Psycho Ted pt 5

Ted didn't know what to say. There he was, all caught up in feeling that 'nobody understands me,' 'no one knows what i'm going through,' 'you don't know what it's been like for me,' then suddenly, it actually wasn't like that at all. In fact, it never had been, it was right there in front of him all along, he'd just always been too caught up in his own problems to notice.
But now he had no choice but to notice. Now he had to sit up and acknowledge that it didn't have to be this way.
But the question now, was what did he intend to do about it?

He stared at John, at the sadness in his eyes as he relayed his tale, and he knew, here was proof that he could get through this, sitting here in front of him, was someone that could help.
That wanted to help.

In the blink of an eye, Ted had made hs decision, and he knew what he had to do.
But it was one thing to know you have to tame the monster within, but how do you go about actually doing it?
And what about the monster free to live and go about their business on the outside? Why should they continue to get away with ruining god knows how many more lives?

Yes, Ted knew what he had to do.
"Okay John," he said with conviction, "I'm ready, I'm ready to walk towards the light,"


Cody sat still, elbows on knees, his chin propped up in his hands, mouth agape, stunned. He hadn't moved the entire time Randy talked, apart from the further widening of his eyes at various points throughout.
He wordlessly pulled his friend into a close embrace, fully aware of how much Randy had gone through to re-live all that.
They stayed like that for an eternity, just holding each other, thinking, eyes fixed unseeing on the mute tv fixed to the wall opposite.

"No more secrets, yeah?" Randy finally whispered, his voice husky in the crook of Cody's neck,
"Yeah, definitely, definitely."
He felt Cody nodding into him and tightened his hold around his shoulders as he heard what he could've sworn was a sob escape his lips.

"This is all way too fucking much for me right now,"
"You need to go find him Codes,"
"I can't, I'm not leaving you here alone, no way," he lifted his head and smiled crookedly, eyes shining with the remnants of recently shed tears, now drying on Randy's collar as he looked him in the eye, "You can't get rid of me that easily, you should know that by now."

Randy couldn't help a chuckle at that, "Yeah, you're a persistant little fucker I'll give you that, but you two really need to talk, you need to sort this out."
"I know, but I'm still not leaving you, not until I get some kind of word from John, I promised him."
He snuggled back down into his previous position again as Randy nodded his consent, laying his head carefully on his good shoulder, and again they fell into a long comfortable silence.

Eventually, a sudden vibration ran through them both and they jumped apart as Cody fished for his phone, lost in the recesses of his pocket.
Randy looked on expectantly, "That was John, he's on his way," he read out, 'and about fucking time too,' he thought to himself, wondering what on earth had taken so long, his now overly suspicious mind working overtime wondering what the fuck they'd been doing all this time?

They sat watching the box as they waited, Cody flicking channels one after the other with one hand and fiddling constantly with his phone with the other, checking to see if Ted had text him every few seconds. Why hadn't he? If John had left him why hadn't he got in touch? He was getting worried again, concern set in on his face.

"Cody, you can go now you know, seriously, go, he'll be here soon,"
"No, I... it's okay, I'll wait,"

"Well fucking sit still then, your constant fidgeting is driving me insane, get back here," he held his arms out again.

"Sorry," he threw the remote down and scooted backwards again.
"It's okay, I was only joking, trying to lighten the mood a little,"

"Oh, yeah, ok... I'm just worried about him is all, I thought I would've heard something by now... what if he hates me?! Maybe 'cos I told John, I could've got him in serious trouble! ... What if John told Vince?... Maybe he's been fired! ... What if he never wants to see me again? ...I betrayed him!" His voice rose an octave with every new thought that occured to him, finally reaching it's crescendo in an almost strangled cry on the final word.

"Oh man," Randy drew him in closer, enveloping him completely to calm Cody's now heaving chest as sobs threatened to wrack his body once more, "Shhh, baby, don't say things like that, you didn't betray him, you were helping him, he won't hate you for that, he loves you, you know he does,"

"I don't know, I really don't know if I can be so sure of that any more... of, well, of fucking anything."

"Of course you can,"

"But Dave... he's been ... with Dave," A sob finally escaped him and he hid his face once more in Randy's neck as the tears spilled over.

"Oh Cody, baby, I know, I know, but it's just business, I know that doesn't make it any easier, but it also doesn't mean he loves you any less, and it certainly doesn't mean he has any feelings for Dave at all, if anything it'll only make him hate him more,"

"It's not business to me," he said, so softly Randy barely heard the words despite Cody's lips resting against his ear, and his heart broke for his young friend.

