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Ch 9- Our Future



Videl stood there with Gohan in the brisk cold wind both wrapped up in a scarf and jacket in front of the huge Satan Mansion. After a few minutes, the door finally opened revealing Mr. Satan.

"Sweatpea!" Mr. Satan squealed and hugged her only daughter. Mr. Satan saw Gohan standing there looking at the situation.

"Hey there," Mr. Satan said directed to Gohan.

"You aren't mad at me anymore?" Gohan asked somewhat surprised.

"No, and I am sorry about how I blew up at both of you. I didn't realize you two were so close…" Mr. Satan said.

"We didn't realize until recently" Videl said.

"Yeah…" Gohan said while rubbing the back of his neck. Mr. Satan eyed Gohan a little bit. "So are you two dating?"

This came to a shock to couple even thought it shouldn't. "Yeah…" both of them said at the same time.

"Well umm, daddy, I have to get my books before school. I will come home today!" Videl said while running up the stairs in the mansion.

That left an uneasy Gohan standing there right next to Mr. Satan in the doorway. "Come in" Mr. Satan said walking inside followed by Gohan. Mr. Satan shut the door behind him.

"I don't care if you actually were the one to defeat Cell, but you better treat my daughter well." Mr. Satan said in a stern voice.

Gohan couldn't believe it. Was Mr. Satan actually giving him the go ahead? "Of course sir," Gohan said.

Mr. Satan then turned his head up the stairs watching her daughter come down. Videl got down to the bottom of the stairs excited about the future.

"Okay bye daddy" Videl said giving him a hug.

"Bye Mr. Satan" Gohan said while walking out the door.

Videl was walking out the door only to have his father put his hand her shoulder. "Let me know if he treats you anything but upmost honesty and respect. You have my go ahead of you want to date him… I just worry about you honey" Mr. Satan said.

Videl couldn't believe it. His father just gave him the go ahead. His father always was extremely strict, and having a boy in the house is hardly believable. Even his father wouldn't let a boy in the same house as himself get out of his sight. "Thanks dad" Videl said with a smile on her face.

Gohan picked up Videl and flew towards Orange Star High school.

"So nerd boy, do anything un-nerdyish this weekend?" Sharpner asked as Gohan came in with a pile of books. Videl had already got there a few minutes before hand because Gohan had to get his books.

"Not much, yourself?" Gohan asked politely.

"Just hung out with Eresa. She forced me to go shopping, so maybe this weekend wasn't so good…" Sharpner said.

"Oh come on Sharpie it wasn't that bad…" Eresa said while hugging her boyfriend.

"Aren't we still trying to keep it quiet?" Sharpner asked.

"Nah, I see no reason why we shouldn't…" Eresa said with the bubbliest voice possible.

"Well we certainly are going to keep it quiet"

Both Eresa and Sharpner turned towards where that voice was coming from. It came from Videl. "What do you mean Videl?" Eresa asked.

"Who could you be possibly be going out with? Your dad must not know whoever it is…" Sharpner said.

Gohan was slightly sweating. He wasn't sure if he wanted people to know about it. I guess it's only Eresa and Sharpner…

"Don't worry, dad already met Gohan…" Videl said with confidence.

"Don't make me laugh Videl, there's no way you and Gohan could be going out" Sharpner whispered in disbelief.

"You bet ya! Just keep it quiet" Videl said

Then everybody heard a screeching high pitched noise coming from Eresa. "No way! I am so happy for you two!" Eresa said a bit loudly.

Gohan and Videl were both trying to shush their friend Eresa.

"Oh sorry!" Eresa whispered. The other three friends rolled their eyes however Sharpner was still in shock.

"Gohan must have had to do something pretty radical to get your dad to allow you to date him…" Sharpner said.

"You couldn't even begin to understand…" Videl said. She then looked over to Gohan and saw him smiling. I couldn't ask for a better guy in my life. He is so caring. I am the luckiest woman alive. Not only is Gohan perfect in every possible way, but he is also a legend. This is my dream. And it came true.


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