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"Here she comes, I've got to go." Kofi hung up the phone as Max made her way toward him. "Max, hey." He smiled, slipping his cell phone into his pocket.

"What was that about last night?" She asked, hands on her hips. She was upset how things went down at the Pay-per view the night before. Kofi had attacked Randy during the Iron Man match, and probably helped him lose. "Why did you attack him? He has done nothing to you! You had no business being out there."

"Max," The Jamaican sighed. "I like you Max; I have since we ran into each other in the elevator. Randy is all wrong for you, I wish you would see that."

"So instead of letting me be happy with the man I'm in love with, you go out there and attack him? That's immature and doesn't even make sense." Max shook her head. "Why would you do that? All we've been is friends, Kofi. Nothing more."

"That hurts." Kofi replied, a slight look of pain on his face. "Max, you need to realize Randy is just using you to get that title from John. That's why I attacked him last night; he doesn't deserve to be champion. He doesn't deserve to have you."

What was with everyone saying Randy didn't deserve Max? What was with everyone saying he was just using her? No one knew about their relationship, no one knew the real Randy, so no one had any business talking like they knew what went on between the two of them. It was really starting to make Max angry. "You have no right to say what Randy does or doesn't deserve. You have no right to say that he is using me and that he doesn't deserve me."

"Max, please listen to me." Reaching out Kofi softly grabbed Max's hand. "I don't know what happened to you in your past to make you see so blindly, but you need to open your eyes, see the man he truly is."

Pulling her hand from Kofi's, Max scoffed. "I think you're the one who is seeing blindly. I think you're the one who needs to open his eyes." Again she shook her head. What had gotten in to her friend? What was suddenly making him act this way?

"Max," Kofi took a step forward, his body just inches away from hers. "Please listen to me. Please drop Randy and be with me, I won't use you, I won't hurt you, I know how to treat you right, I promise." Taking a hard swallow he leaned in and placed his lips on Max's. The brunette immediately pulled away, her eyes showing shock and then anger.

Suddenly Kofi's cheek felt white-hot and then he felt nothing but a stinging feeling. Max had slapped him. "I don't want to be your friend anymore Kofi." As soon as the words left her full lips, she turned around and ran off in search of The Viper's locker room. Max ran as fast as her feet could carry her through the halls of the building for Monday Night Raw. Bursting through the door, she stopped, her chest rising and falling quickly as she panted. Randy was immediately by her side.

"Max," As quickly as he could be, Randy was in front of her, his hands cupping her face. "What's wrong?" Worry was evident in his voice, eyes and face.

"Kofi - He," She stopped to take a breath. Randy had never quite seen the look that was on her face at that moment. It looked like anger. "He told me he attacked you last night, because you don't deserve the title, because you don't deserve me. Then he -" She stopped her words, afraid to tell Randy, but he needed to know. She wanted him to know, she wanted Kofi to pay. "He kissed me. I stopped it right away though!" She added quickly, wanting Randy to know that it wasn't her fault. "And I slapped him."

Randy began to seethe. How dare another man put their hands on his woman? "Where is he?" Randy asked, venom showing in his eyes.

"He was near the curtain. I think he was getting ready for his match." She replied, still slightly out of breath. Looking into his eyes, she could tell that he was asking for permission. She nodded, giving him the answer he was looking for. Quickly she kissed his lips and placed her forehead against his. "Hurt him." Were the last words she said before Randy left the locker room.

Moving fast, he made his way through the corridors in search of the Jamaican. He was almost to the curtain when he heard Kofi's music sound throughout the building, the crowd erupting in cheers soon after. Quickening his pace, he ran through the curtain and attacked Kofi from behind. They were half-way down the ramp as Randy pummeled the other man. His fists raining down on his head like never before. The crowd assumed this was payback for Kofi interfering the night before, but it wasn't. In all honesty, Randy didn't even care about that. All he cared about was that another man put his hands, his lips,on his woman.

Kofi never really had a fighting chance against Randy before the referees and security came out and pulled them apart. Kofi lay on the ground in pain, not even sure what, or who, had hit him. Looking up, he saw Randy break free and come at him once more, his fists connecting with his skull. He honestly didn't expect Max to tell Randy what happened, let alone let Randy beat him up for it. Max was truly no longer his friend.

Grabbing Kofi by the hair and trunks, he flung him off the ramp head first into the stage. His body falling limp onto the concrete. Medics quickly fell to his side as he wasn't moving. He would surely have a headache afterwards.


