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The story takes place at the beginning of Season 2. Alexandra (Lexi) and Alexander (Xander) are nonidentical twins.

"Hey sis." Xander greeted his sister as she entered their old family home with her surfboard clutched under her arm.

"Hi." She smiled.

"You´re up early. Can´t wait to get to work, huh?" She rolled her eyes at his comment.

"Yeah right, another day of having pubescent teenage boys drool over me. I hope we´re going to solve this case as soon as possible."

The two of them were currently investigating the mysterious deaths of several teachers at the highschool they used to attend. Xander was posing as the new science teacher and Lexi as the PE teacher.

"Well, you can´t blame them. You obviously inherited the good looks from your older brother." Xander winked.

"Whatever. I´m going to take a shower." She said and went upstairs.

She stepped into the shower and sighed as the water ran down her body. It felt good to be back home in California and she really hoped that they would stay a little longer once they had finished the job. They had travelled all across the US in the past few months to hunt and it had taken its toll on both her body and mind. She turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry herself with.

Today was Thursday which meant that she had to supervise the swim team. She replaced her underwear with a black neckholder bikini before putting on some black linen shorts and a turquoise top.

"Okay Xand, I´m good to go." She said as she tossed him his car key. They went outside to the little parking lot in which their cars were parked in.

"Hello sweetheart." Lexi addressed her 1968 Pontiac Firebird as she glided a hand over the shiny hood.

"You and your car, what a lovestory." Xander chuckled at his sisters behaviour.

"Almost 4 decades later and she´s still badass." She stated matter of factly and then cocked an eyebrow as she looked over to her brothers black Porsche Turbo S. He rolled his eyes and they both got into their cars and drove off.

5 minutes later Lexis cellphone rang.

"Hey brotherdear, miss me already huh?" she answered. Xander laughed.

"I´m going to get some coffee and food. Do you want anything?" he asked.

"An iced coffee, a ham sandwich and a blueberry muffin please."

"Okay. See you in a bit." He said and hung up.

Lexi pulled up the driveway that led to the teachers parking lot. The first thing that caught her eye was the 67 Chevy Impala that was parked in Xanders spot. Two handsome guys were standing in front of it and the shorter one of them smiled as he spotted her.

She got out of her car and sat down on the hood to wait for Xander. Dean watched her intently as she stretched and leaned back. It seemed as if he was studying every inch of her physique.

"Excuse me, is that your car?" An unfamiliar voice said and brought him back to reality.

He looked to his right to discover a guy in his early twenties getting out of his black Porsche and pointing towards the Impala.

"Yes." Dean smiled proudly.

"It´s in my spot. You know being able to read does have its advantages." Xander said in a cocky tone and looked to the small sign that read Reserved for A Johnson.

Dean was about to give Xander a piece of his mind when Sam held him back.

"You´re such a drama queen Xand." a female voice said and all three guys turned around to where it came from. Xander relaxed as his sister put a hand on his shoulder.

"I´m sorry, sometimes his temper gets the best of him." Lexi apologized and smiled at Dean and Sam. She wore no make up and Dean was amazed by her natural beauty. She had flawless sunkissed skin and mesmerizing blue eyes.

"It´s our fault, we should have paid more attention. By the way I´m Dean and this is my brother Sam." Dean flashed her a flirtatious smile.

"I´m Lexi and this rude guy is my brother Xander." she replied.

"Older brother." he coughed and she rolled her eyes.

"Dude, you´re barely 2 minutes older than me." Lexi said and looked up briefly to her brother before fixing her gaze on Dean who looked confused.

"We´re twins." she explained. He looked at Xander who was an inch taller than him and then at Lexi who he estimated to be around 5´7 tall and realized that they did look alike. Both had brown hair, blue eyes and they also shared a few facial structures.

Just then the the four were approached by the schools principal. "Ms Johnson, I see you´ve met your new teaching assistant. Please be so kind and give him a brief tour of the campus." he said and left as quickly as he came. Xander glared at Dean, he sure wasn´t pleased to hear that Lexi would be working with him.

