I do not own the characters or the general idea of the story. I started this story in hopes of looking at Edward's point of view during Twilight but my imagination got away with me so it's all turned around now. Let me know what you think. If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, tell me how I can fix it. Thanks!

1. Saying Goodbye

Edward's POV

"Goodbye Bella." I started to move but Bella yelled.

"Wait!" She reached her arms out for me. I almost forgot my mission and pulled her into my embrace but caught myself quickly enough to catch her wrists and gently force them to her sides. If I were to hug her as my body wished, I would crumble and be unable to leave. Her skin was so close, I had to reach forward and kiss her forehead. The feel of her skin under my lips almost made me forget my mission. I breathed in deeply and quickly one more time before I said my final words to her.

"Take care of yourself." Before I could tarry much longer, I released her wrists and ran long and hard in the opposite direction, deeper into the forest. I was sure to leave a note to Charlie letting him know where Bella was just in case Alice's vision came true of her trying to follow me. She would be fine with time. I had to believe that.

As I ran, the wind in my hair, my mind raced against my will. All thoughts back on the previous conversation with my love.

That's all it took? After months of my undying love, she believes I want to be away from her in one conversation? How? Why? Perhaps I haven't lost my touch of lying but the hurt… The hurt in her eyes.. She didn't just look like she believed the lie that my character was forced to tell, she looked like she expected to hear it. All these months, and it was that simple to push her away?

I ran harder, where I was going, I wasn't sure of at that moment. I just felt the need to push harder, get to where I was headed faster. But where was that exactly? Beside Bella was the only true place I needed to be.

I told her my kind is easily distracted. This is true, but she was my distraction. My distraction from what I am, why I still live after years in the same frozen state, it was all her. She was what made me exist; nothing will ever distract me from her.

At this point in my run, I considered returning to Forks, begging her to forgive me and forget that we had that wretched conversation. Tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me. I had only been running for an hour and already my legs wanted to turn back towards Forks.

Why didn't I just change her when I had the chance?

"No." I said aloud to myself. I realized I had come to a stop in a clearing of the forest.

"No! I will not be selfish and take her life away, no matter how much I want her to be with me forever." I realized I was growling deep inside my chest but at what? Myself? My thoughts?

Quickly I rammed my fist into a large oak at my side. It split directly up the center with a loud crack. The noise filled me anger yet comforted me at the same time. I took another moment to kick the splintered tree to help it collapse. I smiled as the noise echoed through the forest.

Feeling satisfied with myself, I sat down and continued to speak aloud to the trees and anyone else who could be listening.

"Sitting in a forest talking to myself. I really have lost my mind." I chuckled lightly. "She will be happy, in time. It won't happen overnight, but she will forget me and move on. All human memories fade with time.

"And your memories?" Bella's voice was in my suddenly. I welcomed it with my entire being. It's true, I would never forget but it's what's best for her."

Right... When has Bella ever done what's best for her? For all I know, she will run off looking for vampires to change her just to spite me.

"No, she won't do that. She promised not to be stupid or reckless did she not? She won't go back on her word to me. I have to believe that."

I stood up and began to run again. I couldn't go to my family, Rose was already angry enough to consider throwing my Volvo off a cliff. Her biggest argument was that she just finished high school yet again. I ruined her freedom and she wasn't willing to forgive me any time soon. While she can spend her entire existence loving herself and loathing me, I have to do something constructive with the rest of mine.

The rest at least, until Bella grows old and moves on to her next life. I will follow shortly after without question of course.

"She deserves to grow old and have a life. Don't regret giving her that chance Edward."

I realized at this point I was heading further south, to where, I still didn't know. That was when the scent hit me. It was sickly sweet to the point it burned my nose.

" Victoria."

She was here. I had made it down to southern California by this time of night. I checked my watch and realized I had been running for eight hours. Taking in my surroundings, I realized most of this running was done in circles.

I wonder what Bella is doing now. Is she safe in her bed? It's late, I hope she is resting by now.

"Stop it Edward!" I scolded myself. "This is what's best for Bella. She needs this separation to be safe and happy in her life."

Why is it, no matter how many times I tell myself it's what's best for Bella, instinct tells me otherwise?

The scent of Victoria hit me again. I was getting closer to her. At least she left Forks which means Bella is safe. I wasn't sure why, but I felt the need to follow Victoria, see what she was plotting. If she was giving up her hold on Bella, she must be searching for something else. Victoria doesn't seem to be the kind of vampire who does anything without purpose or on impulse.

