Ambition of the Illuminous: Lands of War

Introduction Chapter 4: Memory

"Sister!" A young girl called out.


The older teenager stirred slightly by the sound of her being called. She lifted her head from her arms looking at her surroundings. The air was all hazy and her mind still caught in the dizziness of her sleep. She gently shook her head as she surveyed the area around her. She wasn't sure about the location but it seemed familiar. She sat up from her bed to see a small girl in front of her, looking at her curiously.

"Huh?" The teenager replied out of confusion. The little girl looked up at her cheerfully.

"You're finally up sister. I thought you were going to sleep all day." The teenager looked back at her again confusion.

"Sister, that means your Lexia right?" The little girl nodded and the poked the teenager.

"How could you forget the name of your baby sister?" The little girl asked, slightly agitated.

"I didn't. I just couldn't recognise you for a second..." The teenager shot back. The little girl looked at her worryingly.

"You don't remember what I look like? Is there something wrong Sis?" Lexia asked her. The teenager shook her head quickly and looked around the room. Her vision has cleared up a bit since she first got up and now she was able to pick things in the room that she recognised.

"This is my room when I was younger..." She whispered softly as she scanned the room. As she lifted herself off the bed, she swung around so she came off the bed feet first. She looked around the house, it was a small dojo styled house, a very heavy Neudaiz theme. As she walked down the stairs an older woman looked at her with a face of a little disappointment.

"I called you 30 minutes ago to get something to eat. You should get more sleep next time..." The older woman said before she left for the kitchen.

As the teenager made her way there, the world around her started to get hazy again. With a gentle shake of the head she found herself in the kitchen. The warm cream colour of the walls and the gentle smell of breakfast invaded her senses. For some strange reason, she couldn't take all of it in, like there is a magical force stopping it from happening. As she went to sit at the table she felt another wave of dizziness hit her.

'What's wrong with me?' The teenager thought to herself in concern. The older woman who she could fully recognise as her mother put her plate of food on the table which seemed to be soft heated spring rolls.

"Heh, if you're not feeling one hundred percent, you should eat these. They will at least help you get your sense of well being back." The teenager nodded and took one of the spring rolls into her hand and gently bit into one. The soft taste warmed her mouth instantly making her feel at home again. "Sometimes Sierra you act like you were never born in this family. You seem so distant at times..." The teenager looked at her with a puzzled look.

'Sierra, I guess that's my name...' The teenager's puzzled look faded and she turned back to eat.

"Is there something bothering you Sierra?" Her mother asked her. Sierra looked at her and shook her head.

"I'm ok. Just a little tired still..." Lexia bounced around her chair trying to get her sister's attention.

"You're always tired sister. Sometimes I think you could sleep for a month." She said cheerfully.

"Sierra, once in a long time in Neudaiz, the Council of Neudaiz was looking for a young princess of the 'Red Eyes'. Amazingly you resemble her very well in looks and in your studies. It seems that you and your sister will be leading the family and maybe you two will be the ones all of our family members look up to." Sierra nodded after her mother softly ruffled her hair.

"Thanks mother, it means a lot." Sierra turned her head to her and smiled, as she ate the other spring roll. As soon as she was finished her world started to get very hazy and cloudy again like she was spiralling out of a dream...






"Can you hear me, Sierra?" The Newman's eyes fluttered open as she heard her name being called. It took her a second to register that she was conscious. She looked around at her surroundings to see where she was. She looked directly upwards to see the smiling face of Rayo. He seemed somewhat happy at his friend has seemed to be under control of herself. She smiled back at him warmly and sat up.

"What happened to me?" She asked him puzzled.

"Howzer used your secret powers to take advantage of you and do his bidding." Sierra looked at him like he was crazy.

"There is no way that could be, it was all a dream. I swear it was..." She said while looking into her hands.

"Huh?" Sierra shook her head.

"It was like a huge nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. I took out my friends, hell I almost killed you." She started to break down a little as she put her face into her hands. Rayo took her into a small hug while she sobbed into his shoulder.

"It's alright Sie; it wasn't like you could help yourself."Rayo comforted. Sierra looked up at him slightly confused.

"Why did you do everything to help me? I was going to kill you." Rayo smiled and shook his head.

"I don't run out on friends..." Rayo trailed off. Sierra leaned forward and gave him a hug.

"Thanks for sticking by Rayo..." Rayo gave her a small hug back.

"No problem. You think you're ready for action?" Rayo asked her. Sierra gave him a puzzled look.

"All the other guys went to take on Howzer and fight him. Do you want to go help them?" Sierra looked around then got up, she then noticed what she was wearing.

"I would but this outfit isn't very comfy." Sierra said while stretching out her arms. All Rayo did was smile and formed a set of clothes into his hands. He then handed them to Sierra.

"I thought you would need an extra set of clothes so I brought a replacement just in case." Sierra smiled and took them swiftly.

"Awesome, you brought my Acrotecher wear. Since you just saved my life and there is no one but you her I might as well get changed quickly." Rayo quirked an eye brow at her comment.

"As in strip right here, right now?" She nodded innocently.

"Why does it bother you?" She asked with a clueless look on her face. Rayo just blushed and turned away.

"Nah it doesn't. Go right ahead." Sierra flashed a smile before turning around to get changed.

"Alright, no peeking..." About thirty seconds later she was back in her normal Acrotecher outfit. "You can turn around now Rayo..."

"Heh, the Sierra I hunt with..." Sierra put a hand through her hair and sighed.

"By the way do you have a brush?" Rayo nodded and gave her one.

"That's yours by the way..." Sierra laughed slightly.

"Thanks Rayo."