All the kids will be in same grade. This is an Edward x Alice story, but Alice in wonderland not Alice Cullen. Usual pairings, not sure if Bella will exist will see how it goes. And Edward is a bit too moody but it'll lighten up.

Edward Pov.

My life was an ocean of miserable boring days. Being a never changing monster had no perks when you spent an entirety alone.

I was thinking of getting some sort of job, to fill my time over the summer holiday until our senior year at Forks High. Let's see, Newton's always had plenty of jobs open to teenagers over the summer. My best chance at a local job would be there.

I hoped into my car, my only love and raced down the road at an alarming speed to reach the Newton shop, Newton's Outfitters I think it was called.

Stepping out of the car I saw only a few cars surrounding the shop, only one or two would be customers. If I get the job I might need to do some advertising. The door bell dinged an annoying sound as I walked in announcing that someone was at the door.

"Edward Cullen?" Mike Newton, A menace to my life.

"Mike, Any jobs available?" I decided to cut to the chase instead of annoying chitchat.

"Ah. We have one in inventory; basically you unpack stuff and put it around the store" I nodded, seemed easy enough, definitely not a challenge for me.

"I'll take it."

He gave me the standard uniform, ugly thing but I could pull it off. I went to the bathroom and changed human speed. Looking in the mirror I looked decent. I walked back out to see Mike walk out the door.

"My shift is over but if you need help ask Eric" He yelled whilst walking to his beat up car.

The thought of me needing help in this job was extremely laughable. A monkey could do this.

After my first shift I drove home but not before hiding my uniform in the boot of the car, But still Alice would find a way to know everything about everyone.

Alice Pov.

I had a vision of Edward working at Newton's Outfitters, how laughable. Why would he do that? We are and always will be richer than Hugh Heffner and all the other human 'millionaires'. We were like...Zillionaires. But still why he would get a job it wasn't even high paying, a hundred dollars a week if definitely not my dream wage. I would have to confront him when he came back, which will be in five, four, three, two and one.

"Hello Edward" I greeted him innocently, whilst hiding my thoughts and true agenda.

"Alice, You know don't you?" He replied a grimace permanently etched into his pale, hard as rock face.

"Yes, but I want to know why? We don't need the money and it isn't high paying and working for the Newtons is not beneficial for popularity" I rambled on, I always cared to be popular no matter what school sometimes Rosalie humoured me by tagging along to football games or trying out to be cheerleaders.

"I do not care about popularity and football games," Keep to your own head, He glared at me obviously still in mine "I work there because I am always, frequently bored. You have your mate and your fashion and your 'popularity'. I have nothing to live for I need something to occupy my time so I chose to work a crappy job, Okay!"

I stood there frozen while he stormed upstairs to his room banging his door shut. I had no idea he was that miserable, of course we all knew he was un-happy we tried our best but he never let on to just how un-happy he actually was. Jasper was so used to feeling his despair he never paid that much attention to it.

"Edward...I am sorry, but remember one day you'll find your one and you will be happy. I do not see this but I know it in my heart. Again, I'm truly sorry" I whispered knowing he'd hear me by ear or mind.

I ran off into the woods to be alone and stumbled (figurative speech, as a vampire we are always flawless) across Edward's meadow. In visions it was beautiful, but actually being here it was breathtaking. I know knew why Edward loved being here, besides the piano it was probably his only safe place. I felt guilty for invading it but I didn't for long because as soon as I touched a purple lilac a vision came to me.

An extremely beautiful girl, looking to be seventeen with blonde hair and blue eyes was dancing around the meadow. She bent down to touch the purple lilac and kept on singing an unfamiliar song.

Out of the distance Edward approached the meadow. He gasped, shocked a human a beautiful as she was there in his meadow dancing as gracefully as a vampire.

She turned to him, but kept on singing. Reaching down she plucked the flower from its root. Twirled over to Edward and handed him the lilac. He numbly took it still shocked. She however kept on dancing effortlessly twirling on and on...

Oh my, who was she? When will this happen? Is she the one? So many, too many questions filled my mind. How could she be human yet be more beautiful than Rosalie and her voice, it sounded like twinkling bells. I wondered how she would look as a vampire... Another vision took over my senses.

Alice was once again in the meadow but not alone and certainly not human. Words could not describe how beautiful she was. I didn't know anyone could be so utterly perfect.

Edward had his arms wrapped around Alice whispering into her ear. She leant over a swiftly kissing his check. I was beyond shocked to hear her say 'I love you; I can't wait for the wedding. I hope Alice doesn't go to crazy with it'.