Kamen Rider Eva

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1: New Warrior of Eva

One year had passed since the event called Third Impact. Many questions were asked. Officially, Gendo Ikari was given majority of the blame for Third Impact. The Japanese government was found guilty of mass murder due to their brutal attack on Nerv headquarters, despite most of the personnel being revived due to Third Impact.

Any evidence of the involvement and existence of an organization known as Seele is non-existent and is now categorized as a conspiracy theory. The scientific community is still in the process of examining both the nature and after effects of Third Impact.

The former personnel of Nerv are now attempting to living normal lives, despite the scrutiny by both the public and government agencies. Of note, pilot of Evangelion Unit 1 Shinji Ikari has dropped off the radar and current whereabouts are unknown.

End Report.

The Osaka Military Base was in an uproar. It wasn't a training drill or a deployment. It was murder. A solider lay on the ground, his body ripped to shreds. The thoughts of the gathering base personnel by the sounds of a woman pushing them aside to examine the body "Military Police, move aside." The women looked at the body, showing neither revulsion nor surprise "Another one. Alright get this body to the examiner now!"

As the body was being loaded, the commander of the base made his way to the woman "I'm Commander Wataru Yoshi, you the Military cop?" The woman retorted "Major Misato Katsuragi and yes I am as you so eloquently put." Satisfied, the commander continued "What the hell do we got here?" "This is the fifth murder of this kind and" Misato continued "like the others was on a military base. Furthermore, this mean that the person responsible could only be someone with some connection to the military."

Commander Yoshi was disturbed by such a suggestion "Can you be sure? I can imagine a solider doing something like that." Misato was quick to answer "There's a lot we couldn't imagine before Third Impact. This is a new world commander and it certainly isn't nice."

Misato was sitting at her desk, sifting through crime photos. It just didn't add up. How could the killer get onto a military base, quietly kill a soldier in such a manner and leave with a trace. Misato's train of thought was interrupted by her assistant Kenji arriving with additional paperwork "Still at it? Look like some rather brutal stuff." Misato didn't look up "I've experienced worse." The Kenji remembered "That's right, you were involved with that Nerv business. Bullshit how you guys were treated. It wasn't your fault, you didn't know." Misato still didn't raise her head "A lot of people didn't see it that way. Anyway, its clock out time."

Misato walked down the evening lit streets, watching passers-by. As she looked at the rail the overlooked the ocean, someone caught her eye. She couldn't see his face, but from what she could tell he was about 16. He was wearing a white school shirt, black pants and a blue jacket. He looked so familiar, but Misato could put her finger on it. The boy then turned around and Misato got a good look at him.

Despite the slight aging and different hair style, she recognized him almost instantly "Shinji, Shinji Ikari!" The boy looked towards Misato as she ran towards him. Before he could say anything, Misato gave him a big bear hug "My god, were the hell have you been? Everyone said you went missing." Shinji was finally able to pull Misato off "Nice to see you too, Misato. I see someone has been hitting the gym, you nearly crushed me to death."

Misato blushed a little "Sorry. But you didn't answer my question." Shinji looked uncertain how to answer the question, but came up with a plausible one "Classified. They needed to make sure someone didn't try to take a shot at me or some religious nut did try to kidnap me." Misato sensed he was holding back, but accepted his explanation, for now.

The two talked for awhile, attempting to catch up on the last year or so. Misato could tell that Shinji wasn't being open with her. But him being here was enough that she ignored it. Though she was a little worried about his interest in his case "And you still can't figure out how the killer is getting in and out?" Misato squeamishly answered "No, not yet. Whoever it is, is very good." Shinji looked at his watch "Well, it's time for me to get going. Hey let's do this again." Shinji waved good-bye before Misato could say anything.

Misato was still scratching her head about today, when she sensed that she was being followed. She ducked into a blind alley, waiting for her pursuer to walk by. The second he did, Misato came out and pulled her gun on him "Alright, just why have you been following me?" The man turned. He looked half crazed and certainly dangerous looking "You are the military cop. I should be military. I should fight. But they won't let me. So I kill soldiers, so they don't fight."

Misato realized that this was the killer she had been seeking "Your under arrest!" The man just laughed "You arrest me? No, you die to. All military die!" The man then convulsed and his body changed. He now looked like an angel. Not the giant beings that attacked Japan, but the traditional looking angel, if not slightly monstrous.

The creature lunged at Misato, who was barely able to dodge, dropping her gun. She tried to get away from the beast. The creature towered over her, ready to kill, only to be interrupted by a new arrival. Misato recognized him as Shinji "Get out of here Shinji, he will…" "It's alright. Nephlilum, crazed and unstable. You have to be put down."

Misato was shocked. This wasn't the timid boy she first met, nor the mentally shot boy he became during Third Impact. Shinji almost, in some way, resembled his father: Cold and to the point. Still Misato could fathom what Shinji could do.

Shinji pulled out something from his pocket. It was a purple, rectangular object. Shinji placed the object onto his waste. As metallic belt strap came for the object and surrounded Shinji's waste. Shinji opened the front part and revealed a object that looked like the core of a Eva…


Soul Charge

A red cross stretched across Shinji's body. The cross then expanded, enveloping Shinji in armor. The armor looked like Eva unit 1, except for the eyes, which looked like large insect eyes. The now armored Shinji launched himself towards the creature and knocked him back. The creature returned the favor, only for Shinji to block or dodge the blows.

Shinji then returned with punches and kicks of his own, all far too much for the creature to respond to. Shinji got the creature down on the ground. He then placed his right foot forward. A large red cross appeared under his foot, send red energy into his foot. Shinji then did an impossible jump and then kicked the creature dead into its chest. It staggered a bit, roared and the exploded.

Shinji looked at Misato, turned and walked away in an alley. Misato got on her feet and chased after him. She looked around, but could not find him. She was now left to explain what had just happened.