Alison Pov.

six months later

I screamed, "EDWARD HELP ME!"

Edward rushed in eyes alert and ready for danger.

"KILL IT!" I screamed.

He sighed, "'s a spider." He picked it up and slid it through the window.

"I just don't like them." I coughed straightening out my dress.

It had been six months since I had dropped into this strange world and I still thought I was in a dream, but I was happy and adjusting quite nicely.

"What an idiot." Rosalie sneered from the doorway.

I barked out a laugh, "Jealous again Rosalie? Hearing my heartbeat and smelling my warm blood? Get over it already I'm human and you're dead."

She looked close to tears as she stormed off. Her face was void of all smirking and vain-ness.

I collapsed on my bed as the guilt set into me.

"Don't feel bad Alison. She shouldn't be treating you like that and you should be standing up for yourself." He smiled and kissed me quickly.

A little while later...

Edward and the family had gone out and I was home alone slicing some strawberries for a cake I was making. I knew no one was able to eat it except me but it still looked good. I finished icing the cake and set it in the fridge.

Humming I put the dishes in the dishwasher and took off my apron.

"Human." Rosalie sneered.

"Hello Rosalie" I smiled.

"Ugh, don't act all sugar and spice" She yawned, "I might throw up."

I tried to keep a friendly outlook but she was really mean, I faked a laugh, "I'll try too."

She was in front of me in a second with her hands around my neck like the first time.

"You have tired my patience" She snapped crashing her teeth into my neck.

She drank my blood as I screamed, I could hear her victorious laugh as she dropped me to the ground.

"ALICE!" Someone screamed but it was going dark.

Where are you? I can't see you?, I was so confused.

"Alison I'm sorry" Edward cried in a strangled voice.

I was picked up and placed someone soft but I didn't notice anything after that except pain.

I screamed and screamed...and screamed. What did Rosalie do to me?

three days later

I whimpered, my throat was killing me but the pain was nearly gone. I had no idea dying took so long and was so painful, but then I blinked, and again and I opened my eyes. Everything was bright and so much clearer.

"Alice, I'm so sorry." Edward? He sounded different.

I growled, how odd but those thoughts left me as I growled again I felt like an animal.

"Alice, Rosalie left venom in you. It was too're a vampire" He whispered.

I growled and lunged at him.