Montecito Lancers prt 2.

As Danny's favorite band the black eyed peas came he remembered his favorite singer Fergie. "Hi, I'm Danny McCoy by the way if you need uh questions ask me!" he said to her. "Ok thank you, Danny." Said Fergie. "Ok thanks wanna do dinner?" asked Danny but a bit nervous. "Sure tonight sounds ok." said Fergie. As the day ended Danny asked his boss John Caan for a night out. "Danny, uh life is uh ok so be here early by 6am sharp to start searching for that baseball team." Said Mr. Caan. "Will do sir." Said Danny moving his brown spiky hair to flat wavy hair. As Danny left to his date his 7 yr old Bridget Harper McCoy called. "Daddy, mommy said to get me at 9:30pm at Nana McCoy's house." Said Bridget. "Ok baby I will daddy promises on cherry on top!" said Danny. Fergie wore a red dress. "Hi Stacy, my 7yr old called for an hour told me to get her at my mom's place." Said Danny. "Your married? Why did u ask me out?" said Stacy. "No, divorced and I like you. My full name is Joshua Daniel McCoy Jr." said Josh.

"Nice. I like you too do wanna order some food and have takeout I like Indian food!" said Stacy. "Um, sure I have my daughter for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday." said Danny. As they left they picked up Bridget. "Hi daddy, hi Stacy!" said Bridget. "Baby, what's your full name?" asked Danny. "Bridget Harper McCoy Shepherd, I'm seven yrs old!" said Bridget.

As Josh and Stacy ate dinner Bridget watched Toy Story 2. "I love this movie daddy!" said Bridget eating Spaghetti O's. Bridget's hair is light brown and wavy on the bottom, chocolate brown eyes like Josh. "Daddy, why does the toys escape?" asked Bridget. "Well uh they uh have to uh save Woody!" said Josh. "Woody is awesome though I like Jesse." said Bridget. At 6am Josh got up and went to work. "Stacy, where's daddy?" asked Bridget waking up Stacy. "Working, wanna have cereal?" asked Stacy. "Um, ok." Said Bridget.