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His first week living in London, Dorian had no idea what to expect. As a prelude to the evening, Henry insisted on taking him and his friend Basil Hallward to a pub in the seedier side of town to introduce him to the city before he had the pleasure of seeing his portrait revealed.

"Welcome to my little Hellfire club," Henry announced as they entered the bar, which was alive with activity. Dorian, following behind him like a lost puppy with hat firmly clenched in his hands, looking around him with eyes wide with innocence and naivete. Basil was at the rear so there was nowhere for Dorian to escape should the desire arise. And with as crowded as it was, Dorian did feel the urge to flee – he had never seen so many people before in such a small space!

Upon finding an empty table, a woman in her thirties, who looked like she had seen quite few rough times which had taken a toll on her appearance, set down a bottle of gin and three glasses before going off to see what the other customers needed. Henry poured the gin for all, which Dorian quickly spit out, spraying Basil's overcoat in the process, despite the painter's protests. Embarrassed at the incident, Dorian couldn't help looking around the room to focus on anything else. Drunken laughter was to be expected as it filled the pub. Young women, baring cleavage as well as legs, either completely bare or thigh-high stocking-clad, were in various stages of fucking and other carnal activities in plain sight. At a table to their left, a girl who couldn't have been older than seventeen sat on the table facing an older man, giggling at him. "Open a bit wider, luv."

Basil noted the look of shock on the lad's face and quickly came to his rescue. "It's ok. He's a doctor."

Somehow Dorian didn't quite believe him since he didn't understand why a doctor would be making housecalls in an establishment such as this, nor should the girl be enjoying herself. His gaze traveled the other direction to a room divided by a curtain which was opened. Another girl in her late teens or very early twenties stood leaning back against the wall, being fucked with her skirts lifted, and her head turned to watch him. The grin on her lips widened as she caught his gaze. Being an exhibitionist was a requirement, as private rooms were few and far between, if any existed at all.

When he found voice again, Dorian asked, "What is the price for all this?"

Lord Henry followed his gaze to the wanton hussy in the back room, and shrugged, "Oh she's quite affordable."

"No, I mean the price for one's soul."

Turning to stare blankly at the inexperienced boy, Henry picked up his glass, tossed the liquid down his throat and slammed it down on the table, still in his hand, "Dear boy, this is my church and with this glass, I nail my soul to the devil's altar."

From his vantage point, he spotted a young brunette, with wide eyes and sinfully plump red stained lips, watching him as she sat on an older man's lap, looking painfully bored as he fondled her. Entranced by some quality about her, Dorian wondered why she was there when she clearly hated it so much. It was something he probably was best not to ask out loud, lest he embarrass himself further.

Finishing his drink, Basil stood and grabbed his hat. He wished they could move on with the evening's plans and reveal his prized painting to Dorian. He secretly wished he could seduce Dorian into showing his true appreciation for the artist's work, but upon seeing how inexperienced the boy was, that was best left to explore slowly. What the boy didn't know, that Henry did and thus didn't care, was that Basil could only stand to be around heterosexual couples for a very limited amount of time before feeling nauseous.

Not looking up, Henry commented, "We'll be there shortly. You go on ahead". With that, Basil raced out the door. Dorian's heart sank as he left, if only for the protection and security he attempted to provide from Henry himself. Turning to face the older man after the painter left, he caught a brief glimpse of the temptress across the room. The customer who had been servicing her was now passed out from too much alcohol and she struggled out of his brawny grip, making sure everything was in place on her person. Squirming awkwardly in the hard wooden chair as he fought every urge to turn and run for his life, Dorian pitied the girl. Surely there had to be something better in this life for her.

Clenching her teeth, she stormed over to where Lord Henry and Dorian sat, spitting on the floor next to Henry. He was pouring more gin for the boy when she slid her hand between her tits, pulled out a handful of coins from the sewn-in pouch of her dress, and slammed her fist onto the table, money flying everywhere.

