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I waved goodbye to my tearful father as Jared and I pulled away from my house. Today was the day I finally left for Business school in Seattle. Sammie had left yesterday for dance school. It killed her inside to leave because Paul had decided not to leave La Push. Jared on the other hand was joining me in Seattle. He hadn't fazed since our conversation at the end of June.

I had noticed changes in Jared since then. He wasn't so angry over little things anymore. He was also so much happier than he was. Sometimes he gets this look in his eye when he hears a wolf howl in the distance and I know he wishes on rare occasion that he could join them. Of course when I bring it up he denies it but he can't lie to me.

"You okay?" His soft voice came from beside me as I stared periodically threw the window watching La Push disappear around me. I turned to look at him a peaceful smile on my face.

"Perfect" we lapped back into our comfortable silence. And I again stared out the window. I thought about our new home and I knew Jared knew I was still mad.

Two weeks ago Jared tells me he brought and of campus apartment. He brought it, not renting it, brought it. He didn't even consult me about it but I knew he meant well, that didn't mean I wasn't mad.

Last week he took me to see said apartment and I was shocked at how beautiful it is. I also knew it was more expensive than Jared was letting on. It had three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, living and dinning space and a kitchen. The view was also spectacular, you could see for miles.

"Jared?" He turned to look at me with his gorgeous smile. "How did you pay for the apartment?" He froze at my words. "Jared, if you tell me I won't be mad at you anymore." He sighed and looked at me with love filled eyes.

"You know my Dads not around?" He asked. I nodded at his question urging him to continue. "Well when he left, he laid down a trust fund. $1,000 entered each month." I gaped at him.

"How old were you when he left?" I questioned dreading the answer.

"I was four" Oh God I did the math in my head and gaped.

"Oh God, You have a $168,000 trust fund and it still getting money added in?"

"Yep until the day he dies." He told me calmly. I just continued to gap at him. "You still mad." I shook my head.

"Damn, why didn't you tell me?" I demanded, to my absolute shock he blushed. "Are you blushing?"

"Kim, it's embracing. And besides I was waiting for the perfect girl to spend it on. I want you to have everything you've ever wanted. I want to make all your dreams come true. I want a great place for us to live in and a place for us to raise our children." His voice ended in a whisper. My grin was spreading further across my face.

"You think about that kind of stuff huh?" I asked.

"All the time."

"I love you. I have everything I've always wanted right here, you made all my dreams come true that day you came back to school."

"I love you to." He placed a kiss on our joint hands and we carried on forward heading towards our dreams.

The End

Sequel: Ok so I've started a sequel but I will only post it if people want me to. So let me know.