A/N: Sorry for the massive amount of skipping but huge writer's block has killed me and I kind of want to get this story over with.

Three months later

"Edward" I called.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned.

"Nothing, I just noticed my eyes...there like yours now" I smiled delighted, I was beautiful as a human but even I had to admit as a vampire I blew by Rosalie's beauty by miles.

"Finally." He laughed picking me up and kissing me.

A sound...I paused and Edward set me down, a car pulling into the driveway, a jeep.

"Emmett?" I called racing to the door.

Emmett and Rosalie got out of the car and walked to the door, Rosalie's head was down trying to avoid eye contact.

Edward kicked Rosalie out after she tried to kill me and Emmett being her husband left with her, this was the first time they'd seen each other in three months.

"Alice, I'm sorry I was so cruel I made a huge mistake but I understand if you don't accept me I was...so cruel." She whispered.

"No, no I understand now" I went to hug her and she smiled and accepted, "I forgive you."

The whole family got together and hugged happy we were one again.

"What is this?" Rosalie laughed holding my hand. On my finger was a gleaming diamond.

"Oh, yeah Edward proposed last week." I smiled, "You should have seen it, red roses everywhere and a cloth tent, candles, moonlight..."

Rosalie raised her eyebrows, "All very romantic, who knew he had it in him."

"Well I did help and I have pictures." Alice jumped up and down moving Rosalie to the couch.

I sighed grabbing Edward's hand, "It's perfect again." I smiled hugging him.

"Meadow?" He asked, I nodded and we ran off.

"Ah, how relaxing" We laid together in the lush grass our skin sparkling. I leant over to kiss him, "I love you, and I can't wait for the wedding. I hope Alice doesn't go to crazy with it"

"Me too but we couldn't rein her in if we tried" He laughed.

I walked over to the little stream and waved my hand over it as a trickle swam up into the air and twisted around my arm. I discovered my power a month ago after a vicious fight while I was in my newborn phase. I had lashed out at Edward and thrown water from this very stream flying at him without being anywhere near it. I shook my head at the memory as I formed a crystal ball in my hands and took it over to Edward placing it in his hands as I controlled it making it into shapes until settling on a little child running and jumping.

Edward sighed looking like he was in pain, "You'll never have children..."

I threw the water out of his hands, "That wasn't what I was thinking and I don't care kids aren't important I have you!"

He nodded as we got up and left the meadow. When we arrived home we raced to his room and laid in the bed caressing each other and planting soft kisses everywhere.

"Edward, I love you."

"I love you too."