Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia. I just play with it.

Author's Note: This takes place during WWII, just so you guys know.


Do you remember back then? Back when you were all one?

No? I didn't expect you too. That was a long, long time ago, even by our standards. You were all so young back then, suckling on your Mother's teat, unable to take care of yourselves. I remember cradling you in my arms, keeping you warm and safe. I was all you needed.

When you did finally spread your wings, I watched you grow, from Babylon, to Ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Renaissance, and finally to the present.

I watch you all now, as any mother would watch over her children. My heart swells with pride when you learn a new language or culture, and breaks when one is lost. It seems as if you're losing one now, trying to destroy what you created. You always were such rebellious children.

I hate seeing my children tear themselves apart over petty, pointless things, especially things that can be avoided by a simple agreement, or understanding each other more. I've watch you war more times than any mother should and it never gets easier.

If I could, I would take you all under my wing again, guide you by the hand and teach you to be one again, like you were so long ago. I would fight your problems while you suckle; gaining all the sustenance you need, never having to fight each other again.

But, I can't. I have to step back and let you make your own decisions. You're old enough to learn from your mistakes, even though sometimes, you happen to repeat them.


I just started watching Hetalia, and one of my first thoughts was "I wonder what would happen if Pangaea was brought in? That would be cool." So I wrote what I though it'd be like.

I also know I skipped over huge chunks of history, but if I named them all, I'd take up too much of your time, lol.