All characters are owned by the lovely Stephanie Meyers!

"Come on Emmett, we're gonna be late!" I chuckled to myself as I could hear my sister screeching to me from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm coming!" I yelled as I grabbed my jacket and car keys. We were meeting some friends to catch a movie and a bite to eat and god forbid my sister should miss the previews. I ran down the stairs to be met with my twin glaring up at me, her hands firmly placed on her hips. It was hard to believe we were twins, I mean we both had short,dark hair mine slightly curly and hers in a spiky, pixie cut, and deep blue eyes. We had the same nose, dimples, and round face, the only drastic difference between us, other then the whole I'm a guy and shes a girl thing, was our heights. I was over 6 feet tall, and burly while Alice was 4"10" and very petite, almost pixie like. We always joked that she was so small because I took up so much room in the womb.

"Jasper is waiting for me, Em. Come on! Bye mom and dad!" She grabbed my arm and dragged me out the door behind her. We hopped into my jeep wrangler and headed towards the theater. Alice turned up the radio, bobbing her head to the beat and singing along. I shook my head at her and smiled, she really was my best friend, even when she acted crazy like this. She had recently started dating my best friend Jasper Whitlock, and basically they felt the need to spend almost every waking moment together.

"There they are!" Alice pointed as we pulled into the plaza that held the theater. I could see Rosalie Hale's red BMW and Edward Masen's silver Volvo parked next to each other with an empty spot next to it. I pulled into the space and turned the jeep off.

"Hey man! Whats going on?" Edward said as I jumped out. I grabbed my jacket off the back of my seat and put it on, locking the door and shutting it.

"Nothing much man. How bout you?" I watched as he shrugged his shoulders. Rosalie walked over to Edward and wrapped her arms around him, smiling at me and then nodding her head towards the front of my jeep. Jasper had gone over to help Alice out of the jeep and they were now in a deep make out session in front of it. Ew! Not what I want to be seeing.

"Hey! Cut it out you two. Just because I approve doesn't mean I need to see it." They all laughed at me. I shook my head and looked around. The plaza was full tonight, but it wasn't surprising, there was only a few weeks of summer left before school started up again so anyone who had gone away for the summer was back now. I looked around seeing many of my fellow seniors hanging out. Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley were sitting outside the pizza place flirting with Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley. I could see Angela Weber heading into the book store with her boyfriend Ben and I saw Isabella Swan sitting on a bench by herself in front of Starbucks. She didn't seem to really be doing anything but staring at her hands. I've known Bella since she moved to Forks back in the ninth grade. When I first met her I couldn't get over how beautiful she was and still is. She had very pale skin with long , straight, dark brown hair and wide chocolate brown eyes. She was very innocent looking almost like a fragile, porcelain doll. Her dad is the chief of police here and Bella had come to live with him when her mom remarried. We had all tried to be nice to her and make her feel welcome but she never really took to any of us. I had barely heard her speak in the past three years other then answering questions in class, my mom says its just because she is extremely shy.

"She looks so lonely! We should ask her to join us, Em!" Alice startled me out of my thoughts. I looked down at her confused, as she pointed over to Bella.

"Ali, hun. I doubt that she would want to I mean shes never even talked to any of us, no matter how many times we've tried to talk to her." Jasper said wrapping his arm around her again. I looked back over at Bella contemplating if I should go over like Alice said. Just then I saw her move slightly, and watched as her face turned a light pink, as if she were blushing.

"Time to go you guys, movies gonna start." Rosalie said tossing her long blond hair over her shoulder. She grabbed Edward, and headed towards the entrance followed by Alice and Jasper. I looked back over at Bella, and shook my head. What was the point in asking when she was just going to ignore me anyways. As I turned to head inside I bumped into someone.

"Oh! Sorry man didn't mean it." I looked at the guy as I apologized and took a step back. The guy looked creepy, as he glared at me. He reeked of peppermint and tobacco and looked like he hadn't bathed in awhile. I watched as he walked away from me towards the alley in between the pizza place and the theater. Something bothered me about the guy. I had a really bad feeling where he was concerned.

"Emmett! Dude! Lets go!" Jasper wailed across the parking lot. I looked back over towards mister creepy but he was gone, so I shrugged off the feeling and ran into the theater.