"You´re my new assistant?" Lexi asked and flashed her pearly whites at Dean who nodded.

"Well, I better give you the grand tour then." she added and took her iced coffee and food from Xanders hands.

"Dude, you better keep your hands off her." Xander threatened Dean as he caught him checking her out.

"Xand, chill out. I can take care of myself and you know it." she said as she gave him a hug.

"See you later." She waved and walked off with Dean.

"Sorry about that. Xander is just very protective of me." she apologized.

"Don´t worry, I get him. He´s just being a good brother." He said and flashed her a genuine smile.

Once they finished their campus tour, they headed to the swimming pool where the students were already waiting. The girls started whispering and giggling as they spotted Dean.

"This is my new teaching assistant." Lexi started when she realized she didn´t know his last name.

"Hi! I´m Mr. Ferguson." He finished and smiled at the girls, causing them to giggle even more and blush. Teenage girls, she thought and looked back at Dean. She had to admit, he sure was hot.

3 hours later swimming practice was over. Dean and Lexi checked the changing rooms to make sure that everyone had left.

"I guess, we´re done for today." Lexi smiled at Dean. She then turned her back on him and started to take her vest top and shorts off.

"I´m going for a swim. Care to join?" She asked as she faced him again, wearing nothing but her neckholder bikini. Dean was lost for words as he took in her magnificent body. She had a toned hourglass figure with firm C/D cup breasts and a perky ass. Wow, was all he could think.

"Why not." He replied and took his shirt off.

Ooooh not bad, Lexi thought as she saw his abs.

Dean watched her as she dived into the water gracefully and followed soon after.

"How about a little race?" She grinned.

"What´s in it for me?" Dean asked and flashed a flirtatious smile.

"Whatever you want." She replied and winked.

"I´m in."

Lexi was an excellent swimmer so she decided to give Dean a little headstart. She overtook him easily. She reached the other end of the pool and glanced back.

"Dean." She screamed as she saw a spirit hovering over him that constantly pushed him under water. He tried to fight it off but it was too strong.

She got out of the pool and ran towards her bag to pull out a shotgun filled with rocksalt. She aimed and shot the spirit causing it to disappear. She jumped back into the water and pulled Dean out.

"Cmon, we have to get somewhere safe." She said as she helped him up and took her bag.

She led him to the teachers dressing room and they were just about to enter when the spirit attacked once again. It bashed Deans head into the door frame causing him to loose consciousness. It was about to lunge at Lexi but she was quicker and pumped it full of rocksalt. Using all her strength she pulled Dean inside the dressing room and hastily salted the doorway.

"Wake up, Dean." She begged as she gently stroked his cheek. Eventually after a few minutes his eyes fluttered open. Thank god, she thought and sighed.

He sat up and looked around groggily.

"I know what I´m about to say is going to sound crazy but it´s the truth." She hesitated and took a deep breath.

"You´re a hunter." Dean stated matter of factly as he spotted the saltline across the threshold.

"I am aswell. So the spirit who tried to gank my ass must have been the one responsible for the teachers deaths." he added and she nodded.

"Anyways, we´re ok at least for now. Let me patch you up. That gash on your forehead looks nasty." Lexi said and fished her little first aid kit out of her bag.

She cleaned the gash and put some antibiotic cream on it before inspecting the wound one last time.

"You´re going to need stitches, the gash is too deep. Come with me, I will take care of it at home." She handed him a spare gun and pulled on the shorts and vest top she wore earlier. They made it to Lexis car safely and drove off. Dean called Sam to tell him what had happened and to meet him later at Lexis place.

"Nice place." Dean said as they stopped in front of a 2 storey California style villa that was located close to a beautiful beach.

"Thanks" she replied. She got out of her car and led him to the house.

"Do you want to get cleaned up before I do the stitches? The shower is upstairs."

"Yeah but I didn´t really bring any clothes."

"Xander has plenty and you two seem to be the same size." She said and he seemed to hesitate. "Don´t worry, I´ll make sure he won´t kill you." She winked and he accepted.

They went to Xanders large bedroom that had a small walk in closet and an ensuite bathroom. Lexi handed Dean clean boxers, jeans, a tshirt and a towel.

