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First Day at Zoo (James' Point of View) (785)

The room they were keeping me in was dark and drippy. It smelled terrible and was way too small. The fire warden would have had a small coronary is he'd seen it.

"So," the blond one, Jasper, began. "What do you want us to do to you?"

They were asking me. This couldn't end well. "Uhm… Why don't you just kill me?"

"Death," Jasper laughed. "That would be far too easy and not enough punishment for what you have done. What do you think Emmett," he addressed the curly-haired bear standing next to him.

"Actually, I was thinking death, too."

Jasper face-palmed himself. "Like I said. Too easy. Not enough. But don't worry," he grinned at me. "We'll find something worse."

I gulped. What could be worse than my second death?

They decided to talk it over and walked out of the room. I suppose I could have escaped, but I decided that two against one weren't the best odds. Especially with a bear like Emmett.

There was an exclamation from the other room. "What? That's impossible; the Volturi would never allow it!"

"Calm down, I've already discussed it with Aro. He thinks it's a great idea. He's even thinking of using it as some sort of capital punishment for unruly vampires. That's how he put it, too. 'Capital punishment.'"

I shuddered, the hope of a quick death leaving me. What could be worse then my second death?

Alfonso's Zoo of Curiosities - Jacksonville, Florida

"As long as you're sure that DHS won't have a problem with this," the stocky man puffed on his cigar.

Jasper spoke up. "Since he's technically isn't a human, you shouldn't have any problems. If you do, just give this number a call and ask for Aro. He'll solve all your problems," he handed the man a card.

Jasper Hale had Aro Volturi's personal line? That was weird.

"I don't know," the man took a sip of his white wine. "What was it you said that he did in the sunlight?"

"We swear on our lives," I snorted and Emmett kicked me. "That he sparkles in the sun."

"Interesting. Can he talk?"

Emmett kicked me again. "HEY THERE. My name is James and these kind gentlemen--" then Jasper kicked me until I stopped talking.

"That's great," the man exclaimed, almost dropping his cigar in his white wine. "How much?"

"No charge, we needed to get rid of him, anyways," Jasper smiled. "Have a nice time, James. I hope you like cages, because you're going to spend long time in one. Oh, and don't even think about escaping. Aro will have you eliminated."

They left the room and I was left with a chubby man smoking himself to death.

The next day they shoved me in a medium sized cage with a cave in it. What was I? A savage?

A little while later, a keeper that looked like an ape (and probably had the IQ of one) came into my "house." He shoved a glass of blood toward me and grunted, "Drink this and get out there."

I sniffed the blood cautiously. Antelope. Yuck. "I'll take the drinks, but you can leave the missions to James Bond, not James Mason."

He took a cattle prod out from behind his back. "They told me that you would say something like that. Get out there."

I downed the blood in one gulp while eyeing the prod. "Would you want to be stared at by thousands of tour--"


"OUCH," I rubbed my backside. "I'll go, I'll go!"

I rushed into the sunlight. Almost everyone gasped and ogled at me and several people started snapping pictures. What can I say? I'm gorgeous.

There were two girls standing right in front of me. One of them started to giggle. "He is so cute. I wonder what his name is."

I smirked. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

The two girls lapsed into a fresh fit of giggles. "Mine's Jennifer and this is Sarah," the other girl waved. "Now what's yours?"

I flashed my pearly whites. "My name is James."

"JENNIFER! SARAH! DO NOT TALK TO THE ANIMALS," a very unhappy older woman stalked up behind the two girls and pulled them away from my cage. As they exited, I heard her lecturing them about not talking to the prisoners etc.

A reporter snapped a picture of me. I growled at him and he exited rather quickly.

This was the beginning of something horrible, and it could be wonderful or a living hell. I was hoping it was the former.