So after reading your reviews (thank you:) I've came up with the decision to start this story allll ova. More realistic plot and turned drabble with an update every Friday. Hopefully you'll guys still like it :-) Enjoy...

"What do you think of this color ma?" I asked my mom. We were currently shopping for our lipstick color of the week at our favorite makeup store MAC. You see, this is how we free-spirited mother daughter duo bond. By buying and wearing a new lipstick color each week. My mom likes to live by the motto, 'New week, new you'. Completely normal.

"It's gorgeous hun!" She said fidgeting with her brightly colored pink lipstick. She looked nervous... too nervous.

"What's the matter?" I asked suspiciously, raising my newly threaded brow.

"Well..." She said looking down

"Well what?"

"Your father thinks you need to live more... structured?"

"Structured? What's that suppose to mean?" I said, suddenly frightened of what's to come. My father just ranked commandant of a military academy in the east. Far far away from where I live in the San Francisco bay. I knew what was coming. He's been trying to get me to go to that academy for some time now, but for months my mother has been convincing him not to. There is no way in hell I'm ever going there. Out in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut. No shopping malls, no makeup stores... Just god's country.

"He wants you to attend his military academy. He's putting his foot down this down and won't take no for an answer" she said looking at me with tear filled eyes.

"Fuck my life." I said low enough so she wouldn't hear and clutched my shopping bags before I saw black.

This Bella is more free-spirited and Californiafied. Next update : 3/9