In an Irish accent, "Today's rent, m'lawd."

Dorian watched the scene before him wide-eyed in fascination, wondering if he should be afraid or leery of Henry. He didn't recall hearing anything about his friend owning pubs, much less prostitutes. But of course that wasn't proper conversation for distinguished classes such as theirs.

Turning to pour his own glass, Henry didn't bother to look up at her, nor did she expect him to. He did sneer at her though, as he usually did. A quick glance at the mess before them, "You're short, Lenora." He knew very well she hated her name and never used it, thus he made sure to throw it in her face with extra emphasis. "I will have no use for a bunter like you when your money dries up".

Muttering angrily, "You bloody..." She was so irate at that moment that she didn't know what to say to him that was insulting enough. She should be used to it but it still made her blood boil the way he treated her as he did.

"Say the word anytime and I will raise your rent."

Nostrils flaring and her eyes wide, she turned to Dorian with a sour smile. "You up for a good time, me lad?"

His mouth turned dry, his collar and cravat were choking him all of a sudden. He was utterly panic-stricken and she only made it worse when she lifted her skirts to her waist to pull out her cob pipe from the hidden pockets underneath. In doing so, Lenora flashed the creamy white skin that peeked out from her stockings, as well as the dark triangle of her cunt. Waiting for the wide-eyed boy to respond as she let her skirts fall, she picked up the tallow taper from the table to light her pipe, blowing out noxious amounts of smoke from her perfect lips. Dorian couldn't get a sound out if he tried. She shrugged, turning to leave as she muttered under her breath, "Useless virgins."

He didn't understand why they were still there when Henry promised Basil they would leave a few minutes following, which became later and later. Setting the taper candle back on the table after lighting his cigarette as he inhaled the smoke deep in his lungs, Henry looked over at him, seemingly bored but scrutinizing the boy silently.

"She's very talented with her tongue."

Dorian's head jerked toward Henry to determine if he heard him correctly. "P-pardon?"

"Lenora. She's very talented with her tongue. Don't let the bad speech fool you. Her tongue can work wonders on any man..." sniffing heavily, "even me."

The blank stare from Dorian only told him one thing: he would have his hands full breaking the boy down, layer by layer. Fine. If Dorian wouldn't accept a proposition when it was offered to him, then Henry would provide one and make sure he accepted. The brothel had whores a dime a dozen so if Dorian didn't want Lenora, then anyone else would do. But no virgin ever knows what they really want. And he did only have eyes for her. Any idiot could see that.


A heavyset man with graying hair hurried over to attend to Lord Henry, who whispered something that Dorian wasn't able pick up on. Having lost count of how many glasses of gin he sipped, after discovering that tossing them back took practice he didn't have, Dorian was starting to feel the buzz of the alcohol.

In the distance, he caught a glimpse of a heated argument between the barkeep and the girl, what was her name? Lenora? She didn't seem to like what he had to say and snatched her arm out of his grip, before throwing her hands in the air. His heart skipped a beat as she pushed her way through the crowd to reach their table.

Lenora rolled her eyes. She couldn't escape from Lord Henry no matter what she did. What was it this time, she wondered? Smiling as sweetly as she could possibly muster for him, "You called, Master?"

For a split second, Dorian could have sworn that something in her words was vaguely familiar to him. But he didn't have the slightest clue what that would be or why. He'd never seen her before tonight or had any inkling of this type of lifestyle. Shaking the thought away, he may as well have never had it and it wasn't questioned further as it was long forgotten.

Henry's mouth twitched in disgust and his icy glare burned through her. Whores these days were becoming too sassy for their own good and he'd have to teach her a lesson in the near future after he decided what would be most appropriate. "Lenora -"

She quickly cut him off. "Nora. I'm a whore so I use a whore's name."

That near future was getting closer by the minute. "Lenora, I want you to...entertain...dear young Dorian here."

She curled her lip, baring her teeth, to show her repulsion of the idea as she looked from him to the naive lad with him. "What d' I get fer that?"

