I stood hidden in the back, holding Bella, as we watched the Pastor pronounce Seth and his new wife to be happily married. I glanced at Bella I saw her eyes glistening.

Many things had changed since she was turned seven years ago, yet so much reminded the same.

Before I was done biting into Bella's neck, Carlisle rushed into the room making sure that I was able to stop before I drained her. I appreciated the concern, yet I knew it wouldn't be an issue. There was no way, no matter how sweet and satisfying her blood was, that I could take a single drop more than was required.

I was surprised when Carlisle pulled out a syringe of morphine. He was hoping to get enough into her system so that she wouldn't be in pain. Neither of us had any clue if it would work. I was hoping it would.

As soon as I had pushed as much venom as I could into her, I laid her on the bed in the room. Looking around, I cringed at how dusty and dank everything was.

Carlisle patted my shoulder, guessing at my expression. I know it isn't an ideal situation, but what matters is your mate will be with you forever. You know Bella doesn't care about the where, she's just happy to be with you.

I nodded, knowing he was right. After he left, I crawled onto the bed and pulled her against me. I tried to wrap my head around everything that had happened in the previous twenty-four hours. I could never have imagined things would have worked out as well as they did with the Volturi. Going in I knew in my heart that Bella was going to be killed and that I would either be killed with her or would arrange a way to die myself later. There would be no me in this world if my angel wasn't with me. The only variable to me was if my family made it out alive.

To be on the other side with everyone alive and my mate being changed was more than I could have hoped for.

Before I could get too tied up in my thoughts, Jasper came into the room and handed me a notebook.

I was hoping we would need this. I have been having Bella write down things she remembered from her time before knowing us. Mostly it is things with her friends and family back home. I had her do it for two reasons; one, so that she could remember the good times and stop dwelling on the bad that happened; and two, so you could read this to her during her change so hopefully she will keep as many human memories as possible.

I sat completely dumbfounded. This was an incredible gift he was giving her. So many of our human memories slip away and we are left with mere suggestion of remembered thoughts. Jasper had found a way to give Bella so much more than any of us.

"Thank you, brother," I said as I glanced down. "Is she in pain?"

He focused on her emotions and I could tell he was confused. I can't get a firm handle on it. I think she is still in pain, but there's something more going on. I don't know what.

I simply nodded and he left the room.

I kissed the top of my love's head wishing there was a way to prevent her from having any discomfort. I started talking to her, telling her to think of any memories she could so she could remember them later. Slowly I read aloud from her book, her memory journal. As I read, I interspersed personal comments about our time together as well so she could remember as much as possible.

That is how I spent the days of her change. She never made a sound, which disconcerted me as I had never seen a change that didn't involve screaming and thrashing about.

As her heart started racing towards its final beats, I slowly uncurled from her knowing she would be extremely predatory and the last thing she needed was to feel that she was trapped.

With the last beat from Bella's heart, my entire family waited without breathing. I don't know if it was because Bella had been around us for so long and, had heard all of our stories, or if it was because I had been talking to her throughout the process telling her what was going on and what to expect. But in the next moment, she woke from her change remarkably controlled.

Jasper was unsure and apprehensive with how controlled she seemed. It took him months before he totally calmed down and accepted that Bella was no like a normal vampire.

I took Bella hunting immediately after she woke and found Aro waiting for us when we returned. Bella had piqued his curiosity and he wanted to know what abilities she had since she seemed gifted as a human. He was incredibly disappointed to find that it didn't seem like she had gained any special ability, though her mind still stayed closed to Aro and I.

Leaving Germany became problematic. Taking a newborn in a car that would pass by humans, much less to an airport seemed like an impossible feat. Bella did it, though. She held her breath and hummed while I tried to further distract her by singing to her. Emmett kept a firm grip on her and Jasper sent calming waves to the point of making her almost catatonic.

We spent the next year in a remote area of northern Canada. The hunting was abundant and there were no humans for miles around. Bella adjusted to her new life quickly and never seemed to regret her change.

The time I had spent reading to her during her change helped her to remember her human life more than any other vampire I had ever come across. The best part of it was that she remembered most of her good memories. The memories that we didn't talk about and dwell on were very faded. She remembered what had happened to her but it was almost with the same emotional reaction as reading it in a story. It no longer held the pain and suffering it once did.

I think the only regret she had with coming to this new life was leaving her friends behind. She told me soon after her change why she had been distancing herself from them. She didn't know that she would be changed, but knew if she was that the people in her old life would need to be left behind.

Her friends were told the news that she had been in a fatal car accident. They didn't know that she kept up with their lives as much as she could, and had seen many of their milestones including graduations and weddings.

That is what found us as Seth's wedding. He was her last friend to get married. As I looked at her I couldn't help falling in love all over again, seeing the excitement, love, and caring in her eyes as she looked at her friend.

She was still as open and caring as ever and I loved her all the more for it.

As we left the church, we made our way to a local hotel so we could meet up with our family. She didn't know that they were on their own mission while she enjoyed her friend's momentous day.

My sibling's thoughts bombarded me as we got to our room. I kept my expression blank, while inside I was jumping with joy.

Bella's and my relationship was perfect, and the only sliver of imperfection was my fault. I was hiding something major from her and while I felt guilt at doing so, it didn't stop me. My love was still as compassionate and caring as she had been as a human. While her memory of the things done to her was vague, she knew what had happened.

After her change Emmett had asked her if she was going to seek vengeance on the people that had hurt her. She was appalled at the idea and emphatically said she wouldn't. Immediately, he noted that she said she wouldn't take vengeance, but said nothing about anyone else doing so. With the idea firmly in his head, he looked at me and raised an eyebrow knowing I would have seen exactly what he wanted to do. I simply smiled and looked away which was all the encouragement he needed.

I have never laid a single finger on any of the monsters that terrorized and harmed my angel, but I have never prevented all of my siblings from exacting revenge on behalf of Bella, and inside have reveled at the images and thoughts of what happened to each and every one of them. Today, the last person that had harmed her was now dead, done in by a particularly nasty poison that somehow was slipped into his food at lunch.

I knew Bella would never condone what was done. I knew I was betraying her by not speaking up, but I was willing to live with the lies so that the people that harmed her so viciously paid in more than just time in a cell.

As we walked into the room, Bella smiled. She never ceased to amaze me. Most vampires were wary of being around other vampires, even ones that were part of their own coven. It took years for vampires, especially newborns to have trust in others.

Not my love. From the moment she was turned, she embraced the entire family. Carlisle postulated that it was because the bonds had already been formed and strengthened before she was even changed. Whatever it was, I was glad of it. I remembered how Esme had been wary of me for years. Rosalie never really got over her animosity and she took off with Emmett soon after his change for a few years before coming back to us.

Everyone was waiting for us. Bella never said anything, but it was apparent to all that she was happier when we were all together so when something happened with her friends the whole family came with us. It was slightly overkill and crazy, but that's what made us who we were.

Bella sat down and started gossiping with the ladies about the dresses and how beautiful the ceremony was. I stood by my brothers who mentally gave me a run down on how they had killed the last person that harmed Bella.

We truly were a family and there wasn't anything I would change. I knew things wouldn't always be perfect, but for us they were as perfect as they could be.

The End

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