Title: Revealed

Summary: Things have changed for the boy-who-lived and hidden truths will come to light. What is Dumbledore's true intention? What is Harry's true parentage and destiny? Will he accept the truth? DarkHarry DMHP

Edited by: Felixlee14

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Pairings (so far): TRLE

Chapter 1:

-Tom's POV-

They deserved it. What they did was unforgivable. They called me a freak for being able to speak to snakes and mocked at my parentage even though they were unwanted, unlike me. I was loved by at least one, my mother. She gave me up so I could survive, so I can shine compared to her being trampled upon at home


Dumbledore had given me the worst present yet – I was back on the scarlet steam engine again. I was doing something I would never have done if I was of age. However, I was one day shy of my seventeenth birthday. I had no right to decide for myself, a fact which Dumbledore too pleasure in informing me. Never mind, I would just have to wait 85391 seconds till my birthday and then, Dumbledore would regret ever crossing the path of a powerful wizard, myself. I was the heir of Slytherin and nobody stands in my way.

It was still 10 minutes to my birthday and I was having a countdown mentally. Ten minutes to my freedom, ten minutes so I could leave this godforsaken place, this hell hole. Just as I was deep in thought, a snowy white owl swooped in and dropped a letter addressed to me before flying away. I was stunned. I had no friends that would write to me using an owl and nobody in the orphanage is magical.

I gingerly picked up the old and yellow parchment as if it would break apart anytime. Why would anyone use such a poor quality parchment? I felt along the edges of the parchment for anything dislodged between the pages before gently opening it:

My beloved son,

I have charmed this letter to reach you before your 17th birthday, before your life changes drastically from here onwards. I am sure that you would have realized that you are Slytherin's heir by now but that's not all. An ancient blood runs through your veins and it would awaken on your 17th birthday. But before that, I would like to tell you a story.

Long time ago, there was this girl who fell in love with a boy of lower status and her parents forbade her from meeting the boy. However, the girl found out that the boy was of the same status as her, just that he was an outcast of the family since he was different, weaker.

He fell in love with her too but their love was short-lived. After the girl got pregnant, another man came and destroyed their 'would-be' family. He cast charms to make the man forget his status and the girl. He made the man's family disappear and made people think that the family was never famous, never special. The girl, heavily pregnant could only flee and watch silently on the side, unable to do anything. 10 months later, their child was born and the man found the girl no matter where she hid. The girl was no match for him. When he succeeded, he placed the child in the worst orphanage he could find and allowed him to be abused and mocked at.

My dear child, I am sorry I would not be able to watch you grow up. The girl was me and the boy was your father, Tom Riddle. He was also a pure-blood wizard despite what others tell you. The man was Albus Dumbledore and he was the one who tore our family apart. If you are wondering why I knew so much before things actually happened for me, I am a seer. My powers have fortunately not passed to you so you do not have to suffer knowing things before they actually happened and not being able to do a thing.

About your ancient powers, I would like to tell you that you are a dark elf. I am sure that you are aware that a dark elf has to go through a transformation on their 17th birthday. It might be a bit painful but after that, you will develop even stronger magical powers. You will also get wings and claws but you can always will them away.

You will also have a mate. Please do not reject your mate. Your mate has been chosen by the Heavens on who could suit you the most. She's your other half. However, you are a rare case among us, dark elves. Your mate has not been born and would not be for years. You would feel a tug when she is born. Do not worry about your age difference with her as you would stop ageing when you are 25 years old – so do your mate and any other dark elves' and their mates.

As for your heritage, you are a pure-blood on both sides – wizard and dark elves. Please do not grief that you are not human as this may give you the power you need to defeat Dumbledore.

Use your powers wisely.

Always in your heart,

Merope (your mother)

Soon after, a loud scream echoed through the orphanage and the parchment fell to the ground. Before I was engulfed by the piercing pain, a thought passed through my mind, "Dumbledore, you would regret it. You wrecked my life and I would get my revenge!"

-Years later-

My eyes flew open as I felt a strong tug in my heart. Crimson eyes met green as I hissed loudly, "Mine. Lily Evans, you are mine!"


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