"I know it's not Codes, I know, I'm so sorry,"
"What am I gonna do? What am I s'posed to do now? I really don't know.."

"I dunno either, go find him, that's all I can suggest, see what he has to say for himself, that's all you can do, go on, go find him,"

"But John said.."

"John said what?" both men turned at the sudden voice from the doorway behind them.


Cody jumped up instantly, practically running over, as if looking for someone else to appear behind him.

"Wh.. where's Ted? What have you done with him? I thought you were gonna call me? Did you find it? In his bag? Did you look?"

John came and stood by the bedside, reaching for Randy's outstretched hand to take in his own, smiling his hello before addressing Cody's frantic questions.

"What have I done with him? You make it sound like I'm s'posed to have chopped him up into little bits or something! He's fine, honestly, I dropped him back at the room, but Randy's right, you should go talk to him, the sooner the better. 'Cos yeah, I did look, and yeah I did find it, so I told him some stuff, and he's got things he needs to talk to you about."

Cody nodded, breath hitching, gulping down another wave of sobs threatening to escape. He didn't trust himself to speak again just yet as conflicting thoughts tore his mind apart. On the one hand, relief flooded through him 'cos here was John telling him he'd dropped Ted home and he was fine, on the other, he still hadn't heard from him yet...

"Are you okay Codes?" John saw the stricken look on his face and totally understood how he felt, not knowing, but in a way not wanting to know anything else, just wanting everything to go back to normal, back to the way it was, before.

He nodded again, "I'm gonna go," he croaked, burying his face in Randy's neck one more time, a few tears making their way down the now well worn tracks at Randy's whispered words of comfort in his ear as the older man held him tight.
"Thankyou Randy, thankyou, I'm so sorry, honestly,..."
"Hey, enough of being sorry already. Ring me, okay? Promise? A text, something, just to let me know everything's okay when you get there?"

"Yep, I will,"
"Okay, go,"
"See ya bud," John clapped him on the back too, "Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine, I promise."

He watched him practically sprint out the door, and turned to Randy, eyebrow arched, "Dude, you're lucky I'm not a paranoid, jealous kinda guy, the way you two fuckers are with each other, seeing what I did when I walked in that door,"

"What? John..."

"Dude, I'm just screwin' with ya," he climbed up next to Randy on the bed, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and pulling him close, resting his forehead gently against his cheek, "But just think about it from Ted's point of view, and what he might've thought..."

Randy sighed, "I love you too,"
"I'm only sayin'..."

It was late when John dropped Ted out the front of the hotel, nearly 3am, and as John sped off into the night heading to Randty's bedside, Ted slowly made his way upstairs.

He was shattered, he felt, drained, empty. But at the same time enlightened, and hopeful. He just wanted to go to bed, and wake up to a new day, one in which Cody would forgive him. Or so he hoped.

But he hadn't even got as far as the elevator before a low voice broke his reverie, interrupting his train of thought.

"Hey there good lookin',"
Ted froze.

"What do you want?"
Dave laughed, a low, dark chuckle rising up from the dim recesses of his soul. "What do I want??!" he repeated, "Oh, you know, the usual,"

Ted bristled, "That's no longer an option Dave,"
"I beg your pardon?"
"You heard!" Ted actually gulped, surprised at his own brashness.

"You owe me boy," Dave growled.

"I'll pay you what I owe. In full. Cash. Then just leave me alone." He stepped through as the elevator doors opened, pressing the button for his floor.

"Oh you'd like it to be that simple, wouldn't you boy?"

"That's how it's gonna be, take it or leave it,"

Dave laughed menacingly, "Oh, I don't think so, you've got an awful lot to learn boy, before you become a player in this business."
He moved forward, standing eye to eye, poking his finger in Ted's chest to emphasise every word, "You. Belong. To. Me."

He stepped back, smirking, leaning on the wall, arms folded across his chest.

"I belong to no one,"

"Well, if you don't give me what I want, I'll take it from your little pansy whore boyfriend instead. I bet he'll scream, is he a screamer Teddy-boy?"

Ted turned, rounding on Dave in one swift movement, fury in his eyes, squaring up to him for the first time, nose to nose, chest heaving.
"Don't you fucking touch him." he snarled, with more conviction in his voice than Dave had ever heard coming from him before. 'Hm,' he thought, 'Hit a nerve I see,'

"Or what?"

The elevator doors pinged open, Dave turning on his heel and heading down the hall, knowing Ted would follow.

"You fucking stay away from him! You hear me Dave? You hear?"

