"Cheer up Bella, you'll get used to it" Charlie said, patting my shoulder with his other hand on the steering wheel.

"Yeah, yeah" I muttered looking out the window, where all I see is grass and dirt. Nothing else. No skyscrapers, no shopping malls, no restaurants... absolutely nothing.

"Look, it's just 5 months." He said turning his head to look at me for a brief second, "5 months, and if you still don't like it you can go back home. It's just... you need some discipline, Bella. I don't like how your mother is letting you go about in that hippie city"

"Whatever" I said looking back out the window

"So stubborn" I heard him mutter.

After 20 minutes of driving into the middle of nowhere we finally made it to the hellhole.

"Welp, here we are" Charlie said getting out the car.

"Hmph" I groaned, getting out of the car and looking at the school. It was nice... somewhat. Too big for my liking, but it looked pretty clean considering all the schools in my old school district had graffiti sprayed all over.

"We need to get you signed in and then I'll show you to your dorm. You'll be sharing the room with several other cadets." My father said coming around the car with my suitcases.

"Here let me get one of those" I said, about to grab one of my big suitcases before Charlie's hand stopped me

"No I got it. What? You think I'm old now? I still got muscles"

"Sure dad" I snorted

We walked all the way to the entrance, which was a pretty long walk. Charlie sat my bags down by the door near the front door of the office we walked to.

"Hey Cullen! Do you know where the secretary is? I need to pull up some papers" I heard my father say

"No, sir. I haven't seen her all day." I heard a deep voice reply. I looked up and almost shitted bricks.