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Character Intros:


Good-hearted, thoughtful, sincere, a little bit irrational and as a great chronicler, she is always willing to risk her life to save others. Despite being older and a newcomer to the group, she displays leadership qualities that can help the others survive. She seeks truth in the history of the world and the stitchpunks, and wishes to know the meaning of life. 15 has three hooks on her body to fasten her skin. She always keeps a thick blank leather bound book that she chronicles with inside her.


Shy, curious and gentle 18 only wants to find out how to help the others survive. As a talented artist she has the ability to see a location. 18 doesn't like to speak that much but when the situation calls for it she will call out and give warnings to the others. 18, likes to make plans together with 17 and 15 , as 18 can see where a place would be. Unfortunately or fortunately her eyes glow bright green when she and the others are on unsafe ground. 18 has stitches down her front to keep her skin together. 18 is made out of two pillow cases.


Jokester, mechanical genius, curious and a bit of a worrywart, 17 has a huge craving for music as he has earphones that act a bit like earmuffs. . He likes to joke around when there's a peaceful time, but when there's danger he has no problem telling 15 and the others that they're going to die, which annoys 15 to no end. 17 is made out of a glove and wears a dark blue hood.


A warrior. A loner and a rebel she is she is willing to take many risks for the good of the stitchpunks. She is impatient and can be reckless and stubborn, she often argues with 17. 16 is also clever and sly, but also domineering, irritable, quick-tempered and slow, if not unwilling to trust 15 and dislikes 18 for her not really supporting her. 16 has belts to fasten her skin.


A healer, teacher, and skilled seamstress. She is a diligent worker, a meek spirit, and a devoted friend as she would do anything to protect them. 14 has a crippled foot as it was melted in a Walker invasion prior to the story. She has buttons to fasten her skin down her front.


An impulsive, wild, and silly Stichpunk 19 loves to play around and roughhouse with 17 at times. Even though he may seem intimidating 19 is known to be a pure and thorough softie.


I'm the Stichpunk Chronicler. I have five other Stichpunk companions. You could call us a family. But I don't know for sure. But because I'm 15, I'm the second oldest. 14 is the oldest of us all. 16's the third, and 17 is the third youngest. And 18 is second youngest and 19 is the youngest of us all at least for now. I don't know if there's any more after us. And I don't know who are before us. I think they're either dead or if they're some where else. And I haven't been with 14, 18, 19, or 16 for really that long. I just barely showed up, and I really don't think 16 likes me at all. She keeps glaring at me for some reason. It makes me really sad to see some one so angry for no reason at all. It's really sad how 16 glares at 18 too. Do you want to know how I found the others? Well I'll tell it to you. But this is odd; 17 always seems to scream when we're in trouble: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! It gets very annoying.

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