like Gohan. I just hope he finds it in his heart to forgive you" Erasa sighed.

Videl looked down towards the ground. She was very ashamed at what she did. When Sharpner was threatening her reputation at school, she went ballistic. There was no excuse for what she did.

In order to get forgiveness, she would have to say sorry and Videl never said sorry. This was going to be a first. She was too proud to say sorry.

"Listen, you are going to have to apologize to Gohan, but I still want you to go shopping with me, ok?" Erasa said.

Videl continued to stare at the ground. Why did it have to be this way? Why? I mean Gohan is a decent person. He's shy but nice at the same time. He is also very smart and a very good friend. I wonder what he's thinking right now…

Gohan was flying home with dried tears on his face. He felt shot down a few notches after what Videl had said to her. Just when I think I am fitting in, boom. I really thought I was doing a good job. Why did mom have to make me go to school anyways… I was perfectly fine at home studying.

Gohan flew over the mountains into his valley. He saw the lakes he played at when he was a kid with his dad. I wish you were here dad, you would know what to do.

Back at OSH, Videl contined to stare at the ground.

"Didn't you hear me?" Erasa throwing her hands in the air.

Videl looked back up to her friend. "Huh? Yeah. Sure…" She said not really caring too much. Her mind was on what had just happened with Gohan.

"Perfect!" Erasa said happily. "Let's go!"

Erasa walked along side Sharpner while Videl remained in the back. It was only a 10 minute walk to the mall.

"Brother!" a high pitched sound came from the house when Gohan landed in front of his house. His 7 year old brother came running outside the front door latching on Gohan's leg as he tumbled down on the grass.

"Hey their squirt! Big brother needs to get inside because of such a long day." Gohan said to his little brother as he got back up.

"Ok! But can you train with me and Trunks later!" Goten asked with hope in his eyes.

"Trunks is here?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah! So can ya!"


"Yah!" Goten said loudly and ran back inside to see his best friend.

I guess mom is letting Trunks come over much more often now. I am never going to get sleep with two sugar high kids running around. Oh well… Gohan thought as he walked through the front door.

"Mom! I'm home!" Gohan yelled towards the kitchen. Gohan's mother, Chi Chi, walked out of the kitchen to greet his son.

"Your first full week of school! How was it?" Chi Chi asked.

"It was good." Gohan said trying to ignore what had just happened at school.

"So did you make any new friends? Any girlfriends?" Chi Chi asked with hope in her eyes.

"Mom! C'mon, it's only been a week!" Gohan said with a little red in his cheeks.

"How long do you expect me to wait Gohan? I am practically grandmother age with no grandchildren. I expect some soon. So do you know any girls?" Chi Chi asked.

"Mom! Yes I know a few girls…" Gohan said still red.

"Any potential wives?" Chi Chi asked.

"Erasa doesn't like me that way and Videl hates me!" Gohan said hoping to get out of this conversation.

"Videl! That's such a lovely name! I want to meet this girl!" Chi Chi demanded.

"Mom… Videl hates me…" Gohan said.

"Nonsense! Nobody could hate my Gohan. I raised you perfectly. Oh this Videl girl is going to be the perfect wife. I can already see the grandchildren running around. Lots of grandbabies." Chi Chi said practically in dream land.

"Mom! Videl doesn't like me like that." Gohan said trying to make sense towards her mother who was already in a dream like state.

"That's nonsense. Invite her over to dinner Saturday night." Chi Chi said.

"What! I can't do that!" Gohan said. Is she insane! Is she trying to ruin my life!

All of a sudden, Chi Chi got angry. "You will invite her. You better call her…"

"Why can't we invite Erasa over instead?" Gohan said trying to make the situation a bit less awkward.

"Nope. I want to meet this Videl girl." Chi Chi said.

"Mom, Videl is the daughter of Hercule! The man who supposedly beat Cell!" Gohan said using his last ditch efforts.

"Gohan, what have I said about this. I am sure Videl is nothing like her father. You better give her a chance just because her father is a lying fool! Just imagine the grandchildren! Call her this instant" Chi Chi said

"But mom! I don't have her number!" Gohan whined.