Dorian turned to the older man to protest but Henry wouldn't hear of it.

"Tomorrow's rent covered? As well as the rest of today's balance."

There had to be a catch somehow but she wasn't sure what it was, nor did she dare to ask, in case he decided to retract his word. One night without him watching over her shoulder would be a blessing. Maybe she could even skip out early tomorrow and go down to the chippy at the docks for a treat of hot food.

"Fine." She knew that the easiest way to get the virgins off the first time was a blowjob. However that meant kneeling on the floor which she was not up for doing.

Henry grabbed her wrist across the table in a vice grip which she temporarily fought and pulled her onto his lap. "You can do it from here." he told her

There was a catch after all. Forcing a smile, she gave in. Hopefully after this, he'd leave for the night. Leaning over, she stroked the young man's cock through his trousers. The sudden sensation caused Dorian to lift his ass off the seat just slightly, his back straightening upright. Knowing she was off to a good start and it wouldn't be long before she was done, Lenora reached up to unfasten the trousers and play with his prick in her hand, trying to get him hard despite his obvious reservations.

Henry himself was aroused by the scene and he knew she could feel him through her skirts as he unlaced her corset. When it was loose enough, her tits would spill out completely into Dorian's lap. That was the intention at least.

To Dorian, the entire experience was surreal. Looking over at Henry helplessly, the older man simply smirked at him with an odd expression he'd never seen before. Dorian wanted to live a little and enjoy himself, but despite Henry's insistence that no shame existed in pleasure, he couldn't help feeling that this was entirely sinful and immoral and that he would have to pay an enormous price. Of course, it didn't help that Lenora was as attractive as she was. He tried to relax but his mind was working overtime in a battle with his hormones and body.

He went cross-eyed and sucked in a huge breath as he felt her plump lips and tongue on his prick. Her tongue swirling and flicking against the sensitive skin, while her hands kept busy stroking the shaft, hoping to get him completely hard. Mid-lick, she stopped and glanced up at him, still folded in half on Henry's lap. "Oh stop squirming, luv. Hold still and I'll do the work."

He tried to do as she said. Attempting to be polite and wanting to make small talk, he simply stammered. "Um...no, it's...ahh that's fine but uhh... So, how was your day?" His last word was caught with a hiss as her tongue found a very sensitive area.

Looking up at him, Lenora simply laughed, her freckles dancing on her skin as she wrinkled her nose, and then went back to what she did best. Squeezing her eyes shut for a brief moment as Henry mercilessly twisted her nipple rings, the pleasurable pain drove her to lick and suck Dorian's cock with more fervor than before.

The battle between mind and body drawn to a sudden close, his mind took over, causing him to climax suddenly. Jets of semen erupted from his prick, as she quickly wrapped her lips around the head to swallow the gushing fluid. She was amazed at how quickly that was over and had expected Dorian to last a bit longer.

Satisfied with the spectacle, Henry decided it was time to leave. Giving her bottom a sharp spank, she fell forward into Dorian's lap as the mortified boy quickly stuffed himself back into his trousers, glancing around hoping no one else saw anything. "Time to go, dear boy. Basil doesn't have all night" already standing and and waiting impatiently for Dorian. Henry didn't miss the fury in Lenora's expression as she found her footing, looking quite disheveled with mussed hair, breasts spilled out of her corset, and her face glistening with the boy's seed. With Dorian finally standing, smoothing out his clothing, Henry left without another word.

Still painfully embarrassed but trying to remember to be polite to her since no one else bothered, "Miss Nora, ahh...umm...good day to you..." bowing his head slightly. Turning quickly, the last image of her that Dorian recalled was that of a raised brow and an amused grin as he made for the door like a fire was lit under his arse in an attempt to catch up to Henry before he was all but abandoned in the slums. He had completely forgotten about Basil but that was the last thing on his mind. What did occupy it was him wanting to see Miss Nora again very soon.