Hi everyone

I got this idea for this fic a while back. I started writing it in April of 2008 and then abandoned it. Lately, I've been getting requests to finish it and finally, I feel up to the challenge. I am rewriting the entire thing though as I feel my writing style has changed since I last wrote this story

I truly hope I can finish it this time. I have a better idea of where I want it to go this time and I feel that now, after two more season of Bones, that Booth and Brennan are more ready for this storyline too.

I have it roughly set after season 4. The tumour and such that Booth suffered through will not be a main part of the story though. But I do need Booth and Brennan to have the bond that they seemed to have strengthened over season 4; that all being said, there will be a lot of throwback to season 1, 2 and 3. Hopefully I can integrate it all.

Because I know my track record with multi-chaps I am trying a new little format to help me get through this story. I'm going to try and tackle each chapter as though it's a one shot, so for me that means that there will be minimal dialogue. I feel like I lose stories if I write too much dialogue. So fingers crossed for this to go to plan.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you lovely people who helped me realise I can't leave a story unfinished.


Disclaimer: Bones doesn't belong to me. It hurts, but it's true.


The Man in the Memory

Chapter One


The gun was pointed squarely in Ortez's mouth. The words from Booth's lips were heated and angry; threatening. He wanted to be the most threatening person in the world. This man; this excuse of a man, had put a hit out on his partner and there was not a snowball's chance in hell of that hit coming to fruition. Not if he could help it.

He shoved the gang leader a little harder up against the door frame, twisting the gun; making sure it hit the back of Ortez's throat; watching him gag a little. He could shoot this man and no one would question it. FBI's golden boy saves hundreds of lives bringing down the notorious gang leader, Ortez. He could do it. He would kill for his partner.

He pushed him again, violent words emitted from his mouth as he watched his victims eyes contort in fear. For a micro second, Booth lost his concentration and glanced to the tattooed snake under Ortez's eye.

In that second he stood alone.

He stumbled forwards no longer supported by the door frame; the gang leader, disappeared. His surroundings were dark and dank. He could feel the cold creeping all over him, the damp feeling of being alone. It stuck to him in annoying ways and he wanted nothing more than to get out of there.

He took a step forward; and another; his surroundings never changing. He ran at full speed in no direction at all; the dim glow of the sewer like place around him never baring any hints to where freedom might be. He stopped and looked around, hoping to see something that would help him.

In the distance there was a glow; lighter than the rest of the horrible place he was in; and so he ran toward it; each of his ten long strides taking him only a metre. It was painstakingly slow, but he knew he had to reach the glow.

As he approached he noticed more and more features of the light he was following. It seemed it was a woman he was chasing after; a woman with auburn hair and bright blue eyes.

Bright blue fearful eyes

"Bones," he whispered

He glanced behind him then, seeing the source of the fear in his partner's eyes. He had to get to her. His strides became longer and faster. He could feel the burn in his legs the pain of pushing his body to the limits. The adrenaline coursed through his veins as he gradually stepped closer and closer to his partner...

But as the giant snake slid easily past him, he knew he had no hope. No hope of keeping his beautiful Bones safe.

He woke with a start, the sweat pouring from his brow, and glanced at his clock.

Seven minutes past five.

He sighed and rolled out of bed, unwilling to go back to the dream he'd been having. He didn't understand why after all these years those dreams still haunted him. He knew Bones was safe; in fact, she was probably safe at home in her bed right this second. He looked at his phone once and then shook his head. He couldn't call her at this hour.

He wandered to the shower and turned it on as hot as he could bear it; allowing it to work out the tension in his muscles. He sighed in frustration, the day hadn't even begun.


It was supposed to be her day off but Temperance Brennan just couldn't seem to get the hang of sleeping in past six. She really hated the concept of the 'rostered day off' anyway. It's not like she was tired, obviously. And although she and Booth had wrapped their last case and done all the paperwork and prepped for the court date which was in two weeks time, she had plenty of work to do. As she kept reminding Cam, she was a cultural anthropologist before she became Booth's partner.


Booth wouldn't push her away if she worked with him for the day. She didn't mind that she wasn't getting paid; it's not like she was in any kind of financial trouble, what with her book sales reaching record highs. And Cam wouldn't know about it; how could she? She'd be stuck at the lab all day with one less staff member.

Brennan rolled out of bed and headed towards her living room, her day looking better already.

She opened the curtains that looked out over her neighbourhood, revelling in the early morning sunlight filtering through the last of the night fog. She really did love waking up as early as she did, if for nothing else but to see the sunrise over the city she called home.

She checked her watch; six thirty. Booth wouldn't even be awake yet, let alone at work. Although, she had noticed that since his surgery he had been logging more hours at work. She experienced a heavy bout of role reversal just the other day when she had had to visit her partner in his office at 8 o'clock at night and literally drag him out of his work place to go and get some dinner. It really was quite frustrating to see him working himself into the ground like that. If she was honest with herself, which truth be known, she was trying to be, she would say that what Booth was putting himself through was heartbreaking.

He was pushing himself harder and harder to make up for the time he'd lost while recovering. She knew what being Catholic did to your guilt factor; but she was worried about how much Booth was blaming himself for not catching the tumour earlier and saving time on his recovery.

Over the course of the last few weeks though, she had to admit, she did feel closer to her partner. There was hardly a day in between them seeing each other. Even on a day off such as today they were together. Brennan had even been spending time with Parker too. At first she was scared of what that meant, but Booth rationalised it for her; they were just close friends who shared a lot of their lives with each other. He wasn't confusing her with his fantasy Brennan; he just wanted her in his life.

The sun had risen to a point in the sky where it seemed as though it was floating; no longer attached to the horizon. She glanced at her watch again; seven fifteen. She sighed; Booth still wouldn't be at work. She stood up and went to the window again to look out over the awakening city; maybe she could just people watch until a more socially reasonable hour.

She was just about to make some coffee when she heard the gunshots ring out from afar.


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