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Chapter 1 ~ Somebody to Love

Song ~ Somebody to Love by Queen

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Single; in one word, sucks! Truthfully, I couldn't call myself single. I'm a divorcee. That was even worse! I am 25 years old, with two children and I am divorced. Divorced from Jacob. He used to be my sunshine in the worst clouds of my life. When Edward left, Jacob was what pulled me through. Now, after 7 years, I am able to say his name. I sleep now. I have no choice. Being a mom takes everything out of me.

Edward would probably pull Jacob apart if he came back here and found out we were married, had kids and then Jacob divorced me for another woman. But, I would try to stop that. I really would. Jake had imprinted on a girl named Leighla when he went to Port Angeles one day to see a movie with Quil and Seth. I understood. I knew I wasn't Jacob's imprint. I had even hoped, one time, for the day he would do just that.

Jacob wasn't the love of my life. He was my best friend. Even though we got married and quickly after got pregnant, he knew my heart wasn't there. That wasn't fair to him and so I was nothing but completely thrilled when he found someone to give his heart to fully, and she could do the same.

The kids and I decided to move in with Charlie, but that hadn't worked for long. So, Charlie and I bought a new house on the outside of Forks, back in the woods. The house has four bedrooms, which is exactly what we needed and it looks like a log cabin, just bigger. Charlie loved it, but had decided to also keep his house if I ever decide to get married again. As of right now, that looks like a long shot. I work at the library in Port Angeles, and while it isn't the best paying job, it is good for me.

My daughter, Sophie, is 5 years old. She is beautiful with very dark features. Dark skin from Jacob, dark eyes from both of us, and Jacob's jet black hair with my soft curls. Jacob would be beating them off with a crowbar when she was older.

Alexander (Alex) is 3 and all boy. He got more of my skin tone, and lighter chocolate brown eyes like mine. He has brown hair, but it is light. Charlie gets a kick out of doing boy things with Alex all the time.

They are truly wonderful. I never thought I'd wanted to be a mom. But, from the moment I found I was pregnant, I knew I would love every minute of it. Sophie was sort of a surprise. We knew we wanted kids. She just came earlier than we had planned. Alex was planned because I wanted them close in age. Best plan of my life, because 3 months after Alex was born, Jacob imprinted and that was that. Jacob is the best father, being just a big kid at heart himself. He reminded me a lot of Emmett. Em and Alice still keep in pretty close contact with me. They both come over once a year to visit and are absolutely in love with Sophie and Alex. Rosalie said she would come next time to see me and the kids.

Alice had told me that Jasper and she divorced about 3 years ago and were still on excellent terms. Alice seemed sad but overall at peace with it. She told me everything. Alice and he had started to move away from each other about 5 years before they even met me. They tried to keep working on it, but eventually Jasper said enough. He was tired of being ruled by Alice and her visions. While he found them helpful for a lot of things, he felt that sometimes she manipulated the future to the way she wanted it. She agreed that she did do that sometimes, and now she is working on not doing that unless the outcome is dangerous to her loved ones.

Jasper wanted to be independent, to make his own decisions. I could empathize with him. Edward and Alice were too much alike! Edward had used Alice's visions to manipulate decisions too. That always infuriated me. I am not a child and I hated being treated that way. Alice understood now why I would whine about it back then.

Jasper was just finishing up his residency in a hospital Carlisle worked at in New York. He had gone to Columbia, to get his doctorate. Yes, Jasper had gone to school to become a doctor. Alice giggled furiously when she had told me that. She told me that Jasper was trying to prove to himself, and everyone else, that he could control himself. Carlisle was very pleased. Alice said that it was not something he planned to do long term, but basically it was just pushing his strength. He is getting ready to be done and has not had one slip-up. Everyone, including me, was so proud of him.

Carlisle called me often, as did Esme. I wanted to see them, for them to meet my children. But, Carlisle was trying to honor Edward's wishes. I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. He wanted to meet Sophie and Alex. I knew that once he did meet them, he wouldn't be able to control the compulsion to make them his own grandchildren. I mean, he counted me as their daughter...

There wasn't much talk about Edward. Although it really wouldn't hurt me to talk about him now, the subject was almost taboo. I did ask Alice about how he was. She told me that he was good now...

"Sullen Cullen? Oh, he's better now, Bella."

I don't think I stopped laughing for a week after she said that. There was more to his story and I wanted to know he was doing okay, but I didn't press it. He was living in Rome, going to some architect school, and that was all she would tell me. This leads me to believe he found someone to 'move on' with. I am glad for him if he did. I only wish him happiness, and I'm sure he would do the same for me.

He doesn't know that I still keep close contact with most of his family now. That, Alice said, would be a disaster. So, here we are, full circle. Ninety percent of the time, I am happy with my life. How could I not be? I love my kids with every fiber of my being. But, the other ten percent? The part of me that hurt from deep down in my soul; the part of me that craved to love and be loved in a way that moved mountains.

I had some of that with Edward. I had less of it with Jacob. What I would do to fill my heart with that kind of a love. I couldn't even begin to imagine.

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