Samantha's P.O.V

Hi! My name is Samantha the hedgehog. I think people and Earth would class me as a runaway. I come from a floating island called Angel Island. It's the most beautiful place that is all woodland and the only thing that is keeping the island a float is a huge green gem called the master emerald.

Anyway, what can I say about me... On yeah! I am a black hedgehog with a whit torso, I have yellowy-green eyes, and I wear a pink thick straps that is cut a few centimetres below my chest and says 'Diva' on it, a grey, white and black miniskirt that has diamonds made out of the black and white and plain white boots that go to the knee with a grey high heel.

I did live with my mother, father and older brother, called Sypher but I ran away because I was fed up of being neglected all my life and seeing my parents treat my brother like he is the bestest thing since sliced bread because he is the oldest. Sometimes I wished that I didn't have an older brother and that my parents would love me like I did them.

Well that was one wish that will never come true and my brother and I never got along and we always get into fights. Yep...So...There are some things about little ol' me and my home and I am never will be going back to my home never, ever, ever!