Dave said nothing, just stood leaning on the door frame as Ted swiped his card, and pushed the door open himself, whistling as he invited himself in. "Oh, don't mind if I do,"

"Get out."

Dave didn't even dignify that with a response, just laughed, walking over to look out the window, "Nice view,"

Ted's eyes flicked to the empty bed round the corner, checking that Cody wasn't back yet.
"I've got your money," he dropped his bag on the bed and took out a pile of new bills, "Just leave it, just go, fucking get outta here man,"

"You gonna make me?" Dave sauntered over, grin firmly planted in place but his eyes told a different story.

Ted seethed, but he knew what happened when Batista got mad, and he was only ever just one small click away from that eventuality. He'd already pushed the boundary further than he'd intended so he bit back his retort as best he could, knowing Dave wasn't the only one who could get mad, oh yes, that was something Ted DiBiase Jr was very good at.

But just the threat, hell, even the thought of him laying a hand on Cody made him realise with a jolt how much he actually did love him.
His blood boiled, and with a pang of guilt, shame washed over him when it hit him how it was somehow okay in his mind to hit Cody himself, but certainly not for anyone else to do it.
He'd kill them.

Cody was his god damnit!
He belonged to him!
And as the thought entered his head, the irony of his train of thought was not lost on him, of how he himself had reacted only moments ago when Dave said the very same thing to him.

He took a step back, at the same time Dave took a step forward, coming up to him from behind, "What you thinkin' 'bout Teddy-boy? Huh?"

Ted said nothing, his eyes fixed, concentrating on a spot on the wall in front of him as he felt Batista's hands slide under his shirt, gripping his hips. He tried to zone out, like he'd done many times before, taking himself away from the action to a happy place, the same happy place he always went when Dave came to visit.

But it wasn't working, he felt like a switch had been flicked on in his brain, the fuzzy numbness lifting slightly, and he felt lke his chat with John had opened his eyes, given him the clarity he needed, that had been absent for so long.

"I don't want it any more Dave, I'm done, it's over."

He felt Batista tense behind him at his words, and momentarily cease his incessant caress of Ted's abdoman. Ted managed to supress a shudder as Dave's hands continued to move, heading lower, grabbing his ass with both hands.

He was usually so zoned out by now that he wasn't mentally participating in the events that transpired, but not today, today he needed his wits about him.

"You don't mean that Teddy, I know you don't. You can't live without it, you know it, you're my best customer,"

"No, not any more,"

Dave growled, "But what about Orton? You're no threat to him without it, not yet Ted. He's better, he's bigger, you don't have a hope in hell of ever getting with him, and we all know he only has eyes for Rhodes, for your boy, so whatcha gonna do about it Teddy-boy? 'Cos Cody will never fully belong to you while Orton is around," He snarled in Ted's ear, hands undoing the belt buckle on his jeans and manouvering the waistband over his hips.

"That's not true, they're just friends. Orton has his head filled with someone else, only you already knew that, didn't you Dave?" Realisation hit him like a blow to the head, "You knew all along? You're the one who kept me from seeing the truth all this time? I'm right aren't I?"

The only answer he got was Dave shoving him up against the wall with a roar, smashing his face into the mirror, holding him there with his body weight as he fished himself out of his pants. With a grunt he thrust himself deep into Ted from behind, one hand over his mouth anticipating a bloodcurdling scream that would've woken the dead.
But Ted didn't scream, he didn't want to give Dave the satisfaction, he stood his ground, he held his breath, as silent tears slid down his cheeks, and he drifted off to his happy place.

It was all over in seconds, as Dave spasmed behind him, head thrown back, eyes closed, jackhammering away, Ted's hand closed around the largest shard of mirror that had embedded itself flat against his cheek. In a swift motion, Dave's head fell forward onto Ted's shoulder as his orgasm engulfed him, and Ted drove the glass behind him into the thick neck of the shuddering man.
Dave never knew what hit him.
He staggered backwards, clutching at the shard, only succeeding in encouraging more blood to spurt from the deep gash it left behind. His eyes were wide as he gurgled a string of indecipherable sounds, reaching out as he fell, fell hard onto the soft carpeted floor, blood staining the pale fabric as it pooled under his head where he lay, and the last signs of life left his eyes as they stared, glassy, glazed, at a spot on the wall, where a mirror should've been.

Ted stood, covered in a dead man's blood, jeans still round his ankles, face pressed against the same bit of wall as if still held there, and his chest heaved, and he gulped huge lungfuls of air. And the door clicked open.

And Cody stood there.