"If you excuse me, I´m going to take a shower myself. See you downstairs in about 15 minutes." She said and headed to the ensuite bathroom of her bedroom that was across the hall.

15 minutes later both of them were back in the livingroom. Lexi told Dean to lie down on the couch as she got everything ready. She clearly knew what she was doing. Her hands were fast but remained gentle at all times.

"Thanks." Dean said as she finished patching him up.

"You´re welcome." She smiled and a warm feeling overcame Dean. He couldn´t believe that the sweet girl in front of him was actually a hunter.

"Cmon, let´s get you something to eat. You lost quite some blood and I think some food would do you good."

They went to the kitchen and once again Dean found himself watching Lexis every move. Even when she prepared food, she managed to look gracefully.

"Here you go." She smiled as she placed a plate full of food in front of him.

He smiled back. Just then the door bell rang

"That must be Sam." She said and went to open the door.

"Hi Sam. Come on in." Lexi greeted.

Sam looked around in awe. "Great place. Not the usual you would expect from a hunter."

"Hey Sam." Dean greeted his younger brother as he entered the kitchen.

Lexi got some food ready for her and Sam and joined the two boys at the table.

They chitchatted for a little while about all kinds of stuff and the current case.

"I usually don´t do teamwork but how about we work on this one together?" Lexi suggested.

"Why not." the boys agreed.

"So where are you staying at?" She asked.

"We haven´t checked into a motel yet. We arrived this morning and went straight to school." Sam replied.

"You could stay here if you like. At this time of the year most of the cheap motels are overbooked. Besides there´s plenty of room here."

"Are you sure? What about Xander? I don´t think he would be very happy about having us here. He didn´t seem to like us." Dean said.

"Xander is always like that at first but let me worry about that."She winked.

Speaking of the devil, Xander entered the house.

"Lex?" he called out for his sister.

"In the kitchen."

Xander glared at the Winchesters especially at Dean. What the hell are they doing here? That Dean dude has some nerves, he thought.

"Are those my clothes?" He asked as he spotted his shirt on Dean.

"Xander, don´t be such an ass." Lexi said in a serious tone. She then filled him in on everything that had happened while he was gone.

"We don´t need the help of two yahoos, we can deal with a pissed of spirit ourselves" he said angrily and Lexi glared at him for being so rude.

"Sorry."he mumbled. "Can I talk to you for a minute alone?"

"Yes, sure."Lexi replied and she went for a walk with her brother.

"Xand, I know you don´t like the idea of working with other hunters but you still haven´t fully recovered from the last hunt and we´re dealing with one seriously pissed off spirit."

"I told you I´m fine."

"Stop pretending that you´re fine. You almost died. I´m not going to loose you, you´re all I have left." She sobbed and he embraced her.

"It´s ok. I´m sorry, I really was behaving like an ass." He whispered and rubbed her back.

After a few more minutes they went back inside.

Dean and Sam had just finished their food.

"I guess, it´s time for some research." Lexi sighed.

"I suggest Dean and me head back to school and take a look at all the yearbooks. Maybe we´ll be able to identify the spirit." She said and looked from Dean to Sam and Xander.

"Sam and Xander, search the internet for any mysterious deaths. We´ll regroup in about 2 hours."

The boys nodded.

5 minutes later, Dean and Lexi sat in her Pontiac and drove off to school.

"How is your head?" She asked and gave him a concerned glance.

"It´s alright, the painkillers have kicked in."He smiled and she seemed relieved.

"You know, I still can´t believe that you´re a hunter." He added and she laughed.

"Because I´m not a bitter middle aged chick with BO and body hair?" She remarked and now it was him who laughed.

"You just seem like a really sweet girl. It´s hard to imagine you kill evil sons of bitches." He explained and she smiled.

They arrived at the deserted school and headed straight to the storage room in which all yearbooks were kept.

"Great, this is going to be fun." Dean said in mock enthusiasm as he spotted the books. Lexi quickly salted the doors and windows to ensure that the spirit wouldn´t attack them in the middle of research.