"I'm Josh Matthews and I'm standing here with Randy Orton." Turning from the camera to his guest, Josh began to ask questions. "Randy, earlier tonight you attacked Kofi Kingston before his match with Chris Jericho. What prompted you to attack him? Was it payback from last night?" He asked, moving the microphone from his lips to Randy's. The Viper placed his hand on his chin in thought before speaking. You know Josh; I didn't attack Kofi because of last night. In all honesty, I'm completely over what he did at Bragging Rights. I attacked him tonight because it's personal. He got very personal with someone who is very close to me. And you can call it an attack if you want, but I call it justice. He deserved everything he got tonight, and more. I've only just begun." As the words left his mouth, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes walked into view.

"Last night, Randy was robbed of his title. Kofi Kingston stuck his nose where it didn't belong. If it wasn't for him, Randy would still be WWE Champion." Cody spoke. Ted nodded along before speaking himself. "Randy, we wanted to show you how sorry we are about last night and offer you a token of our gratitude for everything you've done for us." Ted grinned.

Randy's brow perked in interest, he had no idea about any kind of surprise or gift. What could it possibly be? "We hope you like it." Cody spoke one last time before pulling a cover from a NASCAR. A NASCAR that had Randy's face on the hood. It was an absolutely beautiful racecar, and Randy definitely couldn't wait to get it out on the track and test drive it himself.

Once the cameras had stopped rolling and Josh Matthews had stepped away, Randy grinned. "Wow." Was all he could muster. "It's incredible. I can't wait to drive it. Max is going to kill you two though." He chuckled. He was already a speed demon in his Escalade, the last thing he needed was a racecar that went two-hundred miles per hour. "As long as you don't kill yourself, Max will get over it." Cody spoke, slapping Randy on the shoulder.


"Max." John Cena called down the corridor. She ignored him. "Max." He called louder, she continued to ignore him. "Dammit Max, answer me!" He yelled and she finally turned around.

"What!?" She asked, her eyes shooting icy daggers at her brother. "What could you possibly want, John? Do you have any idea how mad I am at you? You had the audacity to invite Mom and Dad to the paper-view yesterday. You elbowed me in the face and gave me a black out, which still hurts and won't go away. Whatever it is you have to say to me, it better start with an apology." Max was fuming, she was so mad at John. She couldn't believe he had brought their parents out the day before, she enjoyed seeing them, and she had a wonderful time with her mother at lunch. But the reasons they were visiting is what made her mad.

John's eyes darted around the corridor, everyone was staring at them because of Max's little outburst. "I'm sorry." John sounded sincere. "I'm sorry, for the black eye. I didn't mean to, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." He sighed; he truly hadn't meant to do that to her face. "I'm also sorry for having mom and dad come out, had I known dad was going to ask that of Randy, to ask him to throw the match, I would have never told them to come."

"What did you just say?" She asked, not sure she heard him correctly. "Dad asked him to do what?"

"Randy didn't tell you?" John asked, surprised. He figured Randy would have told Max everything their father had said to him. He continued when she shook her head. "Dad asked him to prove he loved you by throwing the match." John felt bad. "I know he threw the match last night, he could have lasted those ten seconds. I know he could have. Trust me Max, that's not how I wanted to win the title."

She was furious; she couldn't believe her dad stuck his nose where it didn't belong. "Then give it back to him. Give him a rematch. Give him a chance to get back what's his!"

He sighed. "Max, I told him that was his last chance. I told him he wouldn't have any more rematches. I'm not going back on my word." He readjusted the title on his shoulder before continuing. "I'm sorry about what dad did, I truly am. But there's nothing that can be done now."

She wasn't just angry; she was upset, it was her fault that Randy was no longer champion. That killed her inside. Beginning to turn and walk away, she heard John's voice once more. "Max?" He spoke softly, "Can I ask you something?"

She peered up at him, waiting for what he had to say. "You can ask me anything."

"Are you truly happy?" He asked. "And please, answer truthfully."

"I'm the happiest I've ever been, John." She answered, a hint of a smile starting to form on her face. "Randy treats me like a queen. I couldn't have asked to be with any one better." She wasn't exactly sure why he was asking her if she was happy. He didn't care before if Randy made her happy, he had been hell bent on breaking them up. "I love him, John. And he loves me." She sighed once more. "Why are you asking me this?"

"Last night showed me that he truly loves you, especially if he was willing to throw the match just to prove it. I had to accept that, I hate to even think that he feels that way about you, and you about him. But I know I can't deny it forever. I'm still angry about the whole thing, I'm still angry that you went behind my back, that you even talked to him in the first place. Especially after all he's done to me and dad. I can't ignore something like this anymore, no matter how much I want to. I can't ignore you're happiness." Max wasn't sure what had gotten into John, why he had such a change of heart. "I really thought he was using you to get this tittle, but if he so willingly gave it up, then he obviously wasn't using you like I had thought."

