Summary: I'm from present day; I fall back in time to meet Carlisle before he met Edward ect. We live together and he informally adopts me. I don't want to be a vampire, but I do want to stay with him. When I go swimming in the moonlight, something happens…

Over time we meet with the rest of Cullen's. How much has the story changed?

From the start.

Hi, my name is, well for the purpose of this call me Sphinx. I know, I know, but if I was going to lose myself along the way, who cares what name I have. Hmm, maybe not sphinx, maybe Sydney. Yes Sydney. I like that. You can call me Sydney.

I'm 17 years old and I like to swim. Ok, well I like to swim under the water, not so much the whole length side of things.

I stray. Anyhoo I was having an argument with my step mom. I hated that plastic bimbo of tw-

Well you get the picture.

So ever since dad married her, he changed. He used to be like a caramel whip sundae. Sweet, light and made you feel better, but now he's like a hard fudge sundae. You have to really work at it to get anywhere. Boob in a tube had a big influence on that. We had many arguments and this one was about, surprise, surprise, me going to boarding school. Fat chance. I'd rather drink blood.

That was another recurring argument, about how Twilight never leaves my hands. Well she can go up her self if she wants me to part with it.

Back to this argument, I was not; I repeat not going to boarding school. I was in a pair of short pink shorts and a yellow think vest. Over that was a big thick black cardigan. Namely this was my bed attire. And she called me down at 12:30 to tell me that Sweden has an excellent school pass rate. I don't care.

Now Barbie here wanted me out of the way so she could have full control mansion – yes we are stinking rich. But the last laughs on her. When my mom died, she made dad sign something to say that nothing may be changed or spent with out my express say so. So every month, he'd come to me privately to discuss the financial situation for next month. Barbie didn't have a clue about that, so it would mean that in my absence, the accounts freeze up. It requires my unique signature. Dad doesn't know it, and neither does it, so the last laugh is on her.

Anyway, I was heated, and when I'm heated I go for a swim. I left with my parting comment as go to Transylvania. But wait you can't, you have no blood, only plastic and the vodka that runs through your veins.

I stormed out, don't care how late it was, and went to the lake at the bottom of the garden. It was a fair way down so I ran, but I've never minded running. About two minuets of noon stop running; I got to the pool that was my own little sanctuary. It was a full moon and the water was so appealing. I stuck my toe in and I knew I'd have to go all in. I heard my slave driver approaching so I just jumped in, with all my clothes on, getting drenched. Its fine, it was strangely warm to, so it didn't matter.

I swam underneath for a few hours, up for breath and won again. When I got tired a just let myself drift away. I was dreaming I'm sure when the water beneath me left.

WHAT? There was no water fall near by, so why was I dropping from the sky. My arms and legs were above me and I knew that I'd die from the impact on my vulnerable back.

I counted my lucky stars as I landed in another pond. I hit the floor of it, but at least I didn't kill myself. My heart was frantic and I was wondering what had kept it from stopping from shock. As an instinct reaction I breathed in when I was under the water and pretty soon began chocking. This waster was cold and it burned my throat. I began coughing in the water and breathing deeper. I found my feet and tried to kick up, but it was too late. A pair of hard rocks had caught my stomach and was pulling me up towards the surface. I was soon on dry land, quicker than I thought possible and I was spluttering up the water that had forcefully taken my system.

"Dear one, are you suffice?" what the hell? The voice was smooth and kind, whilst being compelling. I was in shock at his words, and the fact that I just fell from water, through a sky into water.

I couldn't help but respond in the same manner. His voice was too rehearsed not to be real.

"Kind sir, please speak in a tongue most suitable for the ears of us common folk" I said gasping for breath. His chuckled, a wonderful sound I might add, at my statement and tried again.

"Are you alright?" that grand voice asked. I nodded and lay back to the grass.

"You catch a cold there young miss. Please allow me to take you inside to where many a blanket awaits" I nodded again, and I was scooped up by two smooth, hard arms. I looked into the face of my hero and saw a dazzling pair of golden eyes. No way!

His face was that of an angel and a king. He had blonde hair that looked like the sun and the scent of a god. He smiled at my reaction and that made my heart beat double time.

"Excuse me sir, but what is your name?" I whispered, hardly believing my luck.

"Doctor Carlisle Cullen" he replied swiftly. We were inside now, and I was on his sofa by a dead fire – of course. A towel was given to me and I gladly took it. I took of my thick cardy and he took it out side to dry. I was thankful my top, when wet, wasn't see through. I dried my hair and wrapped it around my shoulders.

"First things first, may I inquire as to what you were doing in my pond?" he ran a hand through his hair.

"It's rude not to introduce yourself to your neighbors" I said teasing him. He knew it and played along.

"And your neighbors ponds" he replied. I smiled.

"May I give you a check up?" he asked purely form a medical point of view. I teased him again. I covered myself with the towel.

"Good sir we aren't e'en married" I said disgraced. He was alarmed.

"Got you again" I said smiling. "Go ahead doc" I said and he looked taken aback from my accent and words.

After 10 minutes his tests were done.

"SO what were you doing in my pond?" he asked seriously. I needed to see if he was really vampire Carlisle though and not a happy coincidence, so I tested him.

I whispered quietly so only a vampire would hear "You have blood on your lips" and pointed to my own lips. He licked them and I smiled. It was him alright. All fronts were gone and had to tell him what I knew in a vain hope he could help me. Although I didn't actually want help. I never wanted to go home to that rat bag and his new Barbie.

"Promise you won't bite me" I said. He nodded. "What year is it?"


"Ok, well you're a vampire. Don't try to deny it I know and I don't care. As you can tell from my clothes I'm not from around here. I'm 258 years young and my name is Sydney. That's right, 258 years young. I was born in 1994. Yes I'm from the future. I had a row with my step mom and I went swimming. It was a full moon and I swam for a bit. I suddenly found myself falling. I was sure I would die because there was nothing to break my fall. But then I landed in the water started choking and then you know the rest." I said in one big burst. He was bemused but then his face changed.

"How do you know what I am?"

I studied him. No I wouldn't tell him.

"In 2005 look out for the saga by Stephanie Meyer" I said cryptically. He was happy but let it by.

"Look. I have no home, no family and your secret will be eternally grateful. You can grow to love me as a daughter but please let me-"

"Are you asking to move in with me?" he asked shocked.

"Not as a mate. Just a friend. Or daughter"

"Even though you know what I am"

"Yes. You drink animal blood. Carlisle please. I'm not asking to be changed, just to live with you."

He was frozen for a while. I knew I had pushed the bucket a bit, but I didn't care. You don't ask you don't get right?

"Ok" he said


"Ok. Ok, yes you can live with me"

"Even when you move"


"Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou."

I ran and hugged him and after a second he hugged me back. I was so happy.

That night he showed me to a room. It was h-u-g-e-! There was a four poster bed and three wardrobes. What does he need with all this? Anyway I didn't care. I was just so exited. The next day was spent with me going to market to get more appropriate clothes. I was now his Niece. Fine by me. I was psyched.

That day I got clothes, food, and everything that I might need. I stayed away from the make up knowing what it had in it.

That night Carlisle got to know me better, and asked of the world I came from. I tried to be truthful, but told him that things in history couldn't be changed, otherwise id never know what world I came from. We laughed and I even got him to take me on a 'run' with him. it was the best. Only one day, but it felt like a lifetime.

So what do you think? Should I carry on? Please give me your thoughts!