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One Year Later

I couldn't believe I was at another graduation, this time it was my own. A year had flown past after the whole bet saga with Alice and so much had changed. Edward and I had been a fully fledged couple for nine months after a three month getting past the bet and taking it slow stage, Alice and Jasper were going strong despite the distance and Emmett had proposed to Rosalie on her birthday, of course she said yes.

I was currently sat in the front row of seats between Alice and Edward, I turned and smiled at Alice as Edward walked onto the stage to deliver his valedictorian speech; a speech I had helped him write I might add. Alice smiled brightly at me and winked as Edward began, I instantly turned my gaze back to him.

"I want to pay homage to possibly the smartest person to ever deliver a valedictorian speech on this stage. I speak of course of Rosalie Hale, last year she spoke of how we wouldn't all remain friends and I agree it's just not a possibility. We are all moving to different corners of the country, to study different subjects and move forward in our lives in completely different ways." I smiled up at my boyfriend as he glanced briefly down at me.

"I have had a great time here at Fork's high, but like all good things it must come to an end. I want to remind the graduating class to bear in mind that the future is bright, the world is a large place and friends, lovers and family make it so much easier to navigate. Hold on to anything which makes life that much easier for you to live and remember live each day as if it were your last, love someone more than yourself and treasure every moment." Edward paused and smiled brightly at our classmates, a couple of people began clapping but Edward did not make a move away from the stage. "Now before I depart the stage I have something else I wish to say..." Edward trailed off as the people clapping quickly stemmed the noise, I turned to Alice confused but she just smiled smugly back at me. At that moment I suffered a flashback to graduation last year when Edward had pleaded with me to give him another chance that thought made me worry about what he was going to do this time.


I couldn't believe this was how I was going to do it; the past year with Bella had been amazing. She was the best person in my life and she made me so much better; Alice and I had a better relationship thanks to Bella, Rosalie could actually stand my presence and I had gained a new best friend in Jake. It had been Alice's idea for me to do what I was about to do, she said it paid homage to the past and how far Bella and I had come as a couple since then. My sister as always was right, which was why I was currently trying to keep my hands from shaking too much. I took a deep breath and continued with what I wanted to say.

"I stood up here last year and pleaded with a girl to give me a second chance. I admit I pleaded because there is no other word for what I did, but for those of you who don't know it worked. From that one move I gained the most beautiful, amazing girlfriend." I smiled happily down at Bella who blushed as she smiled back up at me.

"Bella," I began keeping my eyes trained on her as I spoke. "We have had many ups and downs this past year; we argue all the time and you definitely keep me on my toes." I continued as I remembered a rumour which had spread around the school two weeks after Bella and I had started dating, nine months ago. The rumour, obviously spread by Lauren, suggested that she and I had been going at it like rabbits since Emmett's graduation party last year and that I was only with Bella because I felt sorry for her. It had taken two minutes for me to convince Bella it was all lies, she was adamant that she knew I had changed and I was pleased she had faith in me. There was no way on the planet that I would ever lose her faith.

"Anyway, I stood up here last year and told you that I couldn't honestly say that I loved you because I wasn't sure. I said that when I told you I wanted to be able to mean it. Well, I love you Bella, more than anyone else in this world." I watched as tears slid down her cheeks. I moved away from the podium, down the stairs and knelt in front of her not caring if the ugly yellow robe got dirty.

"I love you," I reiterated as I placed my hands on either side of her face carefully as if she would break if I applied too much pressure. I wiped away her tears with my thumbs and watched as she swallowed thickly, smiling as she did so.

"I love you too," she said after a moment. I heard Alice sigh happily and clapping begin from those who heard the words but I heard no more after that as I crashed my lips against hers. I kissed her deeply, putting every ounce of love I felt into the kiss. I pulled away from her and smiled brightly as a couple of wolf whistles rang out from the crowd. I took the seat next to her, held her hand firmly in mine and waited for the rest of the ceremony to finish.


Once the ceremony was over and the graduating class had all been handed diploma's we did the usual celebration and moved off to find our families. I stayed tucked into Edward's side with Alice walking beside me as we headed for our families.

