Unknown POV

Somehow, through the smoldering of my flesh and the endless shrieks and squalls of pain that had rendered my throat raw, there were small distinguishable changes in my surroundings and my body. The burn that had spread through my entire body like wildfire, causing me to beg for hours on end for death, anything to end the kindling embers in every atom of my composition. A familiar, but faint voice told me to focus on the ones that I loved the most, to see myself through the pain that way, and so I did. Many faces passed through my fuzzy subconscious, and whoever was speaking to me was somehow right. It did help...a little.

That is, until the pressure of a different sort of weight crushed down on my chest, causing a shriek of pure pain to pull from my lips, and my chest rose up off the bed, as if there was a string attached to me, pulling me upward. My heart raced for a few hurried beats and then stilled completely in my chest. I waited for death to find me. I waited for any sound or change around me. I waited. Nothing. Other than the sound of the water crashing against the beach, which had accompanied me through the entire swim I took through the Lake of Fire.

I didn't hear any movements, but I could sense someone close to me, yet still out of arms reach. My tomb didn't hold me, but I felt immediately on guard. Who was this? Why were they here? Why did I feel so disoriented and confused? Before the thought even finished in my head, I was up off the bed and crouched down against the wall, snarling and growling at the one who held the threat over me.

I kept one eye on my captor as I tried to assess the best way to make my escape, my hands clutching at the wall behind me, only to come up with chunks of plaster embedded in my nails and in between my fingers. The two men and one woman standing by the only open door in the room had similar postures of submissiveness and they all shares looks of relief and weariness. Their eyes looked sunk in and had deep shadows around them, like they hadn't slept in years. Something seemed similar about their eyes though. It struck a cord somewhere deep in me, and it made me search for a mirror in the room. Did my eyes look the same as theirs?

When I found the one, lone mirror in the room, my body moved smoothly towards it. Before I could blink I was standing in front of it.

Huh. That was incredibly fast.

All other thought seemed to leave my mind as my eyes met the reflection in the mirror.

Cold, blood red eyes stared back at me, and I stumbled back away from the mirror in pure shock and horror at the image I had just seen of myself.