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The Man in the Memory

Chapter Ten



Javor did not look happy, nor did he look remorseful. He just looked as though he was carrying out a necessary chore, "Make the boy look."

Booth shook his head, "I made my choice Radick; you do not have to make this about my boy."

"I want your boy to feel how I felt. To not know what had happened, or why."

"Look, Javor, I know you've had a lot of time to think about this and I know that you want to avenge your father's death, so please, do that, but please don't make my son watch." Booth stared defiantly at the young man. If there was one battle he would never stand down from it was protecting his son.

There was a sinister silence in the room. Booth awaited the shot that would take him from this world and Brennan looked on, tears threatening to fall.

"Javor," he glanced at her, "Javor, it doesn't have to be this way." Javor looked at her, anger evident in his gaze.

"It does Temperance. It has to happen like this."

She shook her head, "No, you can still get out of here without hurting anyone. You can leave here a bigger man than your father."

Javor slowly but deliberately trained the gun on her again, "My father was a good man. You do not understand."

Brennan did not stand down, "This little boy in my arms. Do you want his to feel how you've felt your whole life? Would you wish that upon another human being?" Booth looked at her in fear. Javor had lowered the gun so that it hung dangerously close to where Parker was situated. There was a moment where Brennan thought she had gotten through to their captor, but then just as suddenly as that moment had arrived, it disappeared as Javor turned his gun back to Booth.

"The boy doesn't have to watch. But I will get my revenge." He faced Brennan for a moment more, "If you interrupt me again, I will kill all of you."

There wasn't a thing she could do but wait. If she moved, she put Parker in danger and if Booth survived and Parker didn't... She didn't want to even fathom it.

The reality being placed before her right now wasn't one she wanted to face either, but Booth had entrusted her with his son.

She couldn't fail him, no matter how much she'd rather die than see him die.


The sirens weren't loud enough and the engines weren't fast enough. The three squints sat in the back of one of the convoy of FBI squad cars that were winding their way through the city to the Virginia based construction site for a new apartment block.

"Can't we get there faster?"

The Agents looked flustered at the thought of being bossed around by a squint but did not slow down. This man had one of their own and when they were involved it was easy to tell where the FBI's loyalties fell, "We're going to take a back way, cut a minute off our time, plus no traffic."

Hodgins pulled on a bullet proof vest as the Agents watched in disdain, "You keep back. We'll let you come in, the hostages will need comfort from a familiar face, but you will keep back during any combat."

Hodgins nodded solemnly. Honestly promising to stay out of the way except when needed.

There was a large white building looming up ahead. Their destination. Caution tape was fluttering in the breeze outside alerting them to the fact that this was the right residence.

The sirens were turned off as they neared and the last mile of the drive was spent in a tense silence.

The Agents all piled out of the cars and started to spread out around the building. One Agent took Hodgins by the arm and led him into the building making sure he was covered at all times.

Keeping their voices low they discussed where they thought the action would be taking place. Hodgins suggested they'd be looking for a closed off room in a hidden area of the building.

"This place is huge," the Agent commented.

"It was meant to be an apartment block, but the recession meant the builders went bankrupt and had to abandon it. Radick researched it all and came here as soon as he landed."

The Agent shook his head, "Come on, we best keep moving."

They turned corner after corner, coming into contact with other Agents, all converging in one place, heading towards one door. There was a row of rooms; all had lights coming from under the doorways except one.

"That one," someone whispered and all eyes trained to that one door.

The Agents pushed Hodgins back as they prepared themselves.


The shot that rang out in the air was deafening. Brennan squeezed her eyes shut and suppressed a scream. It was best for Parker if he didn't know how much this ordeal was hurting her. If he had some stability to look up to, there was still a chance he would be alright.

She tried to block the sounds out footsteps coming towards her; she should have known that Radick wouldn't stop with Booth. She pulled Parker closer to her, his arms wrapped around her tightly as she cried.

It was only as she heard what sounded like a body fall to the ground that she looked up. Booth had been in a seat, he couldn't fall.

The scene before her flooded her heart with happiness. There were FBI Agents surrounding them, Radick was on the ground, a fatal shot to his chest was pumping blood around him and Booth, her Booth was alive and smiling, tears in his eyes. Brennan didn't hesitate; she pulled Parker from her side and whispered that it was all OK. He nodded to her and hugged her.

"I thought Daddy was going to get hurt."

Brennan turned Parker toward Booth, "Look sweetheart, he's OK. Let's go untie his ropes."

Parker ran to his father, wrapping his arms around his middle while the Agents formed a guard around Radick, making sure that the young boy didn't see anything. The paramedics were rushing in around them having received the call not long after the shot had been made.

Hodgins called the others and told them to come in. Brennan saw him from where she was standing and stepped toward him, catching his eye, she thanked him silently. He nodded, knowing that she needed to be with Booth more than anything. He could wait to welcome her back.

Brennan watched as Parker untied his father's ropes and ran to him as soon as he stood up, hugging him with every ounce of energy she could muster. She pulled back and looked at his face, taking a chance she leaned towards him, letting their foreheads touch as they synchronized their breathing allowing themselves a moment of peace.

Parker, having finished pulling the ropes away from Booth came around to join him and hug his father again. Booth lifted his son into his arms and held him tight, looking at Brennan he whispered, "Thank you, Bones."

She nodded, allowing the father and son to have a moment to themselves as she was embraced by her team in a flurry of arms and words of comfort.


Let the recovery begin.

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