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Chapter Seventeen

Bella POV

Needless to say I didn't attend college, and neither did Jasper since he could barely leave me alone to go hunting. Three months had passed since the twins entered our lives and they now looked like toddlers rather than babies. They grew so fast.

Raine now had short blonde waves and my eyes; she was the heart of the family. Everyone loved her, she brought out so much love in everyone that sometimes I thought that it might even be her power. Jake already looked like the splitting image of Jasper except Jasper didn't have green eyes anymore. He did appear to have a power, he could feel what people felt but so far he couldn't influence them like Jasper could.

Carlisle had suggested that he might be able to later in life as after all he is only about as developed as a toddler but he may not. After all he was half human. He also spent far too much time with Emmett and Connor; he was a right troublemaker.

I had recovered after the birth, my scar was larger than a normal caesarean scar but it had healed nicely and I had lost most of the extra weight that having the twins had given me already. My stomach didn't look like it used to though, stretch marks covered the sides of my stomach in purple lines and instead of a flat toned stomach it was now more soft and rounded even though it wasn't actually flabby and was almost flat I had a feeling that it would forever remain exactly that; almost flat but never flat. It didn't seem to bother Jasper though, although my confidence had taken a knock due to the stretch marks; he just kept telling me it was because I had given him two beautiful children and that he had helped make those marks.

Edward was leaving today. Alice told him to go to Manhattan to meet his future and so sure enough he gathered a few essentials and got ready to go.

"Where is that niece of mine?" Edward called. I turned to find him stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"Outside." I smiled. "In your car."

We headed outside where everyone else was gathered. This time we would all actually get to say goodbye.

"How long will you be gone?" Esme asked him, hugging him tightly.

"Alice will keep you up to date I'm sure." He replied.

"I don't think Raine wants you to go." I said softly, hugging him goodbye. "Good luck, you deserve it."

"See you around Eddie-boy!" Emmett roared smacking him on the back. Everyone said his or her goodbye and we managed to pry a rather upset Raine from the car.

"Don't cry Ray, I'll be back in a little while I promise." He told her. Once again Edward left the family, only this time we knew he was coming back.

Jasper POV

It was a dreary morning when Alice gave us the news that shook the whole family. The Volturi were coming, and they were coming for us. It took Alice almost three hours to get a full picture, we had been seen and we had been seen with two vampire children. It didn't matter that we knew they weren't immortal children, from the Volturi's point of view that is exactly what they looked like and the Volturi didn't give second chances. It was kill first, question never.

No one stood up to them, unless they wanted to die of course.

"We need Edward home." Carlisle said quietly. "I'll call the Denali's as well, actually Esme could you help me start a list?"

"You have a plan?" I asked him.

"I don't know if it will work...but it is the only plan that might." He nodded, looking to Alice meaningfully.

"It's a good plan but there are too many decisions still to make." She replied apologetically. "I won't be able to tell you yet."

"What's the plan then?" Bella asked softly, staring at the children playing outside.

"What do both Jake and Ray do that immortal children don't?" he asked me.

"Breathe." I replied. "Have a heartbeat, live, which answer did you want?"

"Grow." Rosalie added.

"Exactly, and not only do they grow but they grow quickly." Carlisle nodded. "We need people, enough people to make the Volturi pause at least long enough to hear our defence."

"You want to take on the Volturi?" Rosalie asked.

"Cool." Emmett grinned.

"Insane." Alice sighed.

"Risky." Esme agreed.

"I'd take them on by myself if I had to." I replied matter of factly. "I'll start calling in favours."

"Good, tell anyone and everyone who might come." Carlisle nodded. "If they're not sure tell them that they don't actually need to fight the Volturi, we only want them to be witnesses nothing more, unless of course they wish it."

Only a few hours had passed and we already had a list of allies building. Even Savannah and Cassidy had answered the call, which had surprised me to be honest, they had never been that keen to stand up for a cause that wasn't theirs whether they owed me or not.

I just prayed that by the time the Volturi came we would have enough people. People had already begun visiting, Carlisle took care of most of the explanations and people came and went over the next month all taking a good look at the two children and then going on their way until we called them again.

Edward arrived more than a month after Alice's vision. He came providing us with possibly our best evidence but also at great risk. Hisako; Edward's soul mate. Hisako didn't speak brilliant English since she was Japanese and only planning to be in New York for two years with a student visa. Still she spoke enough English for us to gather most of what she was saying and Edward had already mastered Japanese and translated the rest. Most surprisingly Bella had managed to speak to the girl in Japanese also, not as fluently as Edward but enough that Hisako appreciated the effort.

When I said most surprising was Bella speaking Japanese that was a lie; Hisako had only been seeing Edward for a few months before they decided to tie the knot in a spur of the moment wedding, the reason he had not come back to us sooner was to keep her safe from the Volturi only apparently human condoms do not work against vampire venom because he had pulled up the driveway like a madman before carrying in a rather pregnant Japanese girl for us all to meet. Fortunately whilst human contraceptives prove completely useless against vampire venom Bella had been on the pill since having the twins, which had proven to be working, fine since it works on her rather than me so we now knew how to avoid future surprises.

