A/N: I felt bad about how I just ended it so badly so I went back and re-wrote the chapters just fixing some bits and adding and taking away minor parts. Anyway this is the ending, how it should be. The wedding is like the wedding in the Breaking Dawn book.

Alison Pov.

Three Months Later

"It's time, it's time, it's time!" Alice came rushing in with her hair slicked down and wearing a lovely lilac bridesmaid dress. The dress was all silk and strapless. The bodice was tight and the skirt slightly fluffed out and came to the knees.

"You look amazing Alice." I grinned hugging her.

"You look stunning!" Alice snapped a photo as I posed with a sweet smile.

I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time. As I turned my hair grew a little longer and turned an even lighter shade. I felt distraught over my lovely eyes being lost to the almost as lovely golden ones. My body which was pretty much perfect turned into perfection. My stomach formed soft abs and my height grew at least an inch.

For the wedding the girls and I had spent a month looking for the perfect dresses and I was very happy with mine. It was a more extravagant version of the girl's bridesmaid dress. The dress was a pure white that looked like icing and snow. The tight strapless bodice had a lilac ribbon sewn through the top and around the V shaped hip part where the skirt flew out in tumbles of fabric past my feet.

I opted for a veil that came halfway down my bodice so it wouldn't take all the attention away from my flawlessly curled ringlets. My make-up was minimal, even as a human I didn't need it, a light coat of mascara and lip gloss was all I needed to enhance my features.

"Stop gawking at yourself and get down there!" Alice giggled pulling me along.

I was pulled out and followed Alice and Rosalie down the stairs. The wedding was the most beautiful wedding to possibly ever exist. It was full of flowers and ribbons and candles and the best part was Edward waiting for me at the end of the walk.

"Edward." I breathed out.

"Alison." He spluttered, not something a vampire would usually do, and smiled, "You look so amazing."

"Thank you, my love."

Throughout the ceremony our eyes were glued to each other.

"I do."

"I do."

Edward leaned down and pressed his lips to mine with an urgent expression of our love.

We were married and bound for eternity. We never grew old or had children but we didn't want that because we had each other. I had the perfect life in my wonderland.