"I tried to tell you!" She replied, "Why couldn't you have just listened to me?"

He shrugged like a small child who had just gotten in trouble. "Because I didn't like it, I still don't. I don't like your relationship with him one bit. But I'll have to accept it. And this doesn't mean I'm going to be any nicer to him or be his buddy." She could hear the un-willingness in his voice. "I'm only accepting this because you're my best friend and I love you Max."

Max couldn't help but smile at her big brother. "I love you too, John." She threw her arms around his huge shoulders and squeezed tightly. It had been so long since she had hugged him. "Thank you." She whispered. "I've hated not having you in my life the past few weeks. It's been killing me. I hate not having my best friend to tell everything to." Pulling away, she paused for a moment. "And I really need to tell you something. I haven't told anyone else—"

Looking into her eyes, John could tell it was something huge. "Max, what is it?"


'Voices' by Rev Theory played throughout the arena as Randy Orton made his way to the ring, Cody and Ted trailing behind. The boos from the crowd could be heard through the entire building. Grabbing a microphone, he placed it to his lips. "I understand the stipulations from last night's match, I know I agreed to not have any more title shots if I lost, but I deserve a rematch." The crowd booed even louder. They had heard this before and felt Randy had enough rematches and title shots. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to get back what is rightfully mine! I'm going to—" Randy was cut off as Kofi appeared on the titan tron.

"Randy, no one cares what you have to say."

"Come down here and say that to my face!" Randy yelled.

Kofi laughed, "I already am." The camera panned back and showed Kofi standing on the hood of Randy's brand new car. Jumping onto the floor, Kofi grabbed an equipment box and rammed it against the side of the car. It left a huge dent. He laughed almost maniacally before pulling a key from his pocket and scratching up the side of it. "You know," Kofi spoke, looking at the windshield. "I think I see a bug!" Grabbing a crowbar he smashed the window where the 'bug' had been. It left a spider-web like crack. "Now that that's taken care of, I think it needs a new paint job." He grinned wickedly as he grabbed a bucket full of orange paint. By the time he was done, Randy's image on the car was completely covered, and the car was ruined. "Orton, I don't think you've ever looked better."

Randy was livid, his car was ruined, there was no fixing it. If Kofi wanted a war, then Randy would surely give him one.


The second Randy entered the locker room Max began to lay into him. "Why did you do that last night, Randy?" She asked. "Why did you throw the match? You threw away everything you worked so hard to get! That was your championship, you earned that, you deserved it, and you threw it away for nothing!" Her voice began to crack as she spoke. "You didn't need to prove anything to anyone, I know how you feel about me, I know you love me, and you didn't have to give up your title just so they would know how you feel. That's none of their business!" By the time she had finished, she could feel tears begin to spill over her lash line.

Randy didn't know how to react. Why was she crying? "Max, don't cry. It's just a title, I'll get it back." Grabbing her, he pulled her against his massive chest. "Why are you crying?" He asked softly.

"Because no one does things like that for me. No one ever has. And it's just – I – I don't know." She finished with a shrug.

"What do you mean you don't know? You don't know why you're crying?" He asked softly, pulling back just enough to look in her eyes.

She shook her head. "No." She whispered. All kinds of emotions were going through her and she felt like her head was in fifty different places. "I really don't know, I just feel," She paused for a moment, looking for the right word. "Upset I guess."

"No need to be upset about anything, I promise." He spoke softly as his hand stroked the back of her head.

"Why did you do that?" She asked. "Why did you throw the match?"

"I wanted to prove to everyone that my feelings for you are real. That I'm not just using you, and that I really love you. I wanted to prove that I'd do anything for you." He knew he didn't have to prove that to her, but he wanted to prove it to her family, he wanted her family to know that he was worthy of having her. "I'd do anything for you."

"I didn't want you to do that though, you didn't need to do that." More tears began to roll down her face.

"I'm sorry," Had he known it was going to upset her so much, he wouldn't have done it.

"I love you, Randy." She spoke, clinging to him.

"I love you, Max." Pulling back once more, he locked his eyes with hers. "Do you want to get out of here?"

She simply nodded, not able to speak after her crying fit.

"Let me change and we can go. " He kissed the top of her head before quickly moving around the room to change and gather his things. Moments later they left without another word.

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