Bella POV

We all heard the gravel on the drive as a car skidded up outside the house. No one expected it to be Edward and no one expected him to carry in a pregnant woman.

"Carlisle, please tell me you can get that delivery room set back up again pretty quick?" Were his first words as he came in the door. I could hear the poor girl protesting to him, I was pretty sure she was speaking Japanese.

"Sumimasen, Nihongo hanasemasen." I told her. "Eigo o hanasemasuka?" (Just saying excuse me but I'm not great at Japanese and do you speak English).

"Yes, not well." She replied as Edward placed her on the couch.

"That's OK" I told her. "I'm Bella."

"Hisako." The girl replied.

"Eddie boy, I never knew you had it in you." Emmett's voice boomed, as he appeared behind Edward and smacked him on the back.

Edward began the introductions and then went to discuss the details with Carlisle. Hisako didn't look too far along but maybe that's because apparently there was only one baby, however it must still seem pretty strange to her looking twenty weeks pregnant after a few days. Luckily this time we knew what to do and pretty soon Edward was sat on the couch with his wife as she slipped shyly at a cup of blood.

"Bella you look exhausted." Rosalie told me as poured myself a drink. "Emmett and I can keep watch of the kids tonight, go get some sleep. You and Jasper need some time to chill from all of this worrying."

"Thanks Rose." I smiled. "I am pretty tired. It's always handy having all these Aunties and Uncles around that don't need sleep."

"Bella...can I ask you something privately?" she asked awkwardly.

"Of course." I nodded, realising she meant where vampire ears couldn't hear, I quickly called to Jasper to tell him I was heading home and I'd see him in a little while. "You can walk me home." I smiled at Rosalie.

Jasper and I had moved into a small house just up the road not long after the children were born; just close enough but just far enough away.

"I know this is a big ask but...I've been thinking about how great things are going with Edward's new girl in there." She started after we had walked a short way in silence.

"It's amazing how different it is when we know how it works isn't it?" I agreed.

"Bella please feel free to say no because I know it's a huge ridiculous thing to ask but...would you do it again? I mean...all I've ever wanted...what I mean is; would you have mine and Emmett's baby for us?"

"That's not ridiculous." I replied quietly. We reached the house and both went inside to sit down. "It's not ridiculous Rose and if it were any less dangerous I would say yes in a heartbeat but it is dangerous and we don't even know how we would go about doing that."

"I understand." She nodded sadly. "I knew it was a big favour."

"Wait, Rose I didn't say no." I told her. "I just need to think about it. I think we need to see how things go with Hisako and then talk to Carlisle about how we would actually do it if I decided to go ahead with it."

"Really?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course, Rosalie if I can give you something you've always wanted then of course I'm going to consider it." I told her honestly, I meant ever word. Despite her initial jealously Rosalie had realised now that by being part of their family even special diet included I would lose nothing.

I was planning on Jasper changing me before the Volturi came but maybe I had another reason to stay human.

Rosalie left when Jasper arrived and left us in peace. Jasper wrapped his arms tightly around me and nuzzled into my hair.

"What was all that about?" he asked.

"Girl talk" I shrugged. "Your hair always looks good tied back like that." I leant up to kiss him and felt him smile against my lips.

"Must be bed time for the human." He smirked, lifting me up and carrying me to the bedroom. I laughed as he started pulling my clothes away the moment he placed me on the bed. He kissed across my stomach and I tried to squirm away from him.

"Jas-per, you know how I feel about that." I protested, referring to the stretch marks on my stomach. I didn't like him being that close to them, they were ugly.

"And you know that I am proud of them." He replied, his lips still against my skin. He pouted and looked up at me. "Do you have a problem with my scars?"

"No, they make you...more..." I trailed off in embarrassment as I thought of how manly and dangerous they made him look. I loved his scars.

"Point made?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I nodded as he began to kiss and lick at my hip. "See, I don't know why we always have to have that discussion."

His tongue touched my centre and I immediately let out a gasp, leaning my head back into the mattress. He moved his tongue over me a few times before moving his lips back to my hips again causing me to pout.

"You are wicked." I frowned. "You do know that right?" Then he was in me, cool, hard and filling me as he began to pump in small motions at first before building up to a steady pace.

"Wonderful, there is a way to shut women up." He smirked; before I growled in frustration and pulled his lips down to meet mine. This coupling was fast and passionate; it wasn't long before I was moaning out loudly unable to control my body any longer. Jasper let out an almost feral growl as he felt me tensing around him, finding his own release.

It was in those few moments afterwards, with his forehead pressed against mine while he pressed a few gentle kisses against my lips that I realised that Rosalie's favour would never be just my decision. Rosalie and Emmett would both have to discuss and agree and I would also have to discuss it with Jasper. Whilst things appeared to be going much better with Hisako now that we knew what we were expecting it was still a risk, a big one. Would Jasper be willing to let me do this, because I couldn't do it without his support?

I smiled up at him as he rolled off of me to the side. I would wait, after Hisako had delivered if all went well then Rosalie and I would talk to Carlisle about the possibility of it and the options before bringing it up with Jasper. There was no point even asking if I myself decided it was too risky so I would wait...