Title: Passing Notes
Author: Cerasi J.
Rating: G:
Summary: One boring history book. Two padawans. Instant fanfic.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bant or Obi-Wan or Savage Garden (But I would like to own Daniel), but I do own Master Joif. ^_^'
AN: Anything in "//" means over the datapad.

Bant sat in history class praying she wouldn't fall asleep. The teacher droned on in a boring monotone, "Jedi and Sith wars, chapters 10 to 20...." He was giving an assignment. She started to punch it into her data pad, but found she was to tired to care about the history assignment. She surpressed a large yawn. A message flashed up on her data screen: //I saw that Bant.//
She glanced around the classroom to see who sent the message to her. Her bright sliver eyes rested on her best friend
Obi-Wan Kenobi who was grinning at her.

//Wanna pass notes?// he asked.
//This guy is soooooo boring.//
//Yeah, tell me about it.//
//Want to go swimming later?//
//Have you heard that new song by Savage Garden?//
//No. What's it called?//
//Crash and Burn.//
//Gods, do I have to carry on this whole conversation by myself?!//
//Sorry. I'm bored and tired.//
//I know how that is.//

"Padawan Kenobi!" Obi-Wan glanced up sharply, "Y-yes Master Joif?"
"Would you care to tell the class what on your datapad is so important?" Obi blushed, "Uh, well...I was just going over some notes about the Jedi/Sith wars."
"Have you learned anything?"
"No. Not yet, sir." The teacher turned to Bant, "And you Padawan Bant? I take it you are reading notes on the Jedi/Sith wars also?"
"Yes sir." Master Joif eyed the two youngsters, waves of nervousness and fear came from both students. "Padawan Eerin. Padawan Kenobi. I'm would like to ask you to stay after class and write up a report on the Jedi/Sith wars."
Obi-Wan's heart sunk. "Yes Master."

Later that afternoon, Bant and Obi-Wan were the only students left in the classroom. This time they were studying, for real. Obi-Wan was really steamed at himself for having to stay after class, Qui-Gon would not be happy. He went on reading the boring text when a message suddenly flashed onto his screen.
Wanna pass notes?//
He glanced up at Bant who just grinned.