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Before I inserted my key into the ignition of my car, I stared at myself in the rearview mirror and assessed my day.

Wake up late and get chastised by super bitchy boss for arriving at work forty-five minutes after your scheduled start time?


Have the worst workday you've ever endured in all of your twenty-four years, complete with broken heels and probably a dysfunctional cell phone?


Have all your friends flake on you, thereby resulting in your being incredibly pissed off?


Agree to have a threesome with two people you don't know but find massively attractive, one of whom is female?


What. The. Hell?

Me. The girl who never went home with anybody was going home with not one but two somebodies. And even though I was definitely uncertain as to how the portions of the evening that included Rosalie would go, I wasn't willing to bail on them and go home.

My mind flickered back to Edward. The man was astoundingly sexy, and he hadn't even been trying. I wondered if I would be reduced to a useless puddle of goo when he was putting forth some effort.

Probably, if the pulsating heat I was feeling between my legs was any indication.

I thought about the way it had felt to be pressed against him, and I felt a shiver make its way up my spine. My eyes fluttered closed, and my breath stopped at the mere idea of his lips on me again, his hands caressing more than my fingers. I groaned to myself.

And then there was Rose.

So-beautiful-I-feel-inadequate-looking-at-her Rosalie.

I had no idea how, or why, or even where the desire came from, but I wanted her. I didn't know what to do with a girl. I had no idea how to approach sex with a girl. All I knew was that I wanted it, and I wanted it with Rosalie, and that was that.


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