Chapter 1: Not So Pleasant

My sister and I sat quietly at the breakfast table and ate our cereal very slowly to prolong the time we had to listen to mom and dad's particularly loud argument. They've been doing this for the past six months every night before bed and every morning before work there was something my mom did to annoy dad or vice versa. And my sister and I were stuck in the middle.

Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself. I'm Lilith Emily Pleasant. I'm sixteen years old and attend Polly Oak High School in Pleasantville. I live with my mom, Mary-Sue Pleasant, my dad, Daniel Pleasant, and my sister, Angela. But we're not just ordinary sisters, we're twins. Angela is about 15 minutes older than me and never lets me forget it. We may be twins but the similarities end at our faces and last names. I have more of a punk/goth style, while Angela is pure girlie. I like punk rock and heavy metal, Angela likes Indie Bands and Pop. Angela gets straight A's and I, well, let's just say I don't need a psychic to tell me that Summer School may be in my near future. Her boyfriend, Dustin, is the captain of the football team and he's on the honor roll. My boyfriend, Dirk, just dumped me two weeks ago. His dad said I was distracting him from his studies. Yeah, right! I knew he didn't study even when I wasn't around. I guess you can see why we don't get along that well. We're complete opposites. Sometimes I wish she wasn't my sister, but I'd never want it to actually happen.

Back to the story. We were eating breakfast when I heard my mom say,

"That's it Daniel. I don't know why I took you back. Do you think I could just forget?"

"I don't expect you to forget. I just want to move on."

"But taking a vacation right now just isn't a good idea, Dan. We need to heal from this episode as a family."

When I heard those words, I knew I had to intervene before my mom did something crazy.

"Mom, dad let's think about this. Maybe a vacation would do us some good."

"Lilith, I'm trying to have a private conversation with your father right now. Go wait in the car."

"Geez, could've fooled me as loud as you were yelling." I provided my mom with her daily dose of teen sarcasm and went back to the kitchen.

"Maybe we should discuss this later." Mom said. "Girls, I'm leaving with or without you." She been saying that every day since elementary school and she hasn't left without two passengers in the car yet. I poured my cereal into a plastic container to eat in the car and placed on Angela's head.

"Carry that to the car for me, will you? I have to get my bookbag."

"Carry your own cereal, lazy." she said and shoved it at my chest. I started to open the container to pour the cereal all over her head but mom came in from the living room.

"I told you girls to get in the car, go." Mary-Sue was a tough cookie early in the morning.

"Just let me get my bookbag." I said as I ran up the stairs. And I could feel my mom's annoyed gaze in the back of my head as I left.