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Coda from "Angel Baby"

            'Oh god, I actually did it. I really shot someone. I can't believe it. I was a cop and now I'm a detective and the possibility was always there, but I just never thought that it would actually come to this. Stupid. Stupid me! I have to let go and put my gun away. I can't! I can't! I can't move. I can't do anything. I'll just stand here like this forever. Oh god, please help! Somebody please come and tell me what to do. I sure don't know.'

            Then Sabrina comes and we see her take the gun and lead Kris to a couch, as we saw in the actual episode. We saw her comfort Kris, but only briefly. Here's what might have happened in the scene after we left:

SABRINA:      It's alright Kris. Everything's going to be okay.

KRIS:              I don't see how, Brie. I know he was a criminal, but I still feel horrible.

SABRINA:      Of course you do. It's never easy the first time you shoot someone.

KRIS:              Does it get easier?

SABRINA:      It never becomes a casual thing and it shouldn't. However, once you've done it once you'll never be quite so shocked again. That's what this is more than anything, Kris. Shock. You will be okay, I promise.

KRIS:              I believe you. You got to be fine after your first time and I guess I will too.

SABRINA:      You will. I'll tell you about my first shooting sometime. Right now tings have to be taken care of. I'll do it. You just sit right here. Are you going to be okay?

KRIS:              I think so.

SABRINA:      Alright. Just stay here till I get back. I'm going to go look for Kelly and Bosley. (She goes off in search of Kelly and Bosley.)