2. Road Warrior

The night was clear as it could be over a major city and the streets were experiencing a rare emptiness. Just what two young, wild kids wanted. Speeding across the empty street in a street racer the girl and boy were having the time of their life.

"Haha. Watch this babe" the boy said before doing a drift. The girl said nothing, but screamed wildly, enjoying the ride. The two were screaming wildly in enjoyment. The boy's time was interrupted when the girl's screaming change tones towards terror "What the heck. To much for you babe?" The girl pointed towards the window, prompting the boy to turn.

Outside was a angel-like monster running along side of them. "Speed, speed, SPEED!" the monster said. The boy tried to get his car away, but the creature kept up. Before the teens could try something else, the creature clawed the cars tires, causing the car to run into a wall and explode.

The next day the police were all over the scene. The cops had decided that it was just a few out of control. One person, however, knew better. That being Shinji Ikari, who was hiding in the crowd "So it really has started."

Misato was sitting at her desk, trying to digest what she saw "Shinji. What have you gotten yourself into?" Misato's train of thought was interrupted by Kenji "Hey how did you far about the murders?" "Oh the case ran cold I'm afraid" Misato couldn't tell him what really happened of course. Misato herself couldn't believe it.

Just before Kenji left, Misato stopped him "Kenji, could you by chance get files on any military weapons projects?" Kenji looked at Misato, eyebrow arched "Depends on what your looking for." "Something along the lines of a battle suit of some kind". Kenji had a look of shock on his face, thinking Misato couldn't be serious "Well if such a thing did exist, it would defiantly be classified, possibly even black ops."

Misato realized such a thing would be hard to get, but she needed the information "I know. Just see what you can get me". Kenji wanted to protest, but figured it would be pointless. He just left Misato alone with her thoughts "I need to know whats going on."

The sounds of night were pierced by the sounds of revving engines. It was a couple of kids about to street race. The two racers were revving up and sizing each other up. Just then, the signal to start was rang. The two cars blazed at high speed, neither driver realizing that they were being watched.

The two cars were neck and neck. Both drivers refused to give in. Just then they saw it, a fast moving monster in between them "Speed, Speed, SPEED!" Both drivers were going to fast for their screams to be herd as the monster's claws tore into the tries of their cars. Both vehicles spun around, before crashing into each other in a fiery explosion.

The next day, Misato was walking near the park, simply waiting for Kenji to give her anything. She was near a row of benches, when she spotted Shinji sitting at the end eating a cup of ice cream. There was a motorcycle parked next to him, which she would figure was his. Strange, she never took him as a motorcycle person. The bike was purple and the front resembled Unit 1's head piece.

Misato decided to approach Shinji, who looked up from his cup of ice cream "Is there something I can do for you, Misato?" Misato didn't appreciate such a casual approach "Something you can do?! After what happened yesterday, that's all you can say!? Speaking of which, what the hell happened yesterday?"

Shinji casual put down his cup, rose up from the bench and said "It doesn't concern you." Misato was now fuming. She was about to say something when the tension was broken by the sound of police sirens. On a distant road, a police car was chasing another vehicle. However, it wasn't the cars that had Shinji's attention, but rather the white object that was tailing behind them.

Shinji brushed past Misato, jumped on to his bike and sped off before Misato could stop him. All she could do was watch and hope "Please Shinji, what ever this is, be careful."

Shinji was close behind the monster when he picked up his strange buckle:


Soul Charge

Shinji was now in his Eva like armor, still tailing the monster. The creature was almost on top on the police car, his claws bearing, when Shinji hit the beast, knocking it down. The two cars were now out of site. Shinji turned around and faced the creature, who then charged at Shinji. Shinji then turned in kind, speeding up to match the creature. He then quickly turned as the monster passed and hit him again.

Shinji then got off the motorcycle and faced the monster. The monster got up and prepare to charge as Shinji pressed his foot to the ground and a red cross appeared and was absorbed into his foot. The monster charged and was about to strike when Shinji jumped at it. The creature stopped to turn around, but was to late as Shinji buried his foot into the beast. It went down and screamed in pain "SPEEEEEEEEED!" The monster then exploded.

Shinji simply looked at the remains before getting on his bike and speeding off. Misato got there to late to ask anymore questions. She looked around for any clues, when she saw next to the remains of the monster, a wallet. She picked it up and left, hoping that it would give her some answers.