Double trouble

"Hey sis, do you believe in fairy tales?"

"Hmm… 'Sleeping Beauty' is a nice one, because the main character just has to sleep."

"What about 'Cinderella' then?"

"Come on in, the two of you." The teacher instructed them. The class was welcomed by the elegant appearance of the two sisters.

"I'm Nadeshiko Kuronuma, and she's my twin sister, Barako Kuronuma," Nadeshiko introduced with a sinister grin, "We were transferred from Gakuran High school. We hope to have fun and entertaining time at Ouran High school." The tone of her voice hinted the class that the twins were more than what they seem.

"It's the twins rumored with the blood of witches…" Murmurs sparked among students in the presence of the twins, one with blond and the other with black hair.

"What's with this two? They have different hair colors even when they are twins," Kaoru mocked as he came closer to the pair, "Their attitude sucks too." He smiled cheekily, despite shooting insults to the twins in front of him.

"What do you think, Hikaru?" Kaoru turned around to face the guy standing beside him.

"You're right. Maybe the thing that makes them twins is the creepy aura they both have," Hikaru gave a slight chuckle and leaned onto Kaoru, "We're far better as twins then these two creeps!"

"What can you say about people when the hair color of you two are different as well?" Nadeshiko glared, and pulled a face.

"I didn't expect this place to be so noisy," Barako did not even bother to confront them. The sisters ignored the ridicule of the twins and went forward to their seats. At one glance, the sisters noticed a guy sighing while stuck in between the annoying twins and found it quite interesting.

That might be their new found entertainment of their new school life.

On the other hand, the twins smirked at the sisters. "They may be our next interesting toys."

"It's a war between the witches and the devils!"

"What have the two of you been doing? Isn't it only the second day of their transfer?" Haruhi fumed with anger, unable to understand the point of the battle between the pairs of twins.

"Come on, we're just playing," Kaoru rested his left arm on Haruhi's shoulder. "It won't do any harm. You know that it's our usual jokes," Hikaru came along and rested his right arm on the unoccupied shoulder of Haruhi, "We won't do much to the two of them."

"But it's still not rig…" Haruhi's sentence was interrupted when Hikaru put a finger to her lips to hush her.

"They're here…"

The seriousness in the tone of Kaoru's voice contradicted what the twins had proclaimed earlier. This made her start to feel anxious.

As the bell rang, the teacher walked in, "I'm going to be taking the attendance so everybody is to be back in their seat."

"Sensei, can we form a club?" Nadeshiko raised her hands and explained that the two of them had been in the same club from their previous school. "It's called the Egoist Club. We hope to bring everyone happiness through the help of this club."

"So meaningless," Kaoru sneered, "There will be no point if you only have two members, you and your sister. How are you going to help the whole school with only two people?"

"Oh! They can deal with it because they are witches. Haha," Hikaru said sarcastically.

"You two shouldn't start insulting the club even when you don't understand a single thing of it." Nadeshiko stood up, raising her voice. She was on the verge of losing her cool when Barako stood up. "If the two of you really dislike us so much, why don't you show us your capabilities instead? It can't possibly be so that the two of you have no confidence in wining against us, can it?"

"Can you two just cut it out?" Haruhi stood up and pulled the ears of the mischievous twins.

"Ow! What are you..." the twins struggled but Haruhi's rage was more than what they had expected.

"This joke is too much! What's wrong with the two of you these few days?" Haruhi expected the twins to apologize but she understands them too well, "I've got an idea!" She released the two of them and whispered into their ears.

"Invited them to the Host Club?!?" The twins gasp in disbelief that Haruhi would EVER come up with such an idea.

"That's right! We are bringing them to the Host Club!" Haruhi exclaimed, taking a look at the devastated faces of the twins and turned back to face the sisters, just in time to end her sentence with a chuckle.

The situation had just begun to look good for the sisters. But they had never expected the mess they would soon be involved in…

Author's note:

The story that is happening now is around the middle of chapter 53 of Ouran High School Host Club.

Hikaru had just dyed his hair and Kaoru had given up on Haruhi.

The two female protagonists belong to 'Love Egoist', a series with short love stories by Bisco Hatori. The chapters are included in the releases of Ouran High School Host Club.

A small description-

Barako Kuronuma: Black, curly hair tied up into two. (Older)

Nadeshiko Kuronuma: Blond, curly hair tied up into two. (Younger)

Hikaru Hitachiin: Currently black hair parted to the right. (Older)

Kaoru Hitachiin: Brown hair parted to the left. (Younger)

[Slight misunderstanding of some: Parting on the right means that the parting is on his/her right, thus more hair will be on the left, vice versa.]

More backgrounds of the characters will be revealed in the later chapters.

Story so far…

The Hitachiin twins have been annoying the sisters for the past few days. What are they exactly planning?

Will the sisters be able to keep up with their coolness when receiving many insults from the devil twins?
What will happen in when the twins clashes with the Host Club?

Anticipate for more of the twinss from MuraMori!

*Disclaimer: Bisco Hatori's work does not belong to Muramori.