Prisoner Paper Plane

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"Since that day we've always been together." Nadeshiko sang as she sat on a grassed hill near a tree filled with blue roses. It was a clear sky and there was nothing but an endless field ahead of her. "I'll never forget your smiling face." Nadeshiko paused her song as she saw a sun radiating it's warmth on her pale skin. It was gorgeous. So bright and powerful. Just like his letters. Nadeshiko thought as she saw a paper plane fly across her head. Her fragile heart skipped a beat. "His letter!" she cried as she followed it. Her white dress flowing against her skin and white flats pounding in the grass made no sound as Nadeshiko attempted to chase after his letter. "The deep darkness that engulfs us both..." Nadeshiko continued to sing her lullaby as she desperately chased the paper plane.

"The deep darkness that engulfs us both..." Nadeshiko heard a voice. Someone was here, in this place. Someone. And the paper plane letter seemed to have been leading her towards the voice as it got louder. "The deep darkness...."

"The deep darkness that engulfs us both..." Nadeshiko chimed in with the voice. She was getting closer. She could feel it in her very skin.

"The deep darkness takes away our happiness..."Nadeshiko sang with the voice. "Till tomorrow..." Nadeshiko added as she stopped in her tracks. Her eyes glazed over the barred fence that seemed to reach the sky. And across the fence...

Was him.

His torn clothes still on, his shaggy brown hair shined in the rays from the sun. His tan skin glistened from beyond the fence. His emerald eyes only focused on her. Nadeshiko had to catch her breath. It was him. Smiling. "Till tomorrow..." Nadeshiko repeated the verse again as she held her purple hair back with her hand, trying to keep the wind from blowing it in her face.

Both Kuukai and Nadeshiko notice the gate disappearing right infront of them after Nadeshiko sang that verse.

"At that place..." Nadeshiko finished as the gate was gone. The boy walked up to her, still leaving a huge gap. He held his hand out to her and Nadeshiko looked at it. A blush formed on her cheeks as tears spilled out of her eyes.

"Before we cross over together..." the Kuukai started to say. He couldn't help the grin on his face. He was finally seeing her again. After suck a painful moments in his life.

Kuukai could finally touch her.

"Y-yes?" the dazzling girl whispered as she took steps closer to Kuukai. Kuukai's heart pounded with elation.

"I would like to know..." Kuukai held back a few tears. He could finally be with her. "What's your name?" he asked. The girl ran and jumped into his arms.

"NADESHIKO!" she cried.

"Nadeshiko..." Kuukai repeated. A little tear slipped out. "Nadeshiko..." Sounds...pretty. "I'm Kuukai." Kuukai said as he wrapped his arms around her. Nadeshiko smiled.


Together, Kuukai led Nadeshiko in hand to an endless golden gate. It shimmered as the two got closer. "Here..." Kuukai said. Nadeshiko smiled at Kuukai as she tightened her grip in his hand. "Together... We can fly higher than the paper planes."

"And be more free." Nadeshiko added. Kuukai smiled as his eyes softened at Nadeshiko.

"We'll shine together." Kuukai said. Giggling, Nadeshiko ran to the gate which was slowly opening.

"C'mon!" she laughed. "Kuukai!" Chuckling, Kuukai ran behind her as the gate closed between them.

In the endless grass field, one of Kuukai's letters flew over the golden gate and landed right next to a blossoming blue rose planted in the ground.

Together, they shined just beautifully.