A/N: This is just an idea which would not leave me alone, it is a take on the much used bet story with a difference. The bet is between Alice and Bella, to teach Edward a lesson. What will happen?

Disclaimer: I don't own them, they belong to the genius of Stephenie Meyer.

There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother...

Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.

Anna Quindlan


Ahhhh I screamed in my head, as I watched my brother walk into the house with yet another new girl hanging off his arm. I hate him, he is so obnoxious, waltzing around thinking he's gods gift just because almost every girl in school falls at his feet. Okay so I don't really hate him, I love him because he's my brother but he needs to be taught a lesson. He needs to realise that the way he treats women is wrong.

Picking up my cell phone I dialled the number of my best friend in the whole world, I needed to look busy otherwise he would come and talk to me, which right now would not be a good thing.

"Hey Alice" Bella had picked up after the second ring for which I was thankful.

"Hey Bells, how are you?"

"I'm ok. How are you? Or am I right in assuming that this call came because Edward has turned up with his latest 'friend'?" I sighed because she knew me too well, it's not like I don't call her all the time anyway but it's like she has a built in radar for when I phone because my dearest brother has arrived.

"I'm ok, although I should be hurt that apperently I can't call my best friend without a reason but you would be right in your assumptions. He is such a douche, I wish I could show him that how he acts is wrong but he just won't listen to me."

"Ali, you know I love you and would do anything for you but in this I draw a complete blank. I don't even like him and to be honest he hates me just as much. Maybe one day when he meets the right person he will calm down."

"Yeah maybe, I just don't know. Look could we talk about something other than my brother?" I asked, knowing Bella would welcome the change of subject, she hated discussing Edward not that I could blame her. Although Bella had been my best friend for six years, her and Edward had always clashed. Edward is the metaphorical king of Forks High, he plays baseball, is popular and gets any girl he wants. Bella on the other hand although not a geek is very bookish, she likes to read and to be honest she is very intelligent because of it which she denies.

I was on the phone to Bella for an hour before I saw Edward walk his 'date' out to her car. When he came back in walked over to the sofa I was seated on and proceeded to turn some ridiculous sitcom on and began laughing loudly.

"Edward could you please be quiet I'm on the phone." I asked semi politely, covering the mouthpiece.

"Erm let me think about that...No, this show is funny so I will laugh loudly if I want to." He replied without turning to look at me, before letting out a bellowing laugh.

With a sigh I removed my hand and spoke to Bella, "Bells, I'm going to have to go. An overly annoying person will not be quiet. See you tomorrow at school."

"Sure, and Ali don't let him get to you. Bye." She said, and I could almost hear her smile at the thought.

"I'll try but I promise nothing Isabella. Bye." I ended the call and turned to my loving brother. "You know I really hate you sometimes."

"Ahh Ali, don't say things you don't mean." He replied with a smirk.

I pushed myself roughly away from the sofa, and stood in front of the television gaining a groan from my brother. "I don't Edward. One day you will get your comeuppance you realise that don't you?"

"It may or may not happen. But I hope its in the form of a beautiful woman if it does."

With that I growled loudly and headed into the kitchen to help my mom prepare dinner.

"Hey Alice, what was the growling for?" She asked when I stormed into the kitchen.

"What do you think it was? I just wish he would be nice for once." I said with a sad smile.

"He'll change honey, he just needs to meet the right girl." My mom replied, pulling me into a hug which I returned gratefully.

"Bella said the same thing." It was at that point that my idea popped fully formed into my head, the only problem I could foresee was getting Bella to agree to it.

"Alice, what are you thinking about?"

Pulling away from my mom I smiled sweetly and answered, "I think I may have a way for Edward to learn his lesson. Anyway I came to see if you needed a hand."

"Yeah sure, could you chop the veg for the soup? Oh and please don't go causing trouble Alice." My mom said with a rueful smile, almost as if she knew where my mind was going. Which was odd, because Esme wasn't my birth mom. She was Edward and Emmett's, my other nicer brother but after complications she found out she couldn't have any more children. Wanting a girl Esme and her husband Carlisle had adopted me when I was 3, I don't remember my birth parents but I love my adoptive parents more than anything in the whole world.

"Don't worry mom, it's all good. It won't hurt him or anyone else I promise." I flashed her a bright smile and turned to peel the carrots, I saw my mom shake her head out of the corner of my eye and I laughed quietly to myself. School tomorrow was going to be fun if I could convince my friend to agree, maybe Rose and Emmett would help they hated how Edward was as much as me. I could get Rose to ask her cousin Jasper who was Edwards best friend, I would ask him but well he is just so cute and I get all tongue tied in front of him.

The rest of my night passed the same way as usual, I didn't get a chance to speak to Emmett because he didn't come back from Rose's until after I had secreted myself away in my room for the night. I resolved to speak to him and Rose in the morning on the way to school. So it was with a smile that I changed into my pink, silk camisole and shorts, brushed my teeth and hair and climbed into bed. I must have been tired because one minute I was thinking about the plan and the next I was being awoken by my alarm.