There's my distraction. I'll learn to be a tracker. I've read the minds of trackers, how hard could it be? At least if I take care of Victoria, I can rest at ease knowing she isn't plotting to return to Bella to finish what James started. All will be well with the world and Bella will remain safe.





I ran east towards what I thought was Nevada for the second time in these past few months. Her scent was still strong yet hinted with the faintness of age. She had been here roughly three days ago if my senses were correct.

I continued to follow her trail through the night until I could smell dried human blood. Apparently Victoria went hunting on the outskirts of the city I was currently in. I wasn't sure where I ended up at this point but by this time of day, the sun was bright in the sky and I had to hide out in the small patch of forest I found. Knowledge of my current location would have to wait until tonight.

From the smell of the woods around me, she wasn't far. It was as if she were just here. I searched around the brush for the discarded body of the human she fed from. Following my nose, the person wasn't hard to find lifeless and completely drained.

It was a young girl. She had chestnut colored wavy hair, a heart shaped face, brown eyes, and a small figure. I realized instantly that she looked like Bella. Was this Victoria's plan? To leave me clues and hints of what's to come? She has to know I'm following her. Why else would she do this?

Staring at the body of the young woman, I could only see Bella. My stomach was in knots as I took her smell deeply into my lungs. She smelled like Bella, but not nearly as strong. The scent of freesias tickled my senses and made my body ache for Bella's touch.

I decided to bury the poor young woman as best I could. She deserved that much at least. From the look of it, she hadn't suffered thankfully. I could only imagine that Victoria would be a torturous killer in her feast.

After I was finished with the task of the burial, I decided to sit under a tree while I waited for twilight to approach. The clouds had yet to cover the sun so I was stranded here until then.

Sitting in silence, I allowed my mind to race back to Bella. It had been four months since I last saw her. I could remember her smile, her touch, her smell. Every memory, which brought her closer to me was like a wrecking ball into my un-beating heart.

By the time I opened my eyes and began to move again away from my memories and on to the present, I realized it was past twilight and I wasn't alone. Apparently in my semi unconscious state, someone wandered close to me.

"So, you found me. Took you long enough."

I jumped quickly to my feet and my eyes shot to the woman standing in front of me. Her flaming red hair blew in the wind as her catlike eyes watched my every movement. I hadn't expected to see her here. I could swear her scent was days old yet it filled my nostrils with its sickly sweet aroma.

"Who said I was searching for you Victoria?" I crossed my arms and chuckled but she didn't move from her stance. I had hoped she would. Any sign that she was prepared to attack.

"I have been leading you in circles for months yet you still choose to follow like a sick puppy. Do you not realize where you are Edward? We are roughly two hours from Forks. Had you not been tracking me, we wouldn't be standing here together."

Her body was frozen in total stillness as she spoke. As I took in my surroundings for the first time, I realized her statement was correct. We were right back to where I began my run after her months mere months before. How had I not realized it? My senses must have been dulled while my thoughts were on my Bella.

"You do realize, I will have her eventually. Mate for mate my dear Edward and now that you aren't there to protect her, she might as well be dead."

With that, she was gone. She ran before I realized that she left with a smile on her lips. As I tried to run after her, to use my speed to my advantage, it seemed that her scent went in all directions. I swear I could hear silent laughter all around me as I fell right into her plan. Just as I suspected, she wanted me to find the girl she had drained, the one who looks and smells like Bella.

"How did she do that?" I whispered to myself. This was the first time I ever had trouble keeping up with another vampire. For months I followed her and when she is four feet in front of me, I lose her. How dare she speak of taking Bella's life like that?

I have to go back to Forks. Bella needs me.

"No, that's what she wants me to think. If I go back, it will ruin everything I accomplished to keep Bella safe. She will expect me to go back, realize she's not coming, and then leave Bella again. I can't go back. I have to continue to track her on foot, until the world ends if I must. Surely Bella is living a normal human life right now. I can't interfere."

I ran further into the darkness for hours until I found a solid trail. As I thought, she was heading away from Forks, not towards it. I chuckled lightly to myself calling her bluff silently and set off on her trail again. This time, I would pay more attention to my location. I had known I was running in circles but I didn't know I ran this far in a loop. I would not make the same mistake twice.

Unfortunately, I needed to hunt soon or else I would be unable to stay focused on the task at hand. That was when I felt my cell phone vibrate lightly in my pocket. I looked at the caller ID which showed that it was Alice calling. Had I been wrong in Victoria's plans? What if she really was heading to Forks now?

Quickly opening my phone, I skipped my greeting and went straight to business, "Alice, where is she?"