Writer's notes

Thanks as ever to Don, Deborah, Scott and Dean, and everyone at Belisarius Productions for not suing me. I've only borrowed the characters; they remain the property of their creators.

Disclaimer: This story takes place within the "Virtual Seasons" universe of Quantum Leap, and as such references characters that may be the intellectual property of other authors. My sincere thanks to them.

The lighthouse and its exact location are fictional, though the design is a composite of several real ones both in the area and around the world. Details of equipment such as the lens and winching the weight and working conditions like the shift system are based on real life accounts of pre-automated lighthouses.

The "kiss with history" regarding Tylenol capsules and the autumn of '82 refers to the first recorded case of death by product tampering, when seven people died after taking TYLENOL capsules, which had been laced with cyanide.

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Thanks to the usual suspects for their help and support, you know who you are.

Though it is probably unfair to single anyone out, I'd like to say a special thank you to:

Kumiko: for jamming sessions and helpful wording suggestions when I had writer's block.

Kat: for thorough and very helpful last minute beta reading

Bourbon on the Rocks had the honor of being placed 6th in the final ten entries for the International fan-fiction writing contest for The Leap Back Quantum Leap Convention held in L.A. in March of 2009. Sadly I could not attend, but two of my stories were shortlisted and the other, Descent into Panic was ultimately placed THIRD! It can also be read here.