"I can't believe you are all high school graduates, it's about time you joined the ranks!" Emmett shouted as soon as we came in to view. We walked forward laughing brightly at him, he pulled us all in for a hug as soon as we reached him.

"I'm glad you could come Em," I said as he pulled back from us.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world Bells," he winked as he spotted Alice craning her neck obviously looking for Jasper. "He's coming now sis."

"Thanks Em," Alice mumbled not even trying to deny that she was looking for anyone.

"Where's Rose?" Edward asked.

"Talking to Jake somewhere, he's going to be at MIT next year so they have a lot to discuss. It's a good job I'm not the jealous type really isn't it?" He smiled as he spoke.

"Definitely, have you seen my dad?" I asked not seeing him anywhere around.

"Yeah, he was talking to some woman with brown hair a moment ago." Emmett said as he turned to where he had seen him. "There he is," he pointed through a break in the crowd. I turned in the direction and was shocked by what I saw, without saying anything I moved away from Edward and headed straight for the pairing.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" I asked as soon as I reached them. I watched as they separated and ended their discussion.

"I wasn't going to miss you graduating!" She exclaimed happily as she quickly snapped a photo of me. Stunned I stood stock still as she stepped forward and wrapped me in her arms, I placed my arms around her in a hug. Since last year my relationship with my mom had gotten increasingly better, I had stayed with her over spring break and she had visited numerous times. She and dad were on speaking terms even if dad was still hurt over the past. The most important change though was that she was now six months pregnant, I was going to have a half brother or sister and I was excited, to an extent.

"Dad, were you terribly bored?" I asked Charlie as I moved away from Renee and embraced him.

"Not a chance kid, though I must say I wasn't a big fan of the end part." He smiled sarcastically down at me as much as he could from the confines of a hug, I just mock glared back.

"I love him daddy, and I know you do too."

"You got me there! So where is my future son in law anyway?"

"Right here Charlie." Edward called from somewhere behind me. I pulled away from my dad and turned to him, even now he took my breath away he was perfect in every way. His green eyes shone with happiness as he sidled up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, keeping his eyes trained on mine he spoke to my parents. "I hope you don't mind but my parents have arranged a graduation dinner for us, you are both invited of course. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have other plans."

"That would be great," my dad said happily. I had known there was no way he was going to turn down Esme's cooking.

"Good then, if you want to head over to mine I'll bring Bella I just want to have a word with her." He answered as he looked at my parents over my head, they both pressed kisses to my head as they walked past and towards the car park leaving Edward and I alone.

"About what my dad said, ignore him." I said quickly.

"I don't want to ignore him Bella." He said quietly and I began to panic slightly, I definitely wasn't ready for any kind of proposal. "Don't worry baby, I'm not going to propose. Well not yet anyway, but I want you to know that it is a certainty that one day I will because I refuse to live this life without you. You are everything to me and even though I am going to NYU and you're going to Yale nothing will change. I bought you something so you will never forget it," he said as he pulled out a ring box. I began panicking again before I remembered that he had said he wasn't proposing; I watched as he opened it to show me an amazing diamond ring. The diamond was set into what was either white gold or platinum I couldn't tell but I suddenly couldn't breathe because this seemed a lot like a proposal.

"I thought you weren't proposing?" I posited my uncertainty as a question hoping to gain an answer.

"I'm not, but there's no harm in being prepared. I am going to keep it, but now you know how serious I am, I will marry you Isabella Swan even if it's the last thing I do on this Earth!" He stated as he closed the box and slid it back into his pocket.

"It may be just that," I mumbled quietly as I watched his movement. I hadn't ever thought about marriage, I wasn't the marrying type but I could picture the wedding we would have complete with Edward stood at the altar looking gorgeous in a tuxedo.

"I'll wait as long as it takes. Now shall we go and have dinner with our amazing if slightly dysfunctional families?" He asked smiling as he slid an arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. I always felt safest when I was wrapped up with Edward, I never knew how it felt to be complete until we had started dating and despite the odds I would always owe Alice for wanting to change her brother. In the end her plan had succeeded just not in the way she had originally planned. I just hoped the future would hold more happiness for me and Edward, Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and not forgetting Jake and Leah. Life is full of twists and turns but with these people in my corner I knew life could never get too bad, or too boring.

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