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The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #11: Platonic (or not…)

Pen name: Juliejuliejulie
Pairing: Jasper/Emmett/Edward (crackficish, during Twilight, when Edward leaves for Alaska after meeting Bella in biology)
Rating: M-ish


Weary of another one of Edward's tantrums, Emmett and Jasper continue their ongoing haiku contest to see who can best capture their brother's essence in seventeen syllables. After several minutes of frantically scribbling and tapping his pencil against his lip, Emmett throws his balled up entry at Jasper's face from across the sofa.

Emo cry baby,

stop whining and fuck Tanya,

you annoying prude.

With a smug smile, Emmett raises his hand just as Jasper tosses his poem at him. He smoothes the paper, and his lips move as he silently reads the three lines to himself.

I am a glacier,

frozen as Arctic tundra.

No one can love me.

"Dammit!" Emmett yells, knowing he lost. "Best two out of three?"

Jasper nods. With a devious twinkle in his eye, he says, "I hear Edward's got a new crush."

"Oh yeah," Emmett snorts, his pen poised above a blank sheet of paper. "Bella. She's cute, too." After a pause, he adds. "Fifty bucks says he bites her within a month of coming back from Alaska."

"You're on."

They shake hands then yank each other off the sofa to wrestle for forty-five minutes, breaking one of Esme's new wingback chairs in the process.

"Wait," Jasper says, "we never finished those haikus."

They settle back onto the cushions, pulling the coffee table into its normal place. Emmett bends over, retrieving the paper and pens from under the nearby loveseat. A few minutes later, they trade poems.

Surrounding Emmett's haiku is an enormous heart, drawn not with a single line but with one word repeated over and over again: nom.

Pale, tasty Bella.

I can't decide whether to

bite you or kiss you.

Jasper's paper is also decorated with images, although his are bordering on obscene.

Hey pretty human,

you sure smell good. Can I show

you my sparkle peen?

With a deafening guffaw, Emmett swings his giant fist at Jasper's shoulder, who effortlessly darts out of the way.

"Poetry sucks anyway. Let's play Resident Evil 4 on the Wii instead. At least then I have a chance of winning."

"Dream on, brother," Jasper replies as he flicks on the TV. "And I call dibs on the nunchuk."