"You and I both know you have the phone directory." Chi Chi said irritated. He better make this work! I want my grandchildren!

"Fine. But at least let me wait till tonight! She is with her friends right now." Gohan said in defeat.

"As long as you make it work. My son already growing up. He is going to be the perfect dad, hopefully daddy!" Chi Chi said.

Several hours later, Videl landed on the ground after dropping off Erasa and Sharpner off at Erasa's house. Wonder why they wanted to be dropped off at the same house. Then it hit her… Nah, there is just no way…

She jumped out of the small speed jet plane by Capsule Corp. and headed towards the front door. The door opened to reveal one of the maids sweeping the entrance. She went directly to her room to relax from such a long exhausting day.

Erasa and Sharpner were enjoying their company together. They have been a secret couple for the last month trying to keep it a secret but almost failing many times. They wanted it to be a surprise but just didn't know when to tell Videl, and now Gohan.

They were both curled up in a blanket on the couch watching a movie on a large TV. It was another romance chick flick, Erasa's favorite. It was 9:00 PM, and both were very comfortable not wanting to budge.

All of a sudden, Erasa's phone rang alerting them back to reality. Sharpner stuck his hands out of the blanket and grabbed the remote to pause the movie. Once paused, Erasa picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Erasa said not recognizing the number.

"Umm, Hi, may I speak with Erasa" Gohan said on the other line.

"Gohan!" Ereasa said loudly surprised that he would call. Sharpner was now interested looking at Erasa's confused look.

"Oh hey Erasa." Gohan said on the other end of the line.

"Gohan, I am so sorry about how Videl acted today. She just has a hard life to live up to. I hope you can forgive her some day for what she said. She doesn't really think that." Erasa apologized for her best friend's stupid actions earlier today.

"Umm, it's ok… I was wondering do you have Videl's number?" Gohan asked.

"Uhh, sure Gohan." I hope Videl doesn't get mad for giving out her personal number… "Its 321 4321"

"Ok thanks Erasa"

"No problem"

"See you on Monday!"

"Bu bye" Erasa said and hung up the phone.

"What did he want?" Sharpner asked.

"I am not sure… He just asked for Videl's number. I hope Videl doesn't get to angry." Erasa said worryingly.

"Ahh, don't worry bout it." Sharpner said shrugging it off as he pressed the play button on the remote.

I hope everything is alright with Gohan and Videl…

Gohan had the number in his hand for Videl's ready to call. "Oh great…" Gohan said to himself. He dialed in the number and listened in on the phone.

Videl heard her cell phone go off. She was in bed reading and her phone was on her desk. "Ugh…" She got up and walked over to the desk to see who was calling. Huh? I don't recognize this number. I hope nobody got held of my private number! She sighed and picked up.

"Hello?" Videl said somewhat irrigated at not knowing who

"Umm, is this Videl?" Gohan asked shyly.

"Yes, who is this? I should know if you have my number. I never give out my number to people I don't know well." Videl said with a condescending tone.

"Umm, it's Gohan…"

WHAT? Wha… What do I say! "G- Go- Gohan?"

"Yeah…" Guess it's now or never… "Umm, Videl, I was wondering if you were free to come over for dinner tomorrow. My mom wants to meet you. But if you are busy no problem…" Gohan said embarrassed.

Dinner? Why on earth would her mother want to meet me? Wait I still haven't said sorry to him yet! "Hey Gohan, I am sorry about earlier today. I wasn't myself…"

"Umm, no problem. So can you come over tomorrow?"

How strange. I wonder why… Wait a second! This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Gohan. I mean he lies so much. Maybe I can uncover some secrets while there! This is just too perfect!

Gohan was sweating and his heart beating faster than ever before. He feared the worst. What if she says no and says I am a freak. She will tell everybody. Everybody at school will think I am more of a freak than I already am!

Videl had a nice evil smirk plasterd on her face. Perfect! "Sure, what time?" She said casually.

Wha? She said yes! Whew… "Umm, how about around 5:00 PM."

"Alright sounds good."

"Great, see you then!" Gohan said and then hung up. Oh great… This is going to be so awkward…

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