They dressed themselves as to be the most comfortable for the journey to Derbyshire. The housekeeper and the servants lined up to wish them a pleasant journey. In few days, they had grown very fond of the new mistress not only for her kindness and generosity but also for the obvious happiness she had brought to their master. They could see he was totally infatuated and bewitched by his beautiful wife.

Finally as they rode towards Pemberley, Darcy sighed and said: "Ah! We leave for Pemberley at last! I so dislike London!"

"So do I," agreed his wife "And I'm so very curious to see Pemberley in winter and to see Georgiana again. There's nothing like the country."

"I'm glad that you are in accordance with me, Elizabeth," Seeing Elizabeth shudder, he said with a worried tone, "Are you unwell, Lizzy?"

"No don't worry William. I'm just a little cold."

Her husband took her in his arms and said: "Is that better?"

"Much better, thank you, William." She closed her eyes with contentment.

Finally she began to doze off and her husband watched her sleep with a little and tender smile. She was always so beautiful when she was asleep. He couldn't quite believe that she was truly his wife, that he held her in his arms, and that he was not dreaming.

Finally as they neared Pemberley, Darcy murmured to Elizabeth, "Lizzy, Lizzy dear, wake up. We are approaching Pemberley."

"Oh" said his wife as she awoke with a soft yawn "Oh I'm sorry William. It was so rude of me to sleep."

"Don't distress yourself. I understand that the travel must be tedious. Besides I enjoy watching you sleep, my beautiful Lizzy"

"Thank you, kind sir," but she interrupted herself when she caught sight of Pemberley. The building emerged beautifully surrounded by the snow "What a beautiful place, Fitzwilliam. It looks so peaceful. It possesses a warmth that makes me really at home."

"Lizzy dear you expressed everything I feel when I see it. I'm so happy that you will share it with me from now on. For so long I longed that you would join me here. "

"I must confess that it was when I came here last summer, that I began to love you. Someone who makes this house like it is cannot be all-bad. And after a short silence, "I love you, Fitzwilliam."

"Dearest Elizabeth, you have made me so happy. I love you so much. Every day I thank God for the incredible luck to have you by my side."

"I know you do, I feel the same," she said looking with her loving bright eyes. Her breath had quickened.

A pitch of emotion filled Darcy's pounding heart. He could not tear his gaze from her. Light was filling her face and making it shine, showing the glow of her soul and her absolute love and trust in him. Darcy thought: "This magnificent creature is mine. Mine, solely mine as I am hers till the rest of our days ..." Darcy slowly lowered his head and kissed tenderly her rosy lips. He used it to confirm and reassess his complete devotion to her. She responded to his kiss with equal tenderness and a gentle sigh and her lovely hands caressed his face. He finally pulled back and saw her warm dark eyes regarding him with such deep affection that he felt his heart would burst from exultant gratitude. He was a better man for having known her. He was not any more the proud, arrogant snob who had slighted Elizabeth, but a real gentleman who he hoped was caring, unselfish, concerned for the feelings of others. And she brought all of that change. In just one year, she had completely overwhelmed his usual perception of the world. Now as his wife, she continued to change him to an extent he never thought possible. She softened his critical reserve. He was amazed to see that he had never laughed as often as when he was in her company. He couldn't part from her now. She was truly his soul mate. He made a promise that he would never give her an occasion to regret her commitment to him. Lifting his free hand to raise her chin a little higher, Darcy trailed his finger along her soft blushing cheek, along her eyelids, her chin.

"Dearest, loveliest Elizabeth..." he whispered.

Meanwhile the carriage had entered the courtyard of the house. Georgiana stood outside, very excited to welcome her new sister. She embraced Elizabeth fondly, asking how her trip was and congratulating her once more, saying how happy she was to welcome her as her sister. Mrs. Reynolds welcomed her new mistress with a large and bright smile, congratulating both for their marriage. Darcy offered his arms to his sister and wife to bring them in the inside and said to Mrs. Reynolds: "Mrs. Reynolds, would you please assemble the servants? I would like them to meet their new mistress," and, turning to his wife, "If you don't mind, Elizabeth?"

"Of course dear. I will be glad to meet them," she said, and Darcy smiled at her, regarding her freely with every bit of love in his heart. The warm, secret glow of her eyes made it impossible for him to look elsewhere. Pure love and